Fall Fashion Friday


Fall Fashion Friday

Happy Fall Friday, everyone!  Today is the first full 24-hours of fall, so let’s celebrate with a Fall Fashion Friday post!

Though it is still warm in South Texas, I have turned full on fall fashion with lighter garments, but lovely colors.

I would love to hear in the comments how some of you are celebrating the official beginning of fall where you live.

So, let’s get started  on this Fall Fashion Friday….and there will be food for thought at the end.


Fall Fashion Friday

Today, I am wearing the  Women’s Utility Chore Jacket I modeled for you at Target earlier this week.

This is a fun laid-back casual jacket to start us off with Fall Fashion Friday.  I like it for warmer climates in that it is not heavy. 

I paired it with a sleeveless Calvin Klein top originally from Marshalls.

These are older Inc. skinny jeans from Macy’s that I recently fit back into…woo hoo!   I love the fit of these jeans and here is a link to the modern version:  Inc. Curvy Fit Skinny Jeans.

Fall Fashion Friday

My feet are so happy in these from Jambu slip-ons.

This is the ERIN SHOE in Olive.

They are so comfortable for walking and I am super excited to have this shoe in my fall fashion…and feature first on Fall Fashion Friday!


Fall Fashion Friday

The pageantry of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday was mesmerizing for many reasons.

Yet, I also received great conviction from what all the attendees wore.

Recently I wrote about how funerals in our country have become so casual, and how I dressed down right along with others to attend one this summer.

But, looking at that sea of chic, gorgeous black dresses on Monday, I found them to be quite honoring of the occasion.  

I suddenly was reminded how this honors not only the person gone, but their families and their lives as well. 

So, I am going back to how I previously dressed for funerals and dressing up, not down.  I am even considering purchasing a black dress just for this occasion, since I no longer wear black.

This slideshow features black dresses currently on the market….I am sure navy works as well, but looking at all the black dresses and hats & fascinators, I found the scene to be simply stunning.


Fall Fashion Friday

Since I have mentioned the passing of a vibrant, amazing woman, I also want to remind you how beautiful aging is and we see it during the fall.

The beauty of the season as the leaves age and fall is such an incredible reminder from nature that this is a special time for us as well.

Embrace it and wear it with your style and a smile.

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Fall Fashion Friday

Let’s conclude this Fall Fashion Friday with a little fun.

Here are my own lyrics to “These are a few of my favorite things” from Sound of Music….

“Pumpkins on porches

And golden sunflowers

Autumn leaves falling

Spice candles for hours

Pumpkin spice coffees

Fall festival flings

These are a few of my favorite things”

Have you enjoyed Fall Fashion Friday?  Please comment on any of the topics brought up in the post…enjoy your day…and by all means….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided shoes from Jambu, and the words are my own.

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Fall Fashion Friday



  1. Love your porch decor and I’ve a similar vibe- mums and deep purple cabbage plants and pumpkins along with gourds. I haven’t done as much inside my home. Must get to it! Todays weather took a distinct nosedive in temperatures- we were warm and humid but now it’s in the 50s! Luckily we have sunshine! I’m off to yoga class and carting my paisley quilted shorter jacket from last season (Talbots). It’s that chilly!
    I love fall despite these sudden surprises. I’m just raking out the warm little throws to snuggle with. Candles are ready.

  2. Good morning, Pam. Lovely thoughts! 😍 You look fabulous. It was heartwarming to see the level of respect for the Queen. Everyone deserves that type of respect, and our mode of dress demonstrates that. I’ll be humming your beautiful song all day . Now I’m going to go back to my coffee. I put a dash of cinnamon in the grounds today before brewing. Happy fall weekend!

  3. I really agree about funeral attire. I watched specifically to see all the gorgeous dresses. I have never dressed casually for a funeral or for church because I believe dressing up shows respect, and I’ll always err on the side of being overdressed. Even though it’s hot where you are, you still have a very fall look with the lighter layers. I imagine that will take you right through to winter! The leaves are just starting to turn where I live, but our days are still in the 60’s and 70’s, perfect fall weather!

  4. Sounds perfect, Karen. I regret I have allowed society to influence me to dress down.., but no more! I am back to dressing up for church and for funerals.

  5. Yesterday even though our car thermometer read 100 degrees when we got in ( actual air temp was around 93), my husband said ” There is something different about the air, isn’t there?” yes, thankfully, there is definitely something different, and even as ” cold-blooded” as I am, I’m looking forward to wearing my turtlenecks and booties! I too was impressed that among the Queen’s funeral attendees, I did not see any color but black. I have continued to dress in darker colors, and even wear hoses with my dress shoes when I attend funerals, but have noticed the casual dress of many, as if they are going to Walmart instead. Sadly, the lack of decorum in our country is certainly evident on many occasions. I was raised on a farm in the country, and if we went to town, we had to be well-dressed which back then meant wearing a dress or skirt. That has stayed with me throughout my life, and it is rare that I don’t put on my makeup, nicer clothes, etc., just to run to the corner grocery.

  6. Pam,
    Happy First Day of Fall from Michigan. On Wednesday we were in the 80s with high humidity, and today we start out in the 40s, with steam rising from my lakefront. I went from shorts and tees to long sleeves and jeans in 24 hours – talk about a whirlwind cold front straight out of our neighbor Canada! I wore a seasonal jacket yesterday to brave the stiff autumn winds.
    Yesterday, I thinned out my closet after adding a few new pieces from J Jill and Chico’s. I bought pima tees and a scarf from J Jill, and three Touch of Cool tees from Chico’s. Both stores check the boxes for my casual, yet feminine, outdoorsy fashion adjectives. I am re-energized to wear the autumnal corduroy shackets, vests, faux leather jackets that were tucked away in storage. I have held out a small capsule of summer clothes as we will get another warm up before autumn really takes hold for good.
    I love your pumpkin themed porch decoration.
    I am inspired to find something of that kind for my front porch! Happy Fall!

  7. Well, we went from hot and humid at the beginning of the week to frost last night, so fall arrived right on schedule. I love your little list of fall favorites, and I was singing right along with it. There are some inspiring ideas in the fall sales line up you provided us, so lots of looking there.

  8. Hi Mary, click on the link in my blog post that says Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale and they have several nice ones.

  9. I always dress for funerals. I will wear a classic black pants suit or dress for visitation but for the service it’s always black dress, black hose and black pumps. No exception. To me, it’s a sign of respect for the deceased and their family’s grief.
    Our society has become so casual and I think it leads to this vitriolic lack of respect for self and others. This is just my personal feelings

  10. I appreciate so much your observation related to funeral attire. I simply refused to dress down when attending funerals and my husbands wears jacket, dress pants and tie. In the past two years we have attended many funerals. I was really dismayed when I saw older men wearing shorts or jeans and women wearing jeans and graphic t-shirts. Yes I do have one black dress I wear each time. Yes I do carry the same small black handbag. I feel like I am recognizing the solemnity of the occasion and respectfully honoring the person who has died. I can “celebrate” their life by sharing fond memories of the deceased with others in attendance.

  11. 90 degrees the other day, then overnight (literally), the temperature dropped 50 degrees. Soon, we leave for two weeks of leaf peeping in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, which looks like New England minus the crowds :). We will visit waterfalls, old copper mines, mushroom houses, the Porcupine Mountains, lighthouses, and some old copper mines, as well as beacombing for Petoskey stones and Lake Superior agates. That to me is a perfect fall trip. I love your jeans … I too have been wearing my “skinny” jeans a little loose in the leg, which feels more modern but gives me a flattering slim fit.

  12. Lovely song re-write, Pam! 🎶 We are headed to the south coast of Oregon today, staying through Monday, taking my folks since they love being there and we all enjoy the abundance of fresh seafood and cool ocean breezes. I made an apple cake, dense with fresh apples, cinnamon and walnuts to take with us. Felt like a fall recipe. 😊 Looking forward to some coffee and cake in the mornings, walking the beach, and playing Yahtzee and gabbing for hours.

  13. I just love your song lyrics!!! We all should have favorite things we can sing about. Our weather in RI did the same plunge others have described. We always say, ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.’ It’s that changeable. Yesterday was rainy — which we need — but it turned to a pastel watery green just before dark, and today is beautiful but just 58 degrees.
    I’ll celebrate Fall Fashion Friday by finishing my closet changeover, and perhaps, ordering from one of your sales links.

  14. And this is a necessary opinion! Thank you for voicing it. I am back on the dress up train for funerals. I appreciate you saying this Pat. We are all royalty and deserve respect.

  15. We have seen men in shorts at funerals and church. I am thankful that Mr. B likes to dress up. I am shopping for the black dress to have on hand.

  16. Your trip sounds amazing, Linda. Enjoy it leaf by leaf. Thanks on the jeans…it is my favorite fit!

  17. Before Covid, I bought a few dresses on sale from Talbots – one of them was a black dress. My thought was – always need one “just in case”. Fortunately haven’t had to use it, but what I am surprised at is the wedding attire. Unless it’s on a beach or a theme wedding, shorts, jeans, tee shirts just look tacky. I do love fall – the colors, crisp air when the sun shines, the decor. What I don’t love is what follows!

  18. I also sang your newly written verses with oh-so-appropriate words as I read them – so many favorite things in all seasons. Thank you for putting me on “pause” and reminding me of the beauty and loveliness around me. The John Burrows quote is also wrenchingly poignant… <3

  19. I was glad to see a skirt included in your slide show as separates work better for me than dresses, & I had to retire my black skirt a few years ago. I am guilty of dressing down sometimes when I shouldn’t & would like to change that. One thing I have noticed about those I consider well-dressed is the lack of bare legs & bare feet with dresses & closed toed shoes. The bare legged look is a habit that bothers me. I recall several years ago when the women’s college lacrosse champions visited the White House, the mother of one of the players was appalled that her daughter wore flip flops for the occasion.
    The first full day of Fall has a Fall like feel to it with temperatures in the 60’s, so the ac is turned off, & the windows are letting some fresh air into the house.

  20. I agree, bare legs can be a challenge. One of the reasons I really prefer pants. Let’s set a goal to dress up more together! Thanks Becky!

  21. Pam
    43 degrees here this AM that rose to 60 by noon but oh how happy we New Englanders are to greet fall and hopefully a snowy winter!
    I’m getting out my fall sweaters, cords & vests which are part of my seasonal wardrobe.
    I wanted to comment on your funeral dress, Pam, quite frankly any “occasion” dress. I think you are so correct that we have just lost the specialness of any significant occasion. I was kind of a flower child thru college, protester etc. but I find comfort in the ceremony and in the attire has always been requisite. Surely not what you wear to the beach, rock concert or a backyard bbq. There is comfort in the apparel that goes with the occasion. Thank you for your thought provoking words.

  22. Like you, I was inspired by the funeral attire at the Queen’s service. I happen to have a black dress but I’ve slimmed down my closet to the point I no longer have any black dress shoes to finish out an elegant, respectful look so have spent time this week looking online at “comfortable black block heels.” Have 3 pair on the way, hopefully one will be a keeper!

  23. I do so agree with your comments about funeral dressing, Pamela. And dressing for weddings, too! My husband and I attended a wedding this summer where the bride had requested semi-formal attire and several men were there in shorts. I think it shows a real lack of respect and honor after people have put in a lot of time and effort into preparation for an event. I thought the English women at the Queen’s funeral looked very beautiful in their black dresses, black tights, and heels. So tasteful and classic. You are the only blogger who I have seen comment on this, so thank you.

  24. I never wear black to funerals or memorials. I wore pink to my Mom’s and a black and white polka dot dress that was really fun to my Dad’s. I always remember how much joy I had with my loved ones and I think happy colours or fun outfits honour their personalities. This is just my feeling, of course, and I know for others black is preferred which always looks elegant.

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