Would You Wear It – Limited Collection

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Today is Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.

We find fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think…would you or would you not wear what you see.

It is actually interesting to see how fashion merchandising in store displays has changed just in the last two years.

So, let’s get started today with this limited collection I discovered last week.


would you wear it

Please make sure you look the display over carefully and explain with constructive thought why you would or would not wear the styles.

In this Limited Collection, I found three mannequins I believed would make for an interesting conversation.

Of course, you may always comment on the display itself…how would you improve it or do you think it is well done.

Would You Wear It

So…what about these three mannequins in this limited collection………………………………………………………….



affordable designer styles

affordable designer styles

This outfit is also part of this limited collection.

And, yes, it is an outfit…marketed as a blouse and pants….not pjs.

I featured it with more from these limited collections on yesterday’s post called AFFORDABLE DESIGNER STYLES AT TARGET.

You can find more information and links to today’s display there.

I asked….Would You Wear It as an outfit or as pjs or at all?


Would You Wear It


Several followers decided to add the JJILL Cotton Terry Hoodie to their wardrobes last week….but, not the vest.

It was the top seller here.

Now, tell us what you think of the displays and then go to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s.   It is always enlightening and instructive to hear what you have to say….see you tomorrow…and….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. My comment is on the last look with the floral blouse and cropped wide leg pants. This is not a look that would look good on me. The top is too low cut for my comfort level and I would be constantly fussing with it. To my eye, a top that flowy would look better with slimmer pants. I like crops/ high ankle pants so that part is fine but for this top, I would go slimmer. To make it work for me, I would need to add a cami under the top, slimmer ankle pants and heels. It still wouldn’t fit with my minimalist, classic/sporty aesthetic so I would pass.

  2. I like the first outfit. I would wear the blue collared blouse. The v-neckline if very flattering. I would prefer it in silk, but I’m sure it’s polyester at Target. I would pair it with slimmer black pants. I like the blue color but head to toe it’s too much for me.

  3. Good morning, Pam. My first thought was, why is everything so wrinkled? I actually like the first outfit, but they’ve just stuffed the blouse into the pants and made it look unkempt. W/o wrinkles, the outfit would be nice with a belt — maybe a similar shade of blue so your eyes don’t stop there. I think a few necklaces (diff. lengths) would up the look as well. Maybe a bracelet as well to add something sparkley. I’d go for nude orr black pumps, I think. No to animal dress and what were they thinking to the flowy blouse and trousers combo, although the blouse would be fine with high rise jeans.

  4. Sorry to say, but my first impression is that the clothing is of poor quality. I’m not opposed to Target clothing – I purchased a black sundress there this Spring that is decent quality in both construction and fabric, so I would say Target clothing is “hit or miss”. The current selection is a “miss”.

  5. These styles are definitely not for me. The fit of the individual garments, the extra fabric, the colors and patterns just do not work for my personal style. These would be a hard pass for me. The displays do not appear to be well thought out, but more haphazard. Those gray bottoms (???) with the puffy floral top… struggling to think of where that would be appropriate to wear and who it would actually flatter as an outfit. Can’t wait to see other comments! Definitely hard pass. I’m SO tired of the overuse of “animal print”.

  6. Althought I might not wear the flowered top, the cut is pretty busy and I don’t do wrap tops, I really like the material. It looks great with the pants.
    I think that Target does better displays with their Women’s sizes than with their Misses/Junior lines. I don’t know if a different design group does their Women’s line, but I often walk away thinking that the fabrics and patterns I see in the Women’s sizes are more attractive than those in the Misses.
    Maybe it’s just a case of the grass is greener in the clothes that don’t fit me.

  7. Would I wear it? I probably wouldn’t even walk in the store given the sloppy displays. They desperately need steaming! A pet peeve of mine, I know.

    The only item I gave a 2nd look is the shirtwaist? Wrap? dress. Classic silhouette, on trend (& timeless) pattern. & the pattern seems to hide the wrinkles better. But since I woke up to snow on the ground, I’m looking for something warmer. But with some layers & black knee high boots I can see it being worn in fall-winter & especially winter-spring transition time.

  8. My comment is not so much on the clothes as the displays themselves. If retailers want us to buy their outfits, why on earth wouldn’t they take a few minutes to steam the wrinkles out of them before (or after) dressing the mannequin to show them at their best? The mannequins all look like they slept in the clothes!
    As to the Target outfit, I would never feel comfortable leaving the house in something that looks that much like pajamas. I’m sure they would be comfortable for lounging at home, but Covid lockdown is over and it’s time to put on real clothes! 🙂

  9. My favorite this morning is the blue outfit. Not sure if I would wear the blouse and pants together although I do often wear a column of color. It appears to me that the blouse is actually gathered at the waist, but you cannot tell for sure as it is tucked into the waistband of the pants. The animal print “dress” looks like the one in yesterday’s slideshow described as a “ strong shoulder trench coat”. Interesting. The flowered blouse looks stiff to me and stands too far away from the body for my taste. All of these items could definitely use a steaming.

  10. Interesting that they are are bringing out ‘limited editions’. Are they trying to offer special pieces or are they trying to make the consumer feel that they need to purchase now before the item has vanished. I would like to see that hoodie in ivory. It looks interesting. The outfit that looks like pjs? I can’t imagine it anywhere except the house unless on a tall model with high heels and a lot of attitude. Pam, you were brilliant to break it up. The top looks great with the rust top and jeans. Love it!

  11. Since I no longer go into stores, the only merchandising examples I see is on your and Jennifer’s blogs. Could you talk a little more about how fashion merchandising has changed over the last two years?

  12. Nothing here “speaks” to me at all. The blue teal tone pieces look mismatched and messy here. I’d ignore them. The dress is too much irony for me. A blouse might work? The third look is just wrong for me. I don’t like this blouse – it’s too low cut, widening I think? I’d ignore that too- sadly.

  13. Hi Linlee, when I say that I mean the lack of care given to these displays. A display should promote sales. If it is wrinkled or poorly accessorized then in doesn’t. I know in the last two years stores have struggled with employees. But I believe even with a smaller staff that a display is a top priority to help the bottom line. If I was in middle management, I would iron or steam if there was no one else to do it.

  14. Oh, I am liking the shade of blue in both the blouse and the pants but would not pair these two garments together. With that being said individually I like their style, though do suspect that the blouse might deem the use of some fashion tape because of its plunging neckline and satin finish. Also I am a big fan of trouser cut bottoms! As to the other pieces they are a pass for myself as just not my taste. Wishing you and your readers a beautiful weekend. -Brenda-

  15. Hmmm . . .as other ladies have pointed out, these displays would benefit from better preparation. Sad, because the blue blouse and pants are rather nice. I would try each piece as a separate, and possibly together but with a lovely patterned scarf tied through as a belt. For me, the animal dress is just too busy. I like a little touch of animal now and then, in a handbag, on a collar, in a piece of costume jewelry, or shoes. The third display’s top wouldn’t suit me, but I would check out the bottoms. The hoodie + vest combo is great. I’m surprised more gals didn’t pick up the vest. Perhaps it was the price point; vests often cost as much as a jacket!

  16. The blue top appears to have an elasticized waistband for shaping which would look better not stuffed into pants. Overall, it is a nice combo but you’d need to wear the top untucked with pants that have no waist detailing.

  17. I like the concept of dopamine dressing in the blue example, but this is unkempt and wrinkly, with awkward bunching at the waist. Monochrome dressing can be dopamine dressing, too. I wish they’d done this better.

  18. I so much agree with you about the flowy pants and puffy top. Just couldn’t find the words to convey my feelings so I’ll join yours (which are way more complimentary than mine would have been).

  19. As many others have noted, this display is a mess. It would be hard for me to consider any of the items because of the wrinkles, & how poorly displayed they are. That said, I like the color of the blue top, but since I can’t see the silhouette, I don’t know if it would be flattering or not. The floral top & wide legged crops would fall under the category of “what were they thinking” for me.

  20. The dress could be so fun with some red shoes &/ or red handbag.

    The last outfit was…”what were they thinking “

    I can’t imagine that combination flattering anyone .

    The top would be cute with slim jeans.

    Also not into the “ pJ’s “ !

  21. I like the shade of the blue slacks/pants but not liking the shiny top. The wrap dress is a problem for me as they all seem to make me look much larger than I am through the waist. I do like the style of the wrap dress for others and as others have suggested some dramatic hits of red and perhaps boots could make it look quite nice. The little v neck top on the third display is a good try at a youthful and interesting cut, but it would not work for me at all. I cannot do that short and full of a blouse and the v would likely be too low for me. I just came from a bridal shower filled with cute young girls of all shapes and sizes including plus. Many were wearing tiered dresses with big puffy sleeves, lots of African inspired cotton prints but in fairly subdued colors. One young lady had on a cape jacket in I think ultra suede in gray paired with a floral print skirt. It looked fabulous and was so unusual. So it made me think that sometimes it’s good to branch out a bit. Anyway, I do love these would you wear it posts and appreciate everyone’s comments.

  22. An unappealing display that would give me no incentive for even a second glance!
    The blue is a good color for me but I don’t do v necks, the dress I’m sure would work for many – patent leather or red accessories perhaps – but the last outfit I have no words for!
    I’ve never shopped at Target and have no real desire to after seeing these wrinkled, poorly put together displays.
    Pam, your not pj’s pajama outfit looks comfy for lounging.

  23. Nothing here I would wear. I’m 5’2″, and 107 pounds, these fashions would overwhelm me. Having said that, I do think Target offers a variety of fashionable clothing for women. My daughter refuses to wear anything but high-end designer shoes and carries nothing but Michael Kors handbags, often goes to Target to buy a trendy dress, a pair of cute pants, t-shirts, and sweaters. Accessories have everything to do with how the clothing looks on a woman. The store displays don’t do justice to many of their fashions. And, yes, you will likely need to steam press your purchase after getting it home, Target isn’t Talbots.

  24. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in thinking Target’s women’s offerings are superior to the misses sizes. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a sales associate to see if an item I found in 1x or 2x is available in misses sizing with no luck. Glad to know this is not just my imagination!

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