San Antonio Treasures with Leigh & Me

San Antonio Treasures

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend…today I am once again showing San Antonio Treasures with Leigh & Me.

Leigh Ann & I decided to share with you a few San Antonio treasures that are off the beaten path.  So far we have taken you to:





And today?  Believe it or not…one of our San Antonio Treasures is a hardware store!  Sunset & Co.


San Antonio Treasures

For years, our family lived within walking distance to this location.

It originally was a five and dime with goldfish at the bag and every little thing you can think of …many actually were nickels and dimes.

Just a side bar, in this strip center many years ago was a cafeteria …..and Mr. B’s mother worked there as a young woman.  His dad would come there to eat and that is where they met.

The rest is family history.

San Antonio Treasures

The location went from the old five & dime to a hardware store …..mostly hardware at the front…and a few fun gifts on the side.

It slowly, over time, grew to be included among San Antonio treasures, because the buyer was so smart at selecting items women (and men) would love.

The hardware section is also affiliated with Ace Hardware which has a popular following.

San Antonio Treasures

I started to stop by for holiday inspiration years ago…their Christmas section is amazing was it goes up.

As they added more merchandise, I began to stop by for other San Antonio treasures.

San Antonio Treasures

The kitchen section was always good, but now includes a full blown kitchen for demonstrations.  How fun is that?

I love to give a gift card for wedding gifts to San Antonio Treasures…and so far, I always receive a special thank you for the gift.

San Antonio treasures

Then I started stopping by for baby and grandchildren gifts…as their children’s department expanded to lots and lots of fun.

In fact, the bag I am holding in the first picture is a birthday gift for my little ballerina granddaughter…all she told me she wanted was “ballet stuff.”

San Antonio treasures


San Antonio treasures

Then I started to stop by for accessories…I have a handbag and hat from this shop that I love.

And isn’t that scarf meant for me.  I did not walk out with it, but it is still calling my name!

San Antonio Treasures

Now, they have clothes!  Will have to check back in more often now!


San Antonio Treasures

Once again, this shop is one of our San Antonio treasures worthy of your souvenir shopping…don’t do the airport!  Go off the beaten path!

It is also located next to the gorgeous McNay Art Institute…you can visit the museum and then go shopping.  The whole are is fun.

San Antonio Treasures

San Antonio Treasures

San Antonio Treasures

Planning a day trip to the city, make sure you put in time to visit Sunset & Co.  

They have expanded and now include more fun with the hammer & nails more toward the back!

It truly is one of our San Antonio Treasures.

Also, Williams Sonoma has introduced their fall collection and so has Pottery Barn.

I am always inspired by places like this and once the construction dust is gone, I will dive into bringing fall home.

I hope those of you who are planning to visit our city are earmarking these San Antonio Treasures…nothing like a fun hardware store!

Thanks for being here…please comment or ask questions…Leigh Ann says HI!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. What a neat, interesting, quirky store!! I’d love to just ramble around in there, sort of “window shopping”. I grew up in a time when a fun family thing was to window shop in downtown Pensacola or Mobile when the stores were closed, particularly on Sundays. Window displays were often so decorative, and I’d say this store is definitely a “just looking” store with many creative displays.

  2. What a truly fun place to spend some time. They do have beautiful and unique items, and make a trip to the hardware store a real destination! I know I’d be in there for a long time just looking around! It’s fun to find stores/boutiques within stores! You should go get the scarf! Thank you for the reminder about William Sonoma. We had one in town that is now gone and I really miss it as I used to do a lot of shopping there. I’ll check them out online now that you’ve reminded me!

  3. I do love the idea behind this unique store- a little bit hardware and then room for household and personal gifts! No wonder gift cards are so treasured.
    It’s so interesting to read about yours and Leigh Anne’s visits to these special shops!
    And to add a full blown kitchen? Cooking demonstrations are such fun!

  4. We have a little town about forty minutes from here that has that kind of store. I could get lost in there for hours, and actually might have a time or two. I love the velvet pumpkins!

  5. It is fun to have this one tucked inside of a big city like San Antonio…I love those velvet pumpkins also and I had never seen the velvet acorns before! So much fun to visit.

  6. Love seeing what San Antonio has to offer since I left there in 2001! It makes me nostalgic but then I remember the heat, mosquitoes and humidity! I’ll stay in my Southern California bubble it seems. Thank you for your posts. Always fun to see what you are up to.

  7. I could go into all the benefits like no state tax, but will refrain. Not looking for more to move here but it is a wonderful place to visit!

  8. Oh my goodness, this is very near where I grew up in the 50s (Alamo Heights). I remember it in a little strip center just blocks from our house. What fun to shop there for so much more than hardware. San Antonio is one of our favorite places places to visit. It is so quintessentially Texas!

  9. What a unique & fun place to shop! Certainly not what one would expect to find in a hardware store. I can see how a gift card for this store would make a perfect gift for almost any occasion. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I haven’t been to San Antonio in years. With luck, maybe in a year or two. I love hardware stores anyway, and yours is fabulous. Yes, to the plush acorns. We have a large ACE not far from here: it’s doesn’t hold a candle to yours, but it offers free popcorn – LOL. A great way to start the week — and we’rre getting some rain.

  11. Hi Pam
    Thanks for the post! What a cute store. Here in Southern Orange county CA we have a small chain of hardware stores called DeNaults, that also have super cute kitchen ,bath and holiday decor that I love to check in on to see what treasures I can find.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Candice. Stores like this one and your DeNaults are so much fun.

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