Would You Wear It – raisin or brown

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to the weekly Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.

On Saturdays, we post on each blog fashion displays we have discovered while out and about.

These are displays that make us wonder what you would think.

Today, we not only have our displays but something fun at the end of the post.

So let’s get started……tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Would You Wear It

I was told at Dillard’s that these three looks were brown, but I believe them to be a color called raisin.

But here is a surprise, Ming Wang calls this color, auburn.

Whatever you believe the color is, look the three styles over carefully.

Tell us with your best fashionista eye what you think of not only the color, but the styles, and designs….and if you like, the display!

We are looking for more than yes or no…we are looking for evaluations of the styles that will help other women assess and know if they are right for them.

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


These looks were at Dillard’s and here is more information for those who would like it, in the slideshow….


Would You wear it

I am sharing a couple of best sellers on Over 50 Feeling 40 this week.

This is the Target Women’s Quarter Zip Sweatshirt and readers liked it best in pink.

You can find this and more in the post: September Fall Casual Picks at Target.

Would You Wear It

From the Talbot’s 75th Anniversary Sale, this look was popular.

It is the Quilted Long Vest with the Puffed Sleeve Collared Shirt.

See Leigh and Me in Talbots’ styles in the post: Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale with Leigh and Me.


The top best sellers this past week were the Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Peacock Feather and  the Talbots Jeggings.

As I wrote in the post, these little cashmere sweaters in several prints are so soft, lightweight, and wearable for many climates.  

We really liked them all.


Would You Wear It

Jennifer and I are celebrating our friendship this week.  We have known each other for almost ten years…long before Would You Wear it was born.

Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

One of our most memorable times together for me was at a blogging conference in Las Vegas In 2016.

We both were brand ambassadors for Artful Home, a very creative, artisan brand, and enjoyed wearing those styles to all events.

Though we have only been in the same place together a couple of times, I feel like she is a true friend…someone I can share anything with.

Whenever we talk, it is as if there has been no time lost…we just pick up the conversation and always laugh.

Our first successful collaboration years ago was called HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT where we shared weekly outfits we liked and explained why they worked.

I am so glad that we still have WOULD YOU WEAR IT as a continual connecting ribbon.

Social media certainly has its downfalls, but also can deliver sweet gifts with friendships we might never have had otherwise.

So, now, tell us what you think of my three WOULD YOU WEAR IT mannequins, and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s. 

Thanks so much for being here…I have a delicious recipe for you tomorrow….hope to see you then….until then…..



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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Well I do like the colour – whatever you want to call it . I like dark brown-toned reds or dark red-toned browns which colours tend to suit me . However as to the styles I only really like the jacket which combines the look of an open jacket with a single neat fastening so that it doesn’t flap about . It would be a good replacement for a cardigan for those who find many jackets too structured . The dress is ok but from experience with jersey fabrics it will tend to stretch where one has bulges ! The tunic is just too big for the model , I think

  2. Good morning! I would like to meet a mannequin designer, I have questions, lol. These clothes are obviously very nice quality, and I do like the color. I do not think I could wear a column of it though, perhaps paired with a matching print that had a touch more brightness. The cut and design of the items featured wouldn’t be for me, the lines of the dress alone kind of make me chuckle, it’s shouting look right at everything I try to disguise. I am drawn to the jacket, ( I wish I knew why I’m such a jacket addict) I would try that on and think about it. I can see where these items would look fantastic on some women,though.

  3. Thank you for all your time you put into your blog. I’ve learned a lot watching you change your colors. The pictures of you and Jennifer are great. Your hair now seems so much more flattering with its lighter color and style. I liked learning about your friendship with Jennifer. So happy to have found you both.

  4. This is a color that is definitely not flattering for me, so I would pass right by. I honestly don’t care for these styles at all, for me, for various reasons. (They could have improved the display by not emphasizing the lack of undergarments on the mannequins). The lines on the dress draw the eye directly to the stomach area, which is going to put all the emphasis there. I think the embellishments are a little tacky. The tunic length top is a hard pass because it makes the legs look very short. I am not tall and don’t like making my legs appear shorter, so have eliminated tunics and no longer buy them. The more I looked at this display, the more muddy and uninspiring it looked. This, to me, is almost a non-color. Styles, color, both unappealing. I don’t see where they get “auburn” from this, but you more accurately called it raisin.

  5. I love, love the jacket! That is my style. I really like the dress, however, that particular neckline is not a good choice for my round face. The poncho is a no. I prefer a more tailored look.
    I do like the color very much.

  6. This is one of those reds/browns, burgundy, maroons that I completely avoid. I don’t know if it’s my skin tone but these colors do nothing for me. I do like the style of the dress; a straight shift with short sleeves. The other two tops are too big and overwhelming for my small shoulders.

  7. The dress took me right back to 1969 when I was graduating from college and going to job interviews…….many of the dresses I wore back then were styled in a similar fashion. And if you put a little hat worn at an angle with it you have a flight attendant from the same year. I loved wearing the style then. The color needs a little more verve to it in all of the outfits shown………it’s kind of flat with no life to it.

  8. I bought a t-shirt dress in that colour this summer. Reitmans (a Canadian retailer) called the colour Marron which is Spanish for brown, but I have a lipstick in the same colour that’s called Smoky Rose. I’ve always thought that it must be fun to be one of those people who name lipstick, nail polish, or paint colours! Brown is never just brown and pink is never just pink!

  9. Lovely dress, but I don’t think the chain detail would be flattering with the way it is placed. I Iike the color, but not sure if it would work for a cool winter coloring. What do you think?

  10. Hi Marcia, this is a tough color. I am not sure the best palette for it but I would say no to the ladies who wear cool colors. I might do a little research on it for you!

  11. Totally agree – the dress shouts 1960s to me; I thought ‘Jackie Kennedy and a little pillbox hat.’ I could not wear this color nor would I want to. Someone said “non-color,” and it struck me that way too. Pam, I love the backstory of you and Jennifer! Serendipity for sure

  12. Of all I’d wear the raisin colored slacks. The other items are just too much of this color I feel (at least for me). It’s an attractive enough shade but in smaller doses.
    So appreciate these Saturday posts of Would You Wear This. Fun! And I learn!

  13. So much fun to read the comments each Saturday morning. 😑 This is not a color I wear up near my face, but I would happily buy something this shade in a pant or skirt since it seems very much an autumn color. The dress is really charming, and as Carol pointed out has a late 60’s vibe. In a different set of colors I would definitely try this look.

  14. So fun to see these old pictures. What a blast we had! Let’s have a reunion.
    Love your word raisin for this color. It appears to lean cool toward burgundy so possible a cool muted shade. I’m not a fan of the styles but curious to sample the color. Happy Saturday my friend xx

  15. Other than the orange sweatshirt and tan jeggings, I like all the other outfits. That color is definitely difficult to name. It is a muted brownish mauve. I think auburn or brown are not good color names but I have no idea what name suits it. I love nostalgic looks, so I’m all for it if it looks good on the person wearing it.

  16. I like the style of the jacket with pants, and the dress. But I’m seeing them in a bright royal blue and black, certainly not this strange so-called auburn. As a graduate of Auburn, the University, I don’t like this “auburn” which is a far cry from colors associated with my school or brown. Raisin is definitely the better descriptor.

  17. I would pass on all 3 garments but has nothing to do with the color. Style wise, the dress is just OK. I’m not a fan of cowlnecks, & the jacket’s mottled pattern limits its use. I pair wine (no pun intended) with patterns/checks & just about any color, except primary colors or purple. When I was in Spain 3 years ago, I saw wine/raisin being worn with pale blue, dusty pink or goldenrod. It looked fresh and new. I started wearing wine-color pants with pale blue or dusty pink tees/turtles, a cream quilted jacket & my vintage Etienne Aigner frame bag in signature cordovan leather. I always get compliments. I haven’t warmed up to the goldenrod combo yet, but I won’t say I won’t.

  18. I like the brown color and would wear the color but NOT the outfits!! Feel too heavy & old fashion to me!! I just can’t picture myself in these outfits at all!!

  19. I like the color. The retro dress looks shorter on the mannequin than it does on the model in the slideshow so I’d need to judge it on me; not a fan of thin jersey knits as they seem to accentuate any figure flaw, the button/chain embellishment or the button flap for a faux pocket. The jacket is okay; I often wear a third piece over a column of color and this jacket is nice over black but I’m not a fan of the flap and button trim, especially on the chest. The cowl neck tunic is my favorite although it doesn’t seem to go well with the auburn pants on the mannequin (possibly the lighting but same color in different fabrics doesn’t always match)

  20. I’m not sure how flattering this color would be for me. If it has a lot of brown to it, definitely not. The top on the left is not for me no matter the color. There is just too much of it everywhere. I like the style of the jacket but not the print. The dress is a maybe. It is one of those items that I would need to try on before saying yes or no.

  21. I can’t get past these colors. They’re not suitable for me at all.

    I find that spring/summer is when stores offer a better selection for people with spring coloring. It is a challenge to find winter-weight clothing in my colors. Jennifer’s mannequin today did just that, though.

  22. I find the dress boring in both color and style. On a lovely young thing, it would probably look great. I don’t mind this plum, deep brownish maroon color used here in all outfits. It can be paired with other cool colors but probably not these pieces. The sweater/jacket on the right is my favorite of all, but I think I would grow bored with it quickly. Just not versatile enough. I am not a big fan of the button tabs.

  23. Color is just not for me but agree the dress is a 60’s throw back & a look I loved. I can see Twiggy with colorful tights and the dress would of course be primary colors as well in that exact length. Today that length would not be flattering anymore! The big tunic is just too big for me in any color & I no longer need the other top, although a great office look.

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