Affordable designer styles at Target

affordable designer styles

Happy Friday, friends!  Let’s make it a Fall Fashion Friday and shop affordable designer styles at Target.

I was needing a dose of creativity, fun, artisan fashion and immediately thought of the affordable designer styles at Target.

They were the first to discover top fashion designers who would create collections for those of us in the real world!

I will confess that the styles are really for younger, bolder women…but I found a few things I would wear now!

The jacket at the top is by Kika Vargas for Target….most of her affordable designer styles are available for Misses and Plus Size women.

This is the Women’s Mum Floral Quilted Jacket in XL.  The print is very pretty.


affordable designer styles

One of the reason I like to try on the affordable designer styles is because they are different and a touch more creative.

However, many of these have matching pieces and with those it was too much for me.

Like this Women’s Side Stripe Turtleneck Sweater designed by La Ligne.

It is available to wear with the Women’s Side Stripe Sweater pants, I would just prefer it separate.

affordable designer styles

The only other affordable designer style I was drawn to was this, but hold on, it is not pajamas.

It is designed to look like pajamas, but it is the Women’s Floral Button Front Blouse and the Women’s Floral Wide-Leg Trousers.

affordable designer styles

I could see it worn as a topper over this V Neck Universal Thread tee.  Only $8!

But do that think I am bold enough to go out in a complete outfit that looks like PJS.

What about you?  Forget the colors, what about the design….would you wear it?

affordable designer styles

I also thought this Metallic Puffer Tote Bag was fun.

Here are a few more affordable designer styles that I believe would work for women of any age:


affordable designer styles

I can always find fun pieces in Target’s every day designer styles which are even more affordable.

Knox Rose is a youthful, stylish line.  

This Women’s Open Front Cardigan is super soft…fun…and on sale through tomorrow.

affordable designer styles

Also, on sale through tomorrow for just $28 is this fun Women’s Turtleneck Sweater.

It is very soft and comfy.

I noticed that many of the affordable designer styles currently have dropped shoulders.

I prefer different, but do not mind it for casual styles.

affordable designer styles

Also from Knox Rose is this cute Women’s Crewneck Sweater ….also on sale at $24 through Saturday.

All of these are soft and warm.

affordable designer styles

I have showed you many affordable designer styles from the Universal Threads collections.

This is another one of those items I cannot locate online…maybe just offered in store.  

But It is a soft Sherpa top, and here is one similar in the same collection…The Women’s Long Sleeve Lightweight Sherpa Henley Shirt.

affordable designer styles

Finally, I showed you over the summer a couple of the New Day oversized blazers I purchased and enjoyed.

Here is a fall version in houndstooth (there are other versions at this link as well): New Day Women’s Oversized Blazer.

You also may want to check out TARGET’S 2022 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS….they will be featuring different specials every Friday from now through the holidays.

Any comments on the affordable designer styles at Target?  Have you shopped the feature designers at Target before?  Always love to hear from you…and remember tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT day!


By Pamela Lutrell

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affordable designer styles


  1. First of all, I can’t believe that is a Target dressing room! The one here is like they sectioned off a dusty portion of the warehouse in back, full of rejected clothes, dusty, unkempt. I don’t even shop at Target for clothes because the inventory is so low. That’s an exceptional store in your area! Like you mentioned, I steer away from dropped shoulders, and they seem to be prevalent these days. Same, for me, with all the oversized clothing. It’s difficult to find shoulder seams that land right on the shoulder, but it can be done! Takes some searching. The pajama look, my first thought was that those were really pretty pajamas and I’d like those. But to wear in public? No way! When you wore the top alone, that was okay, but if going out in a pajama look is a trend, and in our overly casual culture it probably is, I just could never do it. Especially as an older, and hopefully wiser woman! Your store is pretty amazing though. Maybe the difference is that you live in a major city and I’m in “flyover country”!!

  2. Hi Karen.. the Super Target stores here have the nicest dressing areas. Thanks for starting the pajama-style discussion off. I am always curious as to what the audience will say.

  3. I think it is fun to see what’s out there, but some of these designs are really “out there!”

  4. I’m like Karen above…very impressed with the dressing room area of your Target! The “pajamas” that are not pjs would definitely be a no for me. However, I did like the top with the solid-colored tee. I do not think I would ever wear the pants in such a pattern. I am not a matchy-matchy person. I never wear a patterned top and bottom together, or a matching necklace and earrings together…just not my style. Because I do not have pierced ears, I rarely wear anything other than gold or silver loops, or variations of simple designs. I rarely go to Target mainly because I do not have one close by, but when I have in the past, I’ve felt there was a disorder, or lack of organization to the store which in today’s world of fewer workers would probably make the store even more uninviting. However, I you have shown us some items that I found attractive though none in petite sizes.

  5. I thought the same as Karen, that is a pretty pj set, and may make a nice Christmas gift. I was surprised that it is for outdoor wear. I would not be wearing this in any pattern or colour. I think the general public would think I had forgotten to get dressed in the morning. It would be a very cute set for lounging on Christmas morning or any other day that you are not up to going out the door.
    I am also admiring the dressing room area, but cannot compare, as Target left Canada after a very short trial and that was disappointing. Our higher end stores have areas that are really nice like that, such as a Laura store I was in recently. I noticed in that first picture that even with the very vibrant colours, you see your face and whole self as a pretty look, where as if I wore that colour it would be all you could see and I would be in the background. Another testament for analysis. Also, I agree, the dropped shoulder is everywhere, but there are set in sleeves if you keep looking.

  6. I agree that the set in sleeves are out there…I will show you one place to find them next week! I laughed at your comment…if I was walking around in the PJs, my family might sit me down for a talk! I would consider wearing the blouse as a topper…but did not purchase it.

  7. Even though you look nice, none of these clothes appeal to me. Totally agree about the PJ look. My daughter had track team days in high school where the girls all wore that type of PJ to school., If we did it, people would think ‘dementia.’ I wear dropped shoulder tops but am getting tired of them. The current look (think Talbots) where the sleeves are a different knit from the sweater is generally unappealing.

  8. I’m in awe too! That dressing room is amazing and nothing like the dressing rooms here. Love your look right off in that new designer jacket! Abd you look absolutely lovely in the pretty print top and matching pant. Wow!
    Some of the other pieces did not appeal for various reasons but appreciate your shopping for all of us- gave me some new ideas!

  9. Well … You said “fun” an awful lot. Maybe for someone whose adjectives tend to the whimsical? Or dramatic? None of these come close to my adjectives except maybe the Sherpa top, and it didn’t look like it would flatter my generous proportions. Hard no to the floral pajamas, though I will wear my dark, solid Soma bottoms out sometimes with a nice top. I don’t mind dropped shoulders, but not combined with other horizontal elements as shown with most of the things here. My Target, also in the flyover zone, is bright, well stocked, and clean. I wander through it on occasion, but when I need something, I never seem to find it there.

  10. I think as the world becomes more casual…the more I find myself wanting to step up my casual style and not take it down…to pajama level. Thanks Maeve!

  11. Sorry if I repeated fun too much…I know there are women in this audience that fashion is their fun and they enjoy going outside the lines. I confess I have also worn SOMA items out, but there is no difference in design between them and regular street wear. This outfit looks like PJS and I would wear it that way if I was in need of this type of PJs. One of the reasons I wear SOMA is for their cooling fabrics and it is very rare that I sleep in heavy sleepwear…we just pile on blankets instead. Thanks Linda.

  12. I really liked the top over the tee with the jeans. I think it was a great look for you. I’m just not into “outlandish “ fashion which I believe that to be when paired together and have to wonder if the designer would even wear it. I find a few things in Target but rarely anything other than a sweater, or maybe a blouse.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Bonna. I also wonder if the designer would wear all they design. Thanks for mentioning it.

  14. Target is always hit and miss with me. I usually shop there for one of the grandkid’s birthdays but when I do go I always check out their clothes. Universal Threads is the brand that I’ve bought. I have been here in SoCal for 4 years and have visited a number of Targets (at least 8); I don’t know what their corporate plan is but I can attest that each one is so dramatically different as far as cleanliness, layout and customer service. About the pajama look; as a 71 year old I will not be wearing it out and about or even to lounge around the house but it will appeal to the younger set. Remember the matching sweater sets in the 80’s? I liked those but my choice would be classic navy, black or brown and not a bright green. That sweater looks trendy and fun on you!

  15. You are right, Linda…the store care does vary from location to location. Our Super Targets are nice, but I have one of the older ones near where I live and it is not as clean and straight.
    Thanks for stopping by….

  16. The “not PJs” do look good on you, Pamela. Nice color for you. I could see them worn open with that T-shirt as loungewear, or glammed up with metallic shoes. Not sure about wearing them outside the house, though. Maybe brunch at home for your family, or movie night at home? “Home” being the key.

    Maybe I’ve been scarred too much by the last time PJs as daywear took off. It took about a decade for that to go away, and devolved into many wearing plaid PJs and long underwear tops to the grocery store, hair uncombed. ((Shiver.))

  17. I do like them for a movie night with family. But that makes the cost per wear way too high. Love the burnt orange color. And I also remember the last time wearing pjs was a trend outside of home. A shiver right back!

  18. Though none of the looks appealed to me, the non-pajamas stood out as a “what were they thinking” item. The gold puffer bag looks cheap to me. The classic structured look is my preferred look, so it comes as no surprise that the oversized clothing just looks sloppy to me, but to each his own.

  19. Thanks for sharing Becky…I like the discussions this motivates. I believe others like to hear what everyone thinks!

  20. I like the “Universal Thread” and “New Day” line at Target.
    The “Knox Rose” is too embellished for me,

    My Target is remodeling, adding a bigger grocery section and constantly re-arranging things.
    My main gripe is checkout. If they have two cashiers working that’s a lot, mostly they have the self-checkout line. I’m OK with that. The last time I shopped there I had a $50 so I used cash. The station called the attendant and I had to go to Customer Service to get my change. BTW – the station did not say Credit Only. If they’re going to not have cashiers that don’t have 20 carts in line the least they could do is have the self-check fully working.

    I feel like if they’re going to skimp on cashiers they could at least keep their check-out stations fully functional.

  21. Pamela,

    I liked the first yellow/gold top on you. The rest.. there are so many better options butb I am enjoying your daily posts. Are you in Houston?


  22. Hi, I found your blog by jumping from Jennifer at Well Styled Life. I normally switch between Nordstrom and Target (for t-shirts and fun stuff) I agree Universal Thread for the price is very well made. Looking at all the designer looks, in this collection everything is just too bulky , I live in the SF Bay area so winters and summer can be chilly but not heavy sweater weather normally. But I so love that Target puts out designer at extremely reasonable prices……just a question, how do you take a picture of yourself holding a phone? Is someone behind the scenes taking the picture? Anyway I feel I’ll enjoy reading your blogs…

  23. Hi I am coming late to the thread but really love Target – greet option to mix their clothes with more durable ones – loved the Sherpa – and the blazer . Their designer times are fun for clothes and housewares – often both. I don’t try on their clothes at store but please keep including Target along with others. The sweater looks great in you.

  24. I also prefer a set in sleeve, not (the currently fashionable) dropped shoulder sleeve. I like the floral pants and top (the not-PJs) for an at home evening, watching a movie or reading a book, but wouldn’t wear outside; I think they may be my leisure outfit this winter! The styles currently in my store are aimed at a younger woman than I although they have many basic pieces that are well made for the price; nice options to mix and match. It’s fun to look at trends and affordable fashions from there so thanks for this post!

  25. I generally don’t care for Target’s clothes since they discontinued the Merona line, but the gold puffer bag is cute, and I LOVE that Knox Rose print cardigan/duster? on you! I’m tempted to buy one of those myself. I have been happy with every Knox Rose item I have bought, which are usually casual tops. I like the way you broke up the “pajama” outfit with the rust top and jeans, but would die laughing if I saw anyone wearing that entire outfit in public. I’d be tempted to tell them that we aren’t all working from home anymore and it’s time for some “real” clothes!

  26. I couldn’t resist that Knox Rose print cardigan! I picked it up last night and wore it today to do some volunteer work and errands, as well as Wednesday night church. I don’t usually go in for trendy pieces, but I loved how it looked on you. I styled it exactly like you did, with a rust top and black jeans. When it cools off a little more I could see this over a black turtleneck and black dressy pants, or over a black dress or skirt, as well. I managed to snag it on a grocery cart already, but the loose weave will make it easy to fix. Thanks again for the tip on this fun fall item!

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