Build your fall wardrobe with Jambu

Build your fall wardrobe with Jambu

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Today, I would like to discuss how to build your fall wardrobe with Jambu.

Yes, I am doing some home building as well, but, also, I plan to be purposeful to build my fall wardrobe to include more style and comfort…especially in my footwear.

So, this was a perfect time to learn about a new brand called Jambu and I am so pleased to introduce you to them.

I am very impressed with their collection of high-quality footwear and you will see me wearing their shoes often this year!


Build your fall wardrobe with Jambu

In order to build your fall wardrobe with style, you will need beautiful casual footwear and Jambu brings it.

I am wearing their leather slip on called JULY.  (Perfect for me, don’t you think?)

This color is SADDLE.  I do believe the style is offered in other colors as well.

I plan to style these in many ways from pairing with jeans to casual dresses.

Versatility is a key component to a successful fall wardrobe.

Make sure you check out all of their beautiful styles at the website, JAMBU.


Build your fall wardrobe

As over 50 women, build your fall wardrobe with comfort in mind.

In other words, be kind to your feet!

I made a promise to this audience that I would let you know when I found exceptional comfort footwear.

Well, ladies, here it is at JAMBU.

Build your fall wardrobe

Build your fall wardrobe

Their strengths are:

  • Each shoe has relaxed three-layer foam insoles
  • JAMBU has been evaluated by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and has been awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health
  • It is available in wide widths
  • A large variety of their shoes are made with sustainable, eco-friendly materials

I also wanted you to see the padding in the heel area, and there are removable insoles.

For me, a padded heel has always been important.

These are exceptionally comfortable shoes and my funky feet are very happy walking in them.

In fact, if you suffer with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, toe/heel pain,midfoot arthritis,metatarsalgia,neuroma, or any foot issues, you will want to give this line careful consideration.


Build your fall wardrobe

The wonderful people at JAMBU want to offer this audience special savings for assistance to build your fall wardrobe.

So, for a limited time, use the code PAMJAMBU for 20% off a checkout.

I love having special savings offered just for you.

I feel confident in saying that I really think you will be impressed with this brand.

Each pair is beautifully packaged with the shoes wrapped individually in bags inside of the shoe box.  You will be able to well care for your new shoes.

Look over the website…tell me what you think…and ask any questions.

I am pleased to welcome JAMBU as a new supporter to this blog!

Fall arrives officially one month from tomorrow….let’s be ready and build your fall wardrobe with style and comfort in mind.



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product to review for this post, but the words are my own.

Build your fall wardrobe




  1. I think I will try the shoes. I have maybe 2 pieces in my wardrobe and am very frustrated. That outfit looks so good on you!

  2. In addition to the shoes, I love your outfit today. I’m going to seriously look at the collection of APMA shoes. Do you find that they run true to size? Enjoyed having a peek at your bathroom. Hope everything wraps up soon. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Deanna, yes, the shoes seem to run true to size and this style has a nice toe box which I need for my hammer toes. Really like this style. The renovation is slower than I would like but I am practicing patience!

  4. I have observed JAMU brand for years because they have styles like their Mary Janes which I need to keep them on my feet. However, I have never bought them because they did not appear to have good insoles. The ones I have tried had insoles that were thin, and a hard, black rubber. However, perhaps they have improved their insoles, and deserve another look. This morning you look very cheery, and approachable (! 😁) in your bright yellow! Hope your bathroom renovation is going along, but sadly, never fast enough.

  5. I believe they have stepped up their game, Celia…what you are describing is nothing like the insoles in this shoe!

  6. Not a fan of the shoes, they look too, sorry, old lady like! I enjoy something softer. Maybe because I am blessed with healthy feet.

  7. Pam, I bought some Jambu shoes many years ago and am still wearing them! They’re great! You’re going to LOVE that new bathroom!

  8. I respect your opinion Mary Ann…but I think a trendy high quality sneaker is not old lady at all! And yes those of us who have foot issues need to find a shoe like this that does not look “old lady!”

  9. Thanks Marcia…I can tell these shoes have longevity! Thanks for the confirmation! Can’t wait for the new bathroom!

  10. Looking great today too, Pam. Love the gold too with navy vest abd pant. Great fall look!
    And your bathroom looks like it is coming along- love the look!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  11. At 5 feet with narrow feet I don’t think JAMBOs are for me. Thick white soles draw too much attention to the fact my legs are short and my feet are long. You might expect me to quack like a duck.
    I sympathize with you and your renovation as we are in the same boat. We have run into supply line issues as well as quality control issues. It took three tub deliveries before we had one that could be installed and the first made to measure shower pan came cracked. We are awaiting counter tops and then we will be done. Luckily our guest room has the same mattress as ours so sleeping hasn’t been an issue. We are never the less enjoying a lovely new enlarged shower.

  12. Oh my…tub is coming this week…now I am more worried! I will persevere through. Jambu has many selections…not just this shoe…if you follow the links, you will see all they have to offer.
    Thanks Linda!

  13. One of my dear friends wears nothing but Jambu brand shoes. She had a bunionectomy five years ago, and has a metal rod in her foot. As you pointed out, the toe box is generous and the shoes quite comfortable. I am ready to give them a try, too. My own troubled feet could use some help. I don’t consider the style “old lady” if it’s what helps us to go lead the busy lives we do!

  14. I tried to leave comments twice much earlier, and just realized they were lost somewhere…most likely my fault. I wanted to say that I have been looking at JAMU shoes for several years because they have Mary Jane styles , but I always hesitated because it appeared they had little insole and I need good insoles. I’m glad to know if they have improved their insoles and are more comfortable than earlier versions. I also noticed for those of us between sizes, they recommend sizing down. Interesting to see your bathroom tub spout and handles beside your lovely yellow and navy outfit and good-looking shoes! Progress is never fast enough, is it?

  15. Your comment is there and so is my reply about the great insoles these shoes have…now you will have two comments on the post. Sometimes it helps to refresh your browser. Thanks so much!

  16. I believe you about the comfort of JAMBU shoes. My sister wore them almost exclusively as a teacher and always looked very stylish in the Mary Janes.
    I love your outfit today. I have a similar navy vest and with my Winter colors usually pair it with navy pants or dark jeans and a jewel toned long sleeve tee.
    I hope your bathroom remodel will be done soon! A question for you that I hope you won’t find too prying: I have a window in our master bath too, but it’s high over the tub and looks out on our neighbor’s garage side (no windows). Do you find you need a shade or curtain of some kind? I love arched windows (really arch details of any kind in a house) and lots of natural light, but have always wondered what I might need to do for privacy if needed.

  17. Hi Mary….we have half shutters on that window but they are down during construction. Thanks!

  18. I have several pairs of Jambu and love them! There is nothing “old lady like” about them! I think they’re very stylish and fresh looking! I did have trouble getting on the site and once I got there, I couldn’t look around. I’ve been having trouble with my computer, but I’ll try again. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I have several pairs of Jambu and love them! There is nothing “old lady like” about them! I think they’re very stylish and fresh looking! I did have trouble getting on the site and once I got there, I couldn’t look around. I’ve been having trouble with my computer, but I’ll try again. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi Pamela! I love your outfit today, especially the shoes. I’m 54 years young and think this is a very youthful outfit, if not ageless. I love the shoes, I’ve had multiple surgeries on my toes and have an artificial big toe joint. Luckily, cool sneakers are all the fashion right now. Thanks for sharing such fun fashion. I love your style.

  21. Thanks Tamara…sorry about the big toe but I certainly understand. I have one toe next to a big toe that is frozen…will not move or bend. And yes, to current trendy sneakers!

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