Would You Wear It – Early fall style

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me also on my friend, Jennifer’s blog.

Today, I am showing you a display with early fall styles on it.

Jennifer and I show you fashion displays we have discovered and ask what you think about the looks.

So, let’s get started with today’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Would You Wear It

Please look these styles over and assess them based on your decisions as a fashion consumer.

Why would they work or not work for you….

Of course, you can comment on the styling of the display.  Does it entice you to try the looks or does it need improvement?

would you wear it

So, look my three lovely mannequins over and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


I took this picture at a recent visit to Loft.  They do have some specials on now, and I will have a Leigh & Me feature there next week. 

For now, here is a slideshow which includes the pieces on the display:


Would You Wear It

There was so much on the blog this past week for readers to think about what they would and would not wear for fall.

The post where I helped a reader with her style adjectives was near the bottom In How to style successful fall outfits.

After that post where I explained why I do not wear a classic white shirt, on of the readers asked for options if you love the look, but, like me, do not look your best in white.

When retailers describe colors as IVORY or CREAM or EGGSHELL or VANILLA…those are the warmer whites and not pure white whites.

Here is a slideshow for classic ladies who are in warm palettes:

would you wear it

We also had fun discussing my tips of what to wear for fall in warmer climates.


Now, it is your turn….tell us what you think about the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display, and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer about the one she features.

I have so much fun planned for next week and, of course will be here tomorrow with Sunday morning thoughts…hope to see you then…until then make sure that you…


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. The only thing that would catch my eye here would be the jeans outfit, and only if the jeans are full length. I don’t wear crops and the dress is too bland in color and a lot of material. The orange top is okay, but it wouldn’t cause me to want to try it on. As much as I like the jeans outfit, and wear the same look using what is in my closet, the jacket is sadly not my best color. The style of the outfit is something I like and wear though. I like how they used the scarf for a belt, as that adds interest. I do prefer a more tailored dress, and crops don’t work with my style.

  2. I would wear either the jeans or khaki pant outfits just as presented. Naturally there are other tops and tunics that might be substituted but I rather like both- pretty much as they are. Accessories could be added of course, depending on where I’m headed.
    I don’t wear many dresses and really don’t see myself in this dress.

  3. Well, this one was staged by someone who knew what they were doing, it’s nicely coordinated and styled. But, only I only would be interested in the jeans (nice high rise) and the classic blazer, I miss those. Seems like most of the brands modernize them , making them longer, or shorter, and just messing with the classic style.

  4. Well I really like the rust-coloured top and could imagine it with a contrasting collared shirt or poloneck underneath as the weather cools . I like the paisley print of the dress but it would be better for me in stronger/more saturated colours . Also it is already too cold here in the UK for the style . I don’t think the 3-part outfit on the left is well put together , honestly , altho’ I can imagine the pieces individually with different accompaniments .

  5. I think that’s an attractive display.
    I like that it’s lighter weight. It may be September, but it’s not time to break out heavy fabrics. I like darker Fall colors in nearly summer-weight fabrics.
    The dress or is it a jumpsuit? is nice and the blue/green colors better for me than the orange/tan/browns that I seem to always be seeing.

  6. I would wear them all but I really don’t wear dresses a lot so it would have to look great in me. I am going to the Loft this weekend and try the cropped pants on

  7. The jeans ensemble, to my thinking, isn’t fresh. That whole look has been around a while. I’d wear the stripe shirt untucked with slim pants & flats or loafers & a few bracelets. The camel blazer is meh. I’d walk right by. I might add both the jeans & crops to my wardrobe as good staple pieces. I’d style either with the coral sweater athleisure slip-ons, hoops & a good watch. Never would I tuck a bulky sweater; that’s a skinny-girl thing. I don’t care for the dress – the pattern, the length or the sleeves. I hope you bought that topper. It’s so you.

  8. Good Saturday morning. As a dark autumn, I am attracted to the coral sweater, but with my own full length jean collection. I say the color, because as pretty as that sweater is, I never seem to reach for my one pointelle sweater that I own in old gold. I have to wear it with a matching tank. They are very “airy”, and cold winters here are not suitable for that knit for me. I can see right through this in the mannequin. The other pieces would look dull on me. I love the look of a blazer with jeans, but since I am now more natural classic rather than classic, I tend to go with a different third piece style. MANY THANKS for the nonwhite shirt slideshows. I will be taking a closer look at those. They are difficult to come by! Have a great autumn weekend.

  9. IF I wore dresses and this dress were in a different color or pattern, I’d try it. I looked back at the display and realized the gathering is not at the waist but appears to be above the waist which would hopefully cover my stomach. The faux crossover front is usually flattering for many, and the fluttery sleeves are ok. Since I am short, I don’t think the wide-legged crop pants would work on my short legs. And that orange/rust top would be more attractive if the white body of the mannequin were not shining through its holes. I’m not a blazer wearer as I’ve bought so many long cardigans in recent years but might need to invest in a workable blazer like this one, but in a black or navy.

  10. This is a nice display. I’m about the outfit on the right (except would sub out the black for a brown), *love* the full neutral pants, though. The dress is a bit anemic looking and the left outfit, while nice, has too many stripes for my liking–I’d sub in a plant top or another print. P.S. I think the dress you modeled here and earlier in the week (just above your knees) really gives you a youthful look.

  11. I like the display especially the blazer and striped shirt. I have a blue blazer and a grey striped shirt and now I’m going to wear them together. I am a winter so I’d change the colours using blues instead of beige.

  12. I like everything in today’s mannequin display. This has never happened before. I’d wear it all — even the cropped pants, which are not usually my taste. These looks work for my body shape and complexion, plus my love of 1970s style. Well done!

  13. I like the blazer-striped shirt-jeans look but pale and pastel are not in my wardrobe. In this case, I didn’t like the scarf as belt: it’s too dark and draws attention to the midsection. I’d use it around the neckline. I’ve neve warrmed up to pointelle: maybe because it’s cool in New England, but I’d wear the trousers. I wear few dresses so a dress has to be versatile (and in my color palette) for me to buy it: this one isn’t. Happy Saturday!

  14. I live the jeans and blazer look. However, I would need to have a top with more color. I also like the dress, but I’m not sure it would be good for me, I would have to try it on. As for the crops outfit, I love them but they do not always love me.

  15. This is an attractive display, but these are not my colors. I would wear the blazer & the striped shirt in a different color. Crops & wide legged pants are not flattering for my figure. Even in a different color, I wouldn’t wear the dress as I prefer more classic tailored styles.

  16. Love all three!! NEVER had this happen!! I would wear a jean skirt instead of jeans and a khaki skirt instead of pants but it’s me!!!

  17. While these 3 outfits are not for me, I think I would admire them on someone else! With your help Pam, I have refined or perhaps make more critical decisions of what I buy! I used to run in to a favorite shop & say I need a couple of suits and some blouses…boom, boom done! Now I have the luxury of being who I want to be, it’s been fun! Also must tell you that the Marshals window pane large plaid topper is just so perfect…hope you bought it!

  18. I like and wear neutrals, but after looking at Jennifer’s mannequin’s bright color and bold print this looks blah.

  19. I would wear all of it. The only change would be a belt with the dress. I really like the striped tee with the striped scarf as a belt. A look I’m surprised that I like. Styling it with the jacket is smart since otherwise it would be too busy. I love that sweater coat you had on in Marshall’s! I hope you bought it. Also, love the dress. Those colors look gorgeous on you!

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