Breast Cancer Awareness with Chico’s

Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, Leigh Ann and I are bringing breast cancer awareness to you in collaboration with Chico’s.

This is one of the few times you will see us in pink, but it is for a very good reason to let our voices be heard for women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Breast Cancer Awareness

I feel confident in writing that the majority of this audience has been touched in some way by breast cancer.

The numbers are staggering.

Today, Leigh Ann is standing to support for Lorie, Kathy and Belinda.

I am standing to support Gail, Darcy, Eileen, Sara, Ruth, and, of course, those in this audience who have walked this journey.

I can clearly remember the day that each of these wonderful women shared with me a diagnosis. 

Thank goodness that more women will survive the disease now, but for some it is still a long fight before they hear those glorious words, “You are cancer free.”

So, we want to remind you that Early Detection is the Best Solution…make sure you get your mammograms and practice self exams.

I have learned that this does not stop as we age, but continues to be a threat.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Whether you are a cool or warm palette, now is the time to wear pink for breast cancer awareness.

Many will wear their pink ribbons all month, or you can wear your pink Zenergy, brought to you by Chico’s along with us.

Chico’s does such a nice job of supporting issues important to women.

Breast Cancer Awareness

In case you are interested, Leigh Ann and I are wearing these pieces….just scroll through the slide show…..this is a lovely pink called Carmine Rose…

Whether it is a pink garment or ribbon, we hope you will join us for the remainder of October to wear pink and strike up important conversations with others on Breast Cancer Awareness.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Please share if this post has brought a woman to mind that you would like to honor on this day.

And you may always share your stories here in an effort to help others understand the importance of screenings.

I want to thank Chico’s for reaching out to Leigh Ann and I to join them in this message.

It is an important one for all of us.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  Chico’s provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


  1. My sister, Betty, and my teacher friend, Frances, are two ones who immediately come to mind. I’ve always been faithful about getting my mammograms and lung X-rays yearly not just because of my sister’s cancer, but also because of my lung cancer 27 years ago. We can all appreciate the strives made in cancer research. I’m especially excited that the mRNA research which developed our COVID vaccines was actually being developed to cure specific and individual cancers.

  2. Celebrating 25 years as a breast cancer survivor. My cancer was found very early on my annual mammogram. I urge each of you to have your mammogram and to encourage your younger daughters and friends to talk breast health with their doctor. During these years, I have met so many ladies and men who have fought the breast cancer battle and each has a story that has touched my heart. Awareness is key. Thanks Pam and Leigh Ann for bringing this important health issue to the front.

  3. 3 year survivor…still see my oncologists 3 times a year. Still need scans and tests. Still grateful for every day.

  4. I’m a survivor. It’s been nearly 15 years since my diagnosis. If not for self exam I would not be here writing this.
    My cancer went undetected by my physician AND by mammogram. But I insisted, after the mammogram, on an ultrasound because I felt a lump in an unusual area, up near my clavicle. It turned out to be breast cancer that had already spread. Fortunately after a few surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc. I was cancer free and remain that way today. Please, girls, self exam and early detection are essential.

  5. Great to see you supporting Breast Cancer month. Love your pink Chicos Senergy outfits! They are comfortable and great travel pieces and the skort your friend has on is great for golf.

  6. For Ann and Ellen, both here and thriving, and for Cassie and Deb who fought long and hard, but now are at peace. And for my dear, lovely friend Sally – who is battling bravely against lung cancer. My mammogram is the 22nd this month. 👍

  7. I’m three years out from breast cancer. Let me urge all of you who are newly diagnosed to take time and research your options. My cancer was stage one, removed by lumpectomy. No chemo needed but I did have radiation. Two years later I developed acute myeloid leukemia. I spent much of last year in the hospital and had a stem cell transplant. Most of my hematology docs ascribe the leukemia to the radiation treatments I got. Since then Ive also had skin cancer due to being immunosuppressed.
    It might have been better to monitor the BC with mammograms and ultrasounds. Especially since even the radiologist told me that I probably didn’t need the radiation treatments. (16 of them..)
    AML is a blood cancer with extremely poor prognosis. Please get your screenings but also don’t be terrified into leaping into treatment.
    All this is sent with much love and sympathy.

  8. My mother , my sister and my dear friend susan b. All bravely fought breast cancer and only my sister has succeeded .. keep getting your mammos .. women over 70 are still likely to get it so don’t let a dr tell you you no longer need mammos .

  9. My sister-in-law, Shary, who is a 30+ year survivor. Also, Ann & Melanie. Thank you & Leigh Ann for wearing pink & Chicos for sponsoring this. To all those who are battling today, stay strong & continue the good fight.

  10. Thank you, you lovely ladies, for the acknowledgment of this important topic. I am thinking of Mary Jane, Sr Clare, Sr Irene, and Jean. Three are survivors.

  11. Remembering Ava: wife, mother, reinventor of career paths, owner of the fuschia guitar, collector of many friends.

  12. I honor my sister Jo Ann, my niece Jill who was diagnosed earlier this year, and my cousin Christine. All are survivors of breast cancer. I am an eight year survivor of HER2+ HR- breast cancer. I had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I saw my oncologist last week and he was very pleased with my exam and blood work. He said I was perfect. I see him yearly. I had my single mammogram last week, and was given a healthy report. Thank you Pam, Leigh and Chico’s for the gorgeous pink Zenergy outfits you are wearing in honor of those who have been touched by this disease. I am grateful.

  13. Posting a day late, but honoring my dear friend Ann. She survived her breast cancer from 20 years ago, but passed last year.

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