Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50!

I actually used information from surveys you placed on this post, and in emails, for assistance to curate some of the news today.

I hope the vegetarians will be happy!

I want to make sure I am meeting needs in this audience with today’s news lifestyle stories….which so many enjoy every week and find helpful.

Also, I would like to clarify something….one reader commented on the survey that fashion bloggers should not write about health.

Perhaps that is correct, but I am not a fashion blogger.  I am a lifestyle blog with a concentration on fashion and beauty.

Once I began this blog over 11 years ago, I soon realized that fashion & beauty were multifaceted… part of our insides and outsides from our thoughts to what we eat.

So, that is why I often cover many different topics.  

Well, that is today’s news about me…so get your morning beverage and a comfy chair…and let’s read today’s news curated just for you!


Today's News

The Krazy Coupon Lady: 27 stores with the best return policy

CNN: Stores have too much stuff. Get ready for discounts

Yahoo Life!: Bobbi Brown, 65,  reveals the beauty product she calls her personal favorite

Shape MagazineAll the benefits of coconut oil for hair, according to a dermatologist

Best Life: How to care for dyed hair after 50

Who What Wear 13 fall blazer outfits

Yahoo/UK Style: Podiatrists share five things they would never do, including wearing shoes without socks

VogueAccording to the street scene, these colors are going to dominate this fall


Today's News

Architectural Digest: Why are we yearning for 70s decor again?

My DomaineChip and Joanna Gaines spill their top curb appeal tips

Homes & Gardens Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than walls…7 decorators share to get it right

YahooHow to prevent dust before it forms

Better Homes & Gardens: How to grow roses from cuttings in ten simple steps

Better Homes & Gardens: 10 coffee table decor ideas


Today's News

Minimalist Baker: The best vegan cream cheese

Good Housekeeping: Eating low carb? 15 vegetables worth adding to your diet

Eating Well10+ dietician approved vegetarian and anti-inflammatory recipes

Plant Powered: Vegetable sandwich with Lemon-Shallot Herb Sauce

Eating Well: Spicy tomato & seaweed salad

Yahoo LifeWhat is the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?


Today's News

New York Post: Why UK tea drinkers may be healthier than US

Channel 7 NewsUS former flight attendant warns travelers to never drink coffee or tea on planes

SciTechDaily: A neuroscientist explains how diet can influence mood, behavior and more

Live Science: Functional training: what is it and what are the benefits

Healthline: A guide to lowering your bad cholesterol

Fit and Well:  It only takes five moves to strengthen your arms without weights

Real Simple: 7 signs you’re secretly dehydrated (that have nothing to do with thirst)

Very Well Fit: 16 foods that are good for your skin


Today's News

Today Show: Kathie Lee Gifford shares her grandparenting philosophy: Be a Blessing

Apartment Therapy: These are the top 2022 fall travel destinations

Best Life: 10 secret places In the U.S. to see fall foliage

Yahoo: Man breaks a record for floating down a river in a pumpkin

CNBCAirbnb hosts in Texas buy abandoned house and find collectibles inside

Inside Hook: 5 wines sommelier Marcus Slosek is drinking at home

Huff Post: A fisherman thought he caught a rock and snagged a prehistoric treasure instead

Mental FlossThe 20 coldest states in the U.S.

Southern Living: 27 tailgate big batch breakfast recipes

Architectural Digest: Tour a heavenly St. Barts retreat of a European fashion executive

Today’s News has so much…I had to make myself stop!  With the change of seasons, there is a great amount of news and headlines for you.

I hope these are things you can use, enjoy, and that you will comment here with your thoughts on any of today’s news.

I cut off giveaway entries tomorrow evening, so make sure you enter on this post.

Hope to see you tomorrow on September 1…Yes!  I will now be thinking full on FALL!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News




  1. I was especially caught up by the fall colors article (and enjoyed others as well!) I remember the year I traveled through New England to see the colors and there is honestly nothing quite like it. My photos don’t do it justice! Right now we’re going through a difficult and heartbreaking time with my mom, and once we get to the other side of this I’m planning a long weekend in NY to visit my son’s family and drive in the beautiful areas to enjoy the leaves. Timing will be perfect. NY and PA don’t make the lists generally, but it’s gorgeous and close enough for a day trip from where I live. I’m looking forward to some peace and beauty and this article reminded me that it will be coming at a much needed time!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog about fashion, health and everything else in between. Very informative and I have learned a lot

  3. Thank you, Pam. You do such a great job of giving us a variety of topics. Love those bright fashion colors! Can’t wait to try some veggie recipes. And….I won’t be getting coffee on a plane anymore!!

  4. Wow! You really listened to your readers! I didn’t mention in the survey that I follow a whole food plant-based diet, but I do and the food articles are really appreciated. This way of eating has helped me maintain a significant weight loss, and my cholesterol is well in range. To be honest, though, I still deal with cravings.

    The skin on my feet is so sensitive that I wear socks at all times except in the shower. It was good to hear from a podiatrist. I have had to pass the ankle pants trend, though.

    Thank you so much for these articles today.

  5. I had to laugh when I saw the Yahoo story about the man who broke the record for floating down the Missouri River in a hollowed out pumpkin. This man’s neighbor is a former co-worker of my husband. The neighbor, my husband and other retired buddies get together regularly for breakfast and this event was a big topic of conversation at their last ROMEO (retired old men eating out). Thanks for my laugh for the day Pam!

  6. Thanks for the generous roundup of articles today – it’s that lovely feeling like when your usual magazine arrives and you get excited because it’s twice the usual thickness, packed with goodness! 😊

  7. You do a fabulous job as a Lifestyle coach and as a matter of fact (fashion aside) when I first “found” you and your column it was featuring a seasonal re-design of your front steps/ front entry way featuring autumn colors, and plants I believe.
    Thank you for taking us along on your journey and inspiring us every day!

  8. I personally do not look to “style” bloggers for health information. I look to “health” experts for health information. That’s just me. I would not look to a “health” expert for “style” advice, either. Seems logical. 😉

  9. Thank you for being here, Paulette…tomorrow’s post includes something just for you!

  10. Love that Connie…like the old fall issues previously were. Another great word picture!

  11. Whenever I give health information, Mary, I always encourage everyone to talk with your doctor. I am not an expert…that is clear…but something information gives women an important conversation with your medical professionals!

  12. A great selection as always, but today was super. I wanted to read every article. It was nice to come back during the day (and now) and read a little more. Not that I could wear the outfits, but I loved the colors of the ‘street; clothes, and kitchen cabinets, and food. You outdid yourself.

  13. As always, enjoyed your post immensely, especially the article from Architectural Digest on the 70’s decorating trend. I love it, and never would have seen the article if not for this post. Your blog is my weekend escape. Please don’t change a thing.

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