Shop Fall at JCP with Leigh & Me

fall at JCP

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Time to shop fall at JCP with Leigh & Me!

When we stopped by our favorite location in San Antonio to shop fall at JCP, it was very busy….a good thing.

Usually we are able to utilize their three way mirror area which is perfect for photos, but we did not want to clog up the dressing rooms too long..there was a line.

They still have better lighting in this store than most do.


So, let’s shop fall at JCP…..


fall at JCP

Both Leigh Ann and I liked the sweater we are wearing in the opening picture.

It comes in several colors and the buttons on both sides in the front provide a very flattering fit and is St.John’s Bay.

However, as with all retailers, it is getting more and more difficult to find everything online.

Sometimes they have pieces in store only, and some have pieces online only.

But we are doing our best to navigate this….though it can be frustrating….so, we could not find this top online…but at some point it may be.

We continue to be impressed with fall at JCP quality and prices.  Most of the items we try are very good quality.

But, as with all things, you should be discerning when looking over the pieces online.

On the bottoms, I am wearing the St. John’s Bay Girlfriend Relaxed Chinos in Moonbeam. It is also offered in several colors.

Leigh Ann is wearing the St. John’s Bay Mid Rise Skinny Jean in the lovely color Brown Sugar Almond.  This pant is available in several colors.



fall at JCP

We noticed immediately the focus going into fall at JCP are greens and golds. 

We saw them in every department throughout the store…and many different khaki-colored/tan bottoms.

fall at JCP

This is our favorite look of the day and a great transition style into fall at JCP.

The top Is the Worthington Womens V Neck Short Sleeve Wrap Shirt…it is very nice and offered in four styles. Right now it is $16 for misses and petites.

The same top comes in PLUS SIZE at the same price.

Leigh Ann is wearing it today with the Worthington Womens Mid-Rise Straight Fit Ankle Pant in an Ivory Brown plaid.

Super cute, polished look.


fall at JCP

We saw so many of these shorter tops with pockets that we decided to give some a try, and they look good!

Leigh Ann is modeling the Worthington Women’s Short Sleeve Camp Shirt in Antique Ivory with the Worthington Women’s Slim Leg Pant in Coastal Beige and in petites.

fall at JCP


If it had been in stock, I could’ve sized down on this top, but this is the Worthington Womens Short Sleeve Adaptive Top….this style is called Island Stripe.

It is also available in Plus Size.

I tried it on with the Worthington Womens Mid-rise straight fit ankle pant in British Olive.

fall at JCP

I like this top without the pockets.  This is the same pant.

The top is the Worthington Womens Short Sleeve Regular Fit Button Down Shirt in the print Island Stripe 2.


Fall at JCP

Leigh Ann is still wearing the Brown Sugar Almond pants from the first picture.

The long sleeve knit top is a great top for $16 and she is wearing Bombay Brown…but it is offered in 17 colors.

This is the a.n.a. womens crew neck long sleeve t-shirt. I love it in the Trekking Green color.

The sweater vest is St. John’s Bay Women’s in Plus Sizeis all that is currently online.

fall at JCO|P

Also, new from St. John’s Bay is this Womens Round Neck Long Sleeve Blouse in houndstooth.

It’s  a cute top for those who like the round collars and is also available for Plus Size.

I tried them with the St. John’s Bay Women’s Mid-Rise Jegging in slate gray.

Here is more fall at JCP for your consideration:


These sale prices make some of these worth consideration!

Let us know if you have questions about shopping fall at JCP…we are here to help….and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall at JCP


  1. I really miss the JCPENNEY we used to have nearby. I was always able to find what I was looking for, and there was a time that they really had nice, quality dresses. One thing I’m struggling with currently as I refine my style (just changed my adjectives to better suit the direction I’m going), is finding the right rise in jeans. I’m looking for a higher rise than the common mid-rise and this is really difficult. I’m willing to spend and buy multiple washes if I find them. You found some nice things on this shopping trip and truly, no one has sales like JCPenney!! So glad to hear that there were a lot of in-store shoppers!

  2. Hi Karen, I will keep my eyes open on the high rise. I know for many that Jean shopping is difficult. Thanks for starting my day!

  3. Your weight loss of late is so evident in several tops today. I know you are pleased with that! You and Leigh Ann have shown us several nice-looking outfits today which surely seem so reasonably priced. And most are available in petites…yay! I’ve noticed your often wearing those a.n.a. pants you bought at JCP back in the Spring, and I recognize them by their raw edge on the legs. Like Karen, I surely miss my closest JCP store because I would be looking there with these great prices and my sizes. Their items today certainly fit your colors nicely.

  4. Thank you Celia….at these prices, they have amazing foundation pieces. Thanks for your encouragement on the weight loss.

  5. You both look really good in that buttoned top. The close up pic of the fabric is so helpful! I haven’t been to our local store in awhile , but last I did, I thought “Our JCP locally needs to upgrade its offerings.” Maybe they have! I need to get myself there really soon! Love your looks today!

  6. The location where we go is kept up really well and always stocked well…that is not the case with the other locations in town, but at least we have one. I hope it helps to see some of these items on bodies.

  7. I like the round-neck, scalloped-hemmed shirt with the gray jeans — a great casual, go-anywhere outfit.
    Thanks for modelling! And, thank you for not showing wide-leg jeans / trousers. They seem to be prevalent, but I wonder how many of us actually like them or can wear them.

  8. They did not look good on me for a long time. It is only recently that I have decided I like them…and there are many options to consider.
    Thanks Maeve

  9. Pam–you are looking great! Your work on your health definitely shows. I love the clothes too–but I wanted to compliment the model.

  10. Thanks Mary…I did see this in plus size but not in the sizes we tried on. Thanks for sharing!

  11. You both look great in these clothes but will the dreaded drop sleeve never end? I guess I need to find some shoulder pads.

  12. I am not a fan either. I did purchase shoulder pads last year but I am yet to use them!!

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