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Happy Monday, friends!  Today join in to shop JJill with Leigh & Me!

These shopping trips gives you an opportunity to shop JJill with a petite and misses size ladies.

Everything Leigh is wearing today was in the Petites.

I am still finding my way in the best sizes there, but definitely out of plus size.

However, for those of you who are still in plus, JJill has lots of offerings (up to sizes 4X) and does not charge you more! 

Finally, so glad to see that at least at one retailer.  Hope others will follow.

Now…let’s have some fun an shop JJill.


shop JJill

In our opening photo today, Leigh Ann is wearing the Printed Double V-Neck Tunic with the High Rise Ponte Knit Leggings in navy. 

Both of us like the JJILL leggings and own them.

shop JJill

I am wearing the super comfortable High Rise Straight Leg Jeans in the dark laguna wash.

I am huge fan of this Cabled Sweater Vest and you are looking at the navy in a Medium.

Below I show you a different color and size up.  I preferred it in the medium.  I could see it with a fun scarf too. 

Underneath the sweater vest I am wearing the Pima Crew-neck long-sleeve tee in Navy…it comes in several colors.


shop JJill

Leigh was really taken with the “pine green” color of these Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans.  

I like them as well…we even tried to talk a fellow shopper into finding them.

They are a lovely match with the Mixed-Textures Intarsia Sweater in black cherry multi. 

shop JJill

shop JJill

When we shop JJill, we often look for standout pieces in a new collection.

For Leigh Ann, this jacket was a standout piece…and the sales associate agreed…she had already purchased it. 

This is the Textured Corduroy Jacket and it is fun.

shop JJill

This is the petite version of a jacket we both liked and tried on…me in a moment!

This is the Sedona Plaid is perfect for fall in warmer climates.

Lightweight and not lined…but for those of us not looking for warmth, it is perfect.

Leigh Ann tried it on with the Authentic Fit Slim-Leg Jeans in Vicuna; and the Pima Slub-Knit V-Neck Short Sleeve Tee in navy.

We are laughing at me trying to get the best photo…the lightening in this dressing room is always a challenge.


shop JJill


I really liked this Sedona Plaid Blazer for the fit and because I can wear it now.

Most plaid blazers are just too heavy for South Texas.  But, if I lived in a cooler climate, it would work over a wonderful sweater…especially light weight cashmere.

shop JJill

But, if it is warmth you are looking for when you shop JJill, look no futher than this cozy topper.

This is the Wearever Luxe-Soft Sweater Jacket.…meant for snuggling.

shop JJill

The color background is wheat, and they say it is a super soft mixed-yarn texture.

I would probably wear it all winter long with anything from denim to wool pants. 

And, yes, it Is Super Soft.


shop JJill

Here is the Cabled Sweater Vest in the Flax Heather color.

You can see the larger size fits more like a tunic. 

I tried it with the Pull-on Corduroy Boyfriend Jeans in Moonbeam….this is a nice pant in four colors.

You can see in the picture below, I pulled down the cuff to show you how that looks.

shop JJill

Finally today, this is an Every-day V-Neck Pullover in Red Rock…it comes in four colors.

But for smaller fellow autumns the Highland V-Neck Rounded Her Sweater in Cinnabar is on sale for $34.99.

Beautiful color (and click the link to see other colors) and the very flattering round hemline and V neck….a winner!

I am so glad you could shop JJill with Leigh and me today!  Let us know if you have any questions.

We were pleased with many of the items we shopped for you!  Enjoy your Monday and by all means……


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I always think of JJill for comfy clothes that still have polish. I really like the plaid blazer, and like it in the slightly longer length that you are showing. Seems perfect for a warm climate since you said it’s unlined. We’ve had a few nights in the 30’s already and chilly days, so it’s time to bring out the coats and warm jackets! Seems really early for that. I keep hearing positive things about the JJill leggings and actually do need some in navy, so I’m putting those on my shopping list! I love the color of the cinnabar sweater that’s on sale, but have moved away from tunic lengths and not adding any more. I’ll have to check around the website to see if the color is available in a regular length. It’s so pretty!

  2. They do have some pretty colors! I have enjoyed their leggings for a long time. Happy Monday, Karen!

  3. Your pictures only display warm colors in your selections. Could you maybe also start showing some options for individuals who are cool toned? My immediate response is, “Cute, but that won’t work for me.”

  4. Love seeing you and Leigh Ann shopping! I feel as if there weren’t many choices for a dark autumn this season but I did purchase the pull on boyfriend cords in auburn at the end of September. Between the ‘pant’ sale and my birthday bonus I felt pretty good about the price. I love their boyfriend jeans. They also had a knit shirt in ivory that would have been perfect but they were sadly out of my size in store and on line. Thanks for showing us the latest at Jjill.

  5. If you read into my posts, when there are multiple colors available in a garment, I will mention that. Then you can click on that garment and go see if it is for you. We have tried to display multiple palettes, but honestly it is difficult to take that many clothes into a dressing room. I do my best to tell you if there are cool colors available to you in a garment. JJILL does not offer that many differences and in the fall there are mostly fall colors, but always click on a garment to see what is there. These year there are lots of navy options which is a neutral that all of us can wear. Now, come back tomorrow and in that post you will for sure see a cool color!

  6. I like the boyfriend jeans also, Deborah. They have a nice fit and come in several color options.

  7. Hi Julie,
    I am 5’8″ and I Leigh Ann is 5’3″. Hope that help and she did confirm her height.

  8. That is one of my issues with JJill. I find that MOST of their colors are not my most flattering colors. I might buy one or two items a year…a sweater in winter or something linen in summer. My other issue is that their clothes are too baggy for me. Having said that, I have a lovely navy sheath with a gorgeous three-dimensional texture that I bought three years ago that is my favorite dress up item. Thanks to covid, not worn as much as I anticipated.

  9. That plaid blazer looks great on you! I also love the Pine Green jeans. Do the Boyfriend jeans run true to size? I may have to pick up a pair.

  10. The boyfriend jeans do run true to size and I think it is a very flattering fit. The green is beautiful.

  11. I really liked the plaid blazer & the intarsia sweater. I noticed in the descriptions that JJill sometimes will tell you if an item runs true to size or small. That is very helpful. I’m glad you ladies had fun.

  12. I did jjill when I was 60 pounds heavier and continued as I was on my weight loss journey. They had Talls and larger sizes but I always had a problem with their color choices. As a light summer, most of their colors are not mine but sure are yours, Pam!
    Now that I have more product choices and pay more attention to color, they have few items that fit my parameters.
    Thanks to you, Pam, I do now make buying decisions based on your great advice instead of just “it fits, yea” As a tall, overweight person, that’s what I used to do!

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