Would You Wear It – Beads & Blue

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to Would You Wear It featuring looks on two blogs!

Today, my Would You Wear It is discussing beads & blue!

On this day, I team up with A Well Styled Life to bring you fashion displays we have discovered and ask the audience,  Would You Wear It?

So, let’s get started with the fun….


Would You Wear It



If you look over the first picture in today’s post, I am asking the readers about the blue top with beads and the blue dress with beads.

Two looks for you to discern….would you wear it or not.

Please explain in detail so other readers and even retailers understand you thinking.

Even if you say a resounding YES!  Please explain why.

So, tell us ladies…………………………………………………………………………



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Would You Wear It

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By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. I would not wear the dress for several reasons. First of all, the dropped shoulders are not flattering on me and make me look slouchy. I think “sleeves” of this style add a lot of weight to the upper arms. I don’t care for the trim down the length of the dress, and there is too much fabric for me. The necklace is not really the best here and the neckline makes it kind of difficult to envision what would look best. The color is not the best for my skin tone. Not sure about the top on the wall…it would depend on the color up close and looks very loose-fitting. The color appears deeper, but could just be the lighting. I just don’t care for these necklaces. Another thing about their necklaces…the beaded ones from JJill tend to fall apart. I had this happen when I was driving, beads going all over the car, and I remember not long ago when we were sitting (still) in church, my sister’s JJill beaded necklace started spilling beads all over the floor. Also a beaded bracelet did the same thing when I was shopping. They’re so pretty that I’m drawn to them on the display, but haven’t had much luck with them. These two items and the jewelry would be a pass for me.

  2. I rather like this dress and necklace fir someone , but it needs something- maybe a large silk scarf in cool blues folded and worn across shoulder in a dramatic way? Maybe something different in jewelry? I don’t wear many dresses sonI’m not a good person to ask or to review so I’ll just leave it to those who do wear dresses more frequently.

  3. LIke the dress(Nice details) and the necklace,only not together. I would put a scarf with the dress,that necklace would look great with a back top. Forget the other top. too bland for me. I have been shopping at Chicos for a good while, I have a good friend who introduced me to the brand Never looked back!

  4. Cute dress for a hot day. I love all shades of blue and this dress works for me. I like the embroidery detail, the dress length, short sleeves, all of it. I would swap out the neclace for something more colorful. (I won the colorful necklace from your recent giveaway. (worldfinds.com) It would look great with this dress. Thanks again.) Happy Saturday!

  5. I love blue, but that necklace somehow reads as too formal for either the dress or the top. Maybe a pendant would work better?

  6. I like the idea of the color blue with beads but neither of these items would be flattering on me. They both have too much fabric and not enough structure for my shape. I’m 5’6” and a little chubby so I need all the help I can get to not look frumpy. Blue is a wonderful color for me just not this style.

  7. The colours of the two items today are something that I would certainly wear, however, once again the lack of shoulder seams would turn me right off. I would not even try this on as I know how awful it would look on my upper half. I have many alternate necklaces that would work better for this outfit, not sure what exactly it is about this look, but I would pass on the necklaces as well. One thing I do like about the dress is the vertical lines in the style and the length, now if only it had a nice 3/4 sleeve for going into fall months otherwise coverd arms with a blended cardigan or soft topper of some sort.

  8. I love the color but the dress would hang like a sack of potatoes on me. The beads I might wear but not likely with this dress. Happy Saturday!

  9. I like the dress and the beads but not together. There’s nothing standout about this outfit though. I’d walk by and not even notice it.

  10. A dress like this is a staple in the hot SoCal desert climate but for me it doesn’t work. The dropped shoulder, straight lines and color are three strikes. I love chunky necklaces but when it’s 90 degrees plus I choose my delicate chains and opt for a chunky bracelet. We have a well stocked J Jill here and I always pay them a visit when I go to Talbots next door. Lately, however, their colors do not appeal to me; I like saturated colors to go with my white hair.

  11. I might wear it in a warm color. I would have to try it on to make sure it hit that sweet spot of loose but with a touch of shaping. The shoulder silhouette works for me because I have rather narrow shoulders and my arms are a good feature. I would rather see either a long, large pendant or a shorter, more interesting necklace than what looks to me to be a pile of bland beads. This dress though does beg for accessories, and bag and footwear would make a big difference. I like the blouse in the back a lot, but it looks to be a very cool, grayed purple. I would have to see it in person, but it looks to be made in a nice fabric with a lovely drape.

  12. Like others, I think the dress is too unstructured. The beads do not have enough contrast with the dress, but are nice on the blouse. I would pair the top and beads with light-colored linen or khaki pants. Overall, though, many JJill pieces are just too soft and loose for me. I think my boho days are over😉

  13. This dress is cute; I envision it becoming a staple of my vacation wardrobe for tropical climates. It could easily be worn from breakfast, to poolside, into town for lunch and shopping. The cut of it means I’d not be too hot or have to worry about the dress clinging anywhere. Also, this color is very me. Doubt I would add the beaded necklace, just some hoops, a bracelet and sandals. 🌴

  14. Together the two pieces are very drab, but I think separately they could be quite nice. I have an outdoor party in Austin next weekend and the dress could he nice. I would wear it without jewelry except for earrings. I think with the trim it would be all right on its own.

  15. I like the color of the dress and imagine it’s very comfortable (in a ‘doesn’t touch my body anywhere except the shoulder’ manner) The spacing of the embroidered seams adds visual width (not so flattering). The neckline is appealing to me but I don’t care for the shoulder/sleeve. I would leave the necklace in the store for someone else; not my style, with this outfit or any other.

  16. It’s a cute dress. Simple and versatile. I would wear it with a denim jacket, long silver pendant necklace and flat sandals. I like the natural materials of the beads. I would do a more tonal look and wear them with khaki or olive.

  17. I like the color blue, but definitely not the dress. It is too baggy for me. I prefer the top in back. I prefer cool tones, so I would not wear beads, but silver jewelry instead.

  18. YES to the general idea. I suspect that dress would look too slouchy on me, but I love the colors and necklines together, I love the beads, and I love the simple lines of both the blouse and dress paired with the layers of beads.

  19. If the dress was a midi or maxi length I would snap it up at a moment’s notice as do like its simplicity in cut and the added embroidered detail, as well as its colour. That being said; I would most likely try a smaller size for a slimmer fit and for jewelry add stacked bracelets in a pewter metal finish. Footwear would be casual leather sandals and handbag would be an unstructured tote. As to the necklace shown due to its neutral color and length, I feel it would work much better with a crew or boat ‘neck’ in a saturated colour. i.e.: Chocolate brown for example.

  20. I think the dress is two sizes too big for the mannequin and doesn’t hang as intended and that is what is making it off putting. The beads also hide the V neckline which also takes away the intended look of the dress. The beads are much better suited to the boat neckline of the top in the back. I don’t think whoever set up the display did justice to the dress or the necklace.

  21. I wouldn’t wear the dress. The color would be good for me, but I prefer more structure in my clothing. I might wear the top, but I would need to see it in person for fit & color. I wouldn’t wear the beads. I prefer simpler more classic jewelry.

  22. The color blue is a good one for me but I have wide shoulders and those sleeves would accentuate them. I think overall it’s just a little too blah for my taste/style but I bet some artistic wearers would use the blank canvass to make a very distinctive outfit!

  23. Pamela,
    Just found your site, loving the content and community! I just saw this dress – I can’t help but duck into a JJILL when I see one LOL – bad timing and not really dressed for some dressing room me time…almost tried it on…mostly for the color which I liked. The lines look slimming, and the material is soft and casual as I’d expect from JJILL. Length good for my height but as the other ladies mentioned the unstructured shape is a challenge, something I can’t pull off…now I think I’ll go back and try it on just to make sure….thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and I think the casual beads work though I’d go with a long pendant or station necklace.
    Happy day!

  24. Just wanted to hop in here, Ruth Anne and say Welcome!! So happy to have you here!

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