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Happy Wednesday, friends!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50!

This is the day of the week, when I curate lifestyle news together which may be helpful or encouraging to our fabulous audience of women.

Last week, I was flooded with today’s news stories which I found to be of interest for you.

Today, there was little in the Fashion & Beauty area, but I put together a fun slideshow for you!

I hope there are articles here that you can enjoy and discover helpful ideas within.

So, get your morning cup of happy, sit in a cozy spot and let’s get started with today’s news.


today's news

Taste of Home: How to Preserve Pumpkins – Carved and Un-carved

Cooking Light: Honey vs. Agave Syrup: Which is healthier

Plant Powered: Butternut Squash, Tomato, Chard and Chickpea Soup

Tasting Table23 Casserole Recipes You’ll Turn to Again and Again

The Roasted Root: Healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffins

MSNQueen Elizabeth’s Chef Made Her Scrambled Eggs with Two Secret Ingredients (Both surprised me!)

Better Homes & Gardens: Can I use olive oil for baking? Our test kitchen has answers

Southern LivingThe South’s Most Iconic Recipes of All Time – That we’ll never, ever stop making



today's news

Architectural Digest: Diane Keaton’s New Line of Textiles Is A Show Stopper

Better Homes & Gardens: Expert Tips for Finding and Styling Vintage Halloween Decor

Southern Living: 2022 Idea House: Step Inside our Coastal Carolina Home

Southern Living: 7 Ways to Add Christmas Cheer in Every Room

Homes & Gardens Should Kitchen Cabinets Go All the Way to the Ceiling?


today's news

Eat This, Not That: 5 Worst Salad Dressings for Blood Sugar

Today: 7 Best Exercises for seniors that will boost strength and improve balance

Insider: Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms that Can Go Unnoticed

Science Alert: Eating Late Can Change How you Burn Calories and Store Fat, a depressing study finds

CNN: What’s the magic number of steps to keep weight off



today's news

Parade Magazine: Pepperidge Farms Reveals Limited-Edition Milano Cookie Flavor with a Holiday Twist

USA TodayNew Goodwill Finds Website for Thrifters to Shop at Home

Best Life: The 6 Cutest Small Towns on the East Coast

Travel Awaits: Why I Moved Halfway Around the World In Retirement

Now This Is NewsGiant Cheetos Statue Placed in Alberta

Now, for that fun slideshow.  ETSY Fashion is growing rapidly (which is probably newsworthy), so here are some fun finds in a slideshow…..

Thanks for joining in today for Today’s News…please share any thoughts or questions you may have and make sure that you always……


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Today's News


  1. The fried green tomatoes and tomato pie… two of my favorites that show up on my table every year during tomato season!! Yum! I was interested in the small towns since it’s pretty easy to get to the east coast from here. Then I saw Mystic, CT, and that’s been on my list to visit for years. Really need to go. My maternal grandmother’s family settled there after arriving here from England in 1630. I have a family history written by a long ago relative and would love to tour the area. Better get going on the bucket list! The Christmas article reminds me I’m in no hurry for that!! Still enjoying fall over here, and definitely in no hurry for Christmas!

  2. I actually consider the Cheetos statue to be interesting. However, I don’t have good feelings about Cheetos themselves. First, I consider them to be an unhealthy ultra-processed food. Second the kids in the elementary school where I taught used to sneak bags of Cheetos into the classroom. There were Cheeto fingerprints left everywhere. It was a continual battle.

  3. As a former high school teacher, I remember the same frustrations! It got on everything!

  4. I know how to make all of these Southern favorite foods!! Too funny!! I knew I grew up in the South but didn’t realize how much it affected my cooking!!

  5. Though I missed the Fashion section today, I’ve bookmarked the Healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffins recipe and the 7 Best Exercises post. I already do some of those exercises as part of my morning routine, but there’s at least one more that I want to add. Living in Alberta, I had to laugh at the giant Cheetos statue. There are a lot of very odd “giant” or “biggest in the world” statues in this province. Within an hour’s drive of our small town, we have the world’s biggest pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg) and a giant baseball mitt. Travel a little further & you’ll find a giant sausage or a giant pyrogy! We even have a UFO landing pad less than two hours away just in case it’s ever needed! So weird!

  6. I was thrilled to see our local news about the cheetos statue made news all the way to San Antonio. It has made quite the stir here as well and I just went to see it yesterday! I took a picture of my girlfriend and me in front of it (can’t seem to download it).

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