Keep your fall wardrobe current

Keep your fall wardrobe current

Happy Tuesday!  Today I am discussing why and how to keep your fall wardrobe current.

Don’t think this is just about purchasing new clothes…there are many ways to keep your fall wardrobe current and many reasons why we should.

Having an up-to-date fall wardrobe helps us to be confident, remain youthful, and enjoy our fall wardrobes.

Remember, fashion trends go round and round…what is out now, will probably return again soon.


keep your fall wardrobe current

Looking “current” is actually one of my style adjectives….I want to look like I am youthful and in the game!

Enjoying life while up-to-date!


  1. Remember your timeless pieces that never go out of style.  Such as white jeans and pants. Now, you can wear white all year long…old rules no longer apply.  

       Also, animal prints withstand seasons and are in style year after year…pencil skirts…trousers…white blouses…there are many that are timeless.   Wearing timeless style is a sure way to stay current.


keep your fall wardrobe current



Another way to keep your fall wardrobe current is to pay attention to brands and blogs so that you know what is current.

That is one of the reasons I pulled out these wide leg pants…I noticed this style was on trend across many brands…so I knew now was the time to wear them.

We are seeing many conversations about blazers this year.  I personally believe blazers are timeless, but this year they are on trend in a big way.

I will discuss blazers more later…because I love to wear a blazer with jeans…but know for now, they keep your fall wardrobe current.

For now, keep an eye on double breasted style and camel colors for current styles.


keep your fall wardrobe current


3. Take timeless pieces, such as striped blouses and give an update to them.  

I am wearing a new very inexpensive striped shirt in this outfit from JCP.  I purchased it because it is in my colors and now many brands carry stripes in different colors.

Pay attention to updates on prints and plaids that you could use to keep your fall wardrobe current.  Also, cargo pants are on the scene in a big way this year!  I updated mine.

I am wearing the Worthington Women’s Short Sleeve Regular Fit Button Down in the Island Stripe 2.  I paid $16 for this top!

And I love how it looks with the JJILL long linen blazer which is sold out now.  I am glad I bought this piece…it is perfect for a South Texas fall.


4.  Current fashion means you can be bold to step out and have some fashion fun….such as I did here with metallic shoes!

I did purchase these over the summer on clearance at Talbot’s and I love them!   Often you can add current touches with simple accessory changes.

These Ryan Twist Metallic Nappa Loafers currently at Talbot’s are beautiful and a lovely way to stay current…especially for those of us who wear golds & bronze over silvers.

Note:  Please remember my accessories are difficult to get to right now buried deep in my living room while my master bed & bath are under renovation.

I feel a little naked without them!


Keep your fall wardrobe current


4. No matter your color palette, allow yourself to be inspired by the season.

Color is all around us in various shades and by keeping the season in mind we are inspired to be current.

These leaves are from my drive way….I see one neutral palette and one vibrant palette….on top of a beautiful textured gray print.  Just look around.

In fact the latest Eileen Fisher collection is inspired by falling leaves…according to the email I received.  Lots of gorgeous shades. 

There are ways for the cooler palettes to find seasonal interpretations…be creative and have fun with it.

I hope the posts this week will inspire you to look at your fall wardrobe in different ways.  I encourage you to keep your fall wardrobe current so that you feel your best when you go out each day.

What other ways do you keep your fall wardrobe current?  Please share any ideas.

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Now, here are some pieces which will help keep your fall wardrobe current….enjoy the slideshow….


By Pamela Lutrell

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keep your fall wardrobe current


  1. I love your picture of the leaves. Nature does it best, doesn’t it!? I pay attention to colors that I see in nature because they just go together. Blazers are my favorite third piece and it will be nice to put them in the rotation again when it cools down. I agree that current doesn’t require a shopping trip all the time. Having quality basics means sometimes all you need is an updated accessory. I’ve been focusing on contrast lately after rediscovering the importance of this and wonder if you could address this at some point. I have a lot of leeway with colors, but find that contrast can make or break my outfits. I changed my shoes over last night…too hot still to go much beyond that, but it’s coming!

  2. I love to look at contrasts! Great idea for a topic. Yes, the season of amazing colors is on its way!

  3. I try to stay current by adding an inexpensive piece or two each season. Fall is the easiest time for this because of the ability to layer (hot weather is so unforgiving because each piece has to pull its weight). Last year, I added a couple of autumnal plaid scarves from Kohls and Eddie Bauer, ranging in cost from $8-15. This spring, after hearing that graphic canvas totes were in, I added one (without graphics). It’s fun to think about these purchases, look around, decide on them without going overboard. Not sure what I’m doing for this autumn, because I’m particularly well stocked and we are doing a lot of traveling to warmer climates.

  4. I can’t believe that it is time for leaves to start turning! Pam. This was such a helpful article. I realize I need to cull my closet: store some strictly summer articles and start taking stock of what I tucked away last May. I love the reminder to shop high and low- JCP vs Eileen Fischer is a good example. I start pulling out scarves, fall shoes, and bags to help with the transition. By the way, I bought that Jjill tobacco blazer also! A great purchase for me. It looks great on you.

  5. I hope to shop my closet too- with many classic tops already assembled, cleaned abd pressed, I’m fairly ready. I do want to pick up wide leg cropped pants such as you’re wearing here (in black I think). I was looking for them in a Cinnamon brown shade but came up short (sizing/style) . I do like your idea that white jeans can be worn year round. Up here that might be considered bold but I line the idea! Thanks for confirming this!

  6. Thanks Deborah…I really like this jacket so much, glad you got one too. We have trees that turn earlier if we have an excessive summer drought season…which we had. Often, during those times, my whole neighborhood will be gorgeous in November.

  7. Go bold! White looks great with sweaters and jackets. Also, when I see the brown wide leg pants, I will let you know. Thanks Paulette!

  8. I adore the fall and especially love the joy of layering up and heading out on a crisp morning. As someone who wears cool, clear colors, I add the seasonal colors of saddle, or chestnut via my boots or shoes, handbag. These aren’t enough to throw off my other colors, but with a color bridging scarf or fall-weight cardigan, I manage to come into the season. 😊 A little pumpkin spice or chai latte in hand is also a fun accessory!

  9. Love your comment, Connie…I could see you venturing out and feel the cool air. Ok, it’s my ceiling fan, but you gave us a great word picture and information that will help the cool color ladies!

  10. Your posting today was perfect timing as I was reviewing my fall/winter clothing to see what I would need and your information reeled me back in and really made me think about what I have and what I needed. Thank you for all the hard work you put into each post. I look forward to them. Have a fun Labor Day weekend.

  11. This is one of your most flattering outfits. The colors and proportions are perfect for you, and the contrasting textures of the rough, wrinkly linen with the smooth cotton really adds a sophisticated touch–think of how humdrum the outfit would be with a twill jacket.

  12. I love the Fall season, but as a pastel summer, I struggle with wearing fall colors. That means I mostly limit them to my home which is fun to do. I question: If I subscribe to your U-tube video channel am I buying a subscription. Sorry to be such a neophyte, but I don’t know how u-tube subscriptions work. Also how is one notified when a new video is available. Love the spirit and tone of your blog.

  13. No money with a subscription, Mary. You just get notified in email when I release a new video. They have been difficult to get out this summer…but hopefully so will have one soon!

  14. So difficult to think Fall when it’s 113 outside but your outfit is the perfect thing to wear when our temperatures drop a little. My white jeans get more of a workout in the Fall rather then summer when jeans are way too heavy. This New Yorker is still transitioning into retirement and moving to the desert but you have been an inspiration. I love your look today for a LA museum trip!

  15. Pam, I just ordered the JC Penney blouse in two patterns – the Island Stripe and the Random Dots. As a Spring who lives in a very warm climate (NOLA), these will work for me for many months to come. Thanks for your always down to earth suggestions. These blouses are such a bargain!

  16. That satin BRF blouse you have in your list is just gorgeous. I don’t need a work blouse but this color is sensational for winters for Autumn. It also comes in a green that a winter can wear. I’ll keep my eye out for both colors, preferably in a sweater or shirt. Maybe like Paulette, I, too can go bold and wear white pants after Labor Day, but this is New England ….

  17. I ordered that blouse, Maeve, yesterday. I will let you know what I think when it arrives. Just wear white once… and see how it goes!

  18. Love this article–what a great set of tips! I suggest that your footwear is current not because of the metallics but because loafers and loafers *with big soles* are trending right now. Just my two cents–keep up the great work! Love seeing your San Antonio finds too!!

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