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this Sunday morning


Good morning, friends.  Welcome to another Sunday morning at home.

This Sunday morning my mind is consumed with thoughts of this past week.

As we look at remembrance of key happenings, may we choose to remember with inspiration and hope in mind.

At the end of this post, may we once again choose life and joy.

Despite the fact that all three stories today are shrouded in intense sadness and pain, there is always a double rainbow somewhere waiting to appear as it so miraculously did on Thursday over Balmoral Castle.

Hope never dies.


Sunday mornings

21 years ago today.

Most of us knew exactly where we were and what we were doing as this story unfolded in Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania.

On this day, I choose to remember the bravery and valor of those who gave their lives rushing into the towers to help.  The first responders we so often take for granted and even at times, look down upon.

This week I watched an inspiring story of a family of six children who lost their father that day, a fire fighter.  Four of the six are now first responders in New York, and despite the high crime rate, are honored to have the job and pay tribute to their dad.

They have chosen to live…courageously and not as victims.   What a way to honor their father.

On the day last spring I was attacked in my home after walking our dog, it was our amazing San Antonio police force who gave me comfort.

One officer looked at me and said, “This is not going to happen here.  We will get this guy.  I promise.”

And they did.

Today, may we be thankful and remember the first responders….and give the ones in our communities our support.



Sunday mornings

Two days after 9-ll, a remarkable Queen Elizabeth II, did something which had not happened before.  During the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, she ordered the American national anthem to be played in remembrance.

Now, I do want to confess that I have not been someone who follows royalty or the monarchy.  I did not rise in the wee hours to watch weddings or parades.

However, I am someone who will remember this amazing woman who lived history while the rest of us merely study it.

Queen Elizabeth was crowned queen of England the year I was born.

This is someone we should all desire to remember.  She represented strength, wisdom, integrity, elegance, grace, fortitude, determination, faith, and served her country and family until she left last week.  She also had a sense of humor.

During World War II, she enlisted…drove trucks…worked under the hoods and served in a variety of ways.  On the front lines of service for 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth was well read.  She understood current events.

An educated woman of strength & dignity.

Sunday mornings

 I talk to so many who believe that after 60 their lives are done. 

Au contraire, in fact your life may be just beginning.

Remember Queen Elizabeth and the vibrant life she led until 96.

There is much to be done.

Choose to live courageously.


Sunday mornings

Finally, this Sunday morning, I would like us to remember the short life of Eliza Fletcher of Memphis, TN.

Eliza was brutally killed last week while out for an early morning jog by a repeat offender.

A story becoming too common in our country today.

She was only 34 years of age…a kindergarten teacher, wife and mother of two sons.

I feel like I understand her for many reasons, though we never met.  She is close to my daughter’s age and went to the same college.

Mr. B is a runner and I understand that runners are people of strength and determination.

They are amazingly resilient and able to push through obstacles.

But, her attack brought back the memory of mine and gripped me for a couple of days.

The sadness for Eliza and her family has been very deep.

Then I saw a video of Eliza singing to her kindergarten students during the pandemic.

I know in my heart she would want all those who loved her to LIVE COURAGEOUSLY to let their light shine.

She also gave me hope that there are teachers and young women like her, so I will honor her with remembrance.

Choose to live every day to its fullest and let your light shine.

So, what can we do in their honor today? 

Whether you run for your local school board or bake goodies for the firehouse nearby, choose to do something….make a plan…




Sunday mornings 

Last week was a heavy time for so many and ends with the sadness from September 11.

But do not let that cloud of heaviness hang over you today.

One of the readers, Susan, sent me this poem and I want to end today sharing it with you…



Joy does not arrive with a fanfare,

on a red carpet strewn with the flowers of a perfect life.


Joy sneaks in, as you pour a cup of coffee,

watching the sun hit your favorite tree, just right.


And you usher joy away,

because you are not ready for it.

Your house is not as it must be,

for such a distinguished guest.


But joy cares nothing for your messy home,

or your bank-balance,

or your waistline, you see.


Joy is supposed to slither through the cracks of your imperfect life,

that’s how joy works.


You cannot invite her, you can only be ready when she appears.

 And hug her with meaning,

 because in this very moment,

 joy chose you.

 – BY Donna Ashworth

Sunday mornings

 As we remember, have intention to CHOOSE JOY.

Bless you all for joining me on Sunday mornings.  Please share any thoughts you may have…..


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  1. This was a very inspirational and uplifting post – thanks . I especially felt inspired by your reference to Queen Elizabeth who was engaged and lived purposely until her end. I am 71- I published a book at 69 but still often get discouraged by limitations of my age and emtionally spiral down. You helped me spiral up.. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Pam for such a heartfelt post. I was/am a royal watcher and have been fascinated by the early days of the Queen and her whole life. The royal family has changed so much and I am curious to see where our new King takes it. He is such and advocate for the earth and passionate about saving it. I too was thinking of where I was 21 years ago and how friends and coworkers dropped everything and headed to New York with heavy equipment to help. Let us hope the memory stays with us of such a hideous act and such bravery in humanity. I am sorry that you get those dreaded memories flooding back, and I am sure it will take a bit of bravery every time you go out the door with your dog. I admire your ability to Choose Joy every day and trust in your faith.

  3. A very thoughtful, inspiring post this morning. Yes, this has been a very sad week with Queen Elizabeth’s death, Eliza Fletcher’s kidnapping and death, our remembrances of 9/11 as well as so much political turmoil which I know you don’t ever include in your posts but certainly affect all of us one way or another. We tend to feel so weighed down by life’s troubles. Yet, there is always joy if we only look for it…the former students I reconnected with this week at a local function, “my” hummingbird who visits my feeder many times a day, the sound of a gentle, much-needed rain. At almost 76 I accept that I can no longer do everything I’d like to do, but I’m determined to keep on making an effort. Thank you for your ever-present optimism and encouraging nature. Have a good day.

  4. Good morning, Pam. You hit a very authentic and bittersweet note this morning. You reminded your readers that life can bend us in half with pain and suffering as well as raise our hands with joy. Thank you for acknowledging that our world, both private and public, is made of both happiness and grief. May we all heal with that joy lifting us forward.

  5. I liked how, in the poem, you don’t always choose joy, but sometimes joy chooses you. I have tried in recent years to live more in the moment and recognize joy as it comes knocking. This was hard for me for many years. I don’t feel “done” at almost 66. I feel my life is so rich, and it’s lovely to continue learning things, challenging my brain, working to stay healthy, enjoying my family, getting to do things on my own schedule after so many years of the highly structured teaching environment. I recently started substitute teaching a couple of days a week to make sure I maintain stamina and stay a bit more up-to-date on technology. To people who are bored or lonely, I say get out there and do something, preferably for others, if you at all can. The more you do, the more you -can- do.

  6. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for such a warm and sensitive post and deeply heart felt. It’s been a hard week. Like you my heart was totally distraught over the kidnapping and murder of beautiful Eliza Fletcher. I’m a previous ultra marathon runner. Like Mr. B I totally understand the core of the person and how driven they are and mentally strong. I will never forget Eliza my thoughts and prayers remain with her entire family.
    Queen Elizabeth was and will always be the most remarkable woman I have observed in my life time. Then we have 9.11. to always be remembered.

  7. Thanks for remembering Queen Elizabeth.. and sharing the joy poem I sent .. I loved it . My hubby …and my step kids grandkids and great grands are all British and they all live there , while we live here in USA .. . The Queen will be missed so much for her grace , courage dignity and wisdom ..

  8. Thank you for this heartfelt post. Amidst all the turmoil, past & present, we must decide how we will react to it. You have chosen to honor these events with dignity & grace. The poem on joy is the perfect ending. I, too, chose joy.

  9. Such a beautiful post. And a great reminder that we have to choose joy even in the presence of tragedy and horror. I hope your memories of your attack will fade more each day as you choose joy. You are an inspiration.

  10. Lovely sentiments today, Pam, by you and all the readers of your message. In the midst of these stories of great loss, I am steeling myself to commemorate a more personal loss, as next week on the 17th marks what would have been my dear friend’s 60th birthday. Always sad, but a big one like this cuts a little deeper. The flip side of this date for me, though, also carries joy and gratitude – for it was on the 17th, ten years ago, that my husband suffered an aortic aneurysm. . .but made it through, and has lived another decade of this life with me.

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