Sunday mornings at home


Sunday mornings at home

Good morning, everyone…welcome to my balcony and Sunday mornings at home.

These posts are almost random thoughts from me, but more focused on what has been happening in my world last week and going into a new one.

The audience has encouraged me to keep this going, so I thank you and welcome you to spending Sunday mornings at home with me.

Get a comfy spot and warm beverage and let’s get started…..


Sunday mornings at home

Bouncing back from the stomach virus from hell has not been easy.

In the past (and yes, I realize I am older now), I would come right back after 24-48 hours.  But, this time, it took its toll.

Getting out and about actually helped me, but each evening my strength has waned.

So, I continue to take it slow…though I would like to begin exercising this week and get back to it.

Sunday mornings at home

Of course, there is absolutely nothing that Homemade Chicken Soup will not make better.  

So that was the first thing I cooked last week. 

It is so funny…I checked to see the last time I shared a Chicken Soup recipe and it was October 12, 2020 (almost two years exactly)…here is my tortilla soup version.

For this one, I left out the Mexican spices, and included veggie noodles.  I most often use the vegetables I have on hand.

The other important thing I did this week was strive to drink lots of water….even now I still feel dehydrated.


Sunday mornings at home

This past week we said farewell to a trusted family member…Jackson.

My son and his wife have dated since high school.  At Texas A & M, she found an abandoned puppy and took it to my son and his housemates.

Jackson has been with them since then…the wedding, three children, and their family life.

One important time after they were just married, my DIL was running a rustic trail with Jack on a leash. 

Around the corner, a man was hiding in the bushes and Jackson immediately moved to protect our DIL and ran him off.

After advanced bone cancer, Jackson now runs the golden streets of heaven and will be waiting for the rest of us…he will be missed.

Sunday mornings at home

On our home front…this is Tux’s New Release Album Cover!

Well, ok, not really.  Here’s the story….

My Mr. B loves music, his guitar and aspires to write music.  Every time, he plays in his office upstairs, Tux begins to sing loudly right along with him.

So, I wrote the lyrics for a future song the other night…you just never know when inspiration will hit….


Throughout my life, I’ve had one goal

To write good songs that don’t get old

But every time I strum those strings

The songs are stopped by a dog that sings

At first I thought…it hurts his ears

He telling me to stop his tears

But…Guess what?…he’s got a tune, real talent there…

That dog can croon.

So I suppose I’ve reached that goal

And written songs that won’t get old

Except to say…there’s just one thing…

They’re only loved by a dog that sings!

-Pamela Lutrell…not a songwriter!


Sunday mornings at home

Some of you just saw the word “Christmas” and thought…oh no, not her too!

Yes, we are experiencing Christmas everywhere earlier this year than ever before.

I understand that the current high inflationary times is driving it and since I have a heart for retailers struggling to survive, I have decided…yes, I am on board.


When Leigh Ann suggested we stop by a nearby Hallmark shop, I was all in and wanted to see what they have.

I do not stop by often, but I am always glad when I do. 

Who doesn’t love a Snow-grandma reading to her Snow-grandchild on an ornament…with a pet no less!  At least that is how I see this…she may be MOM.

Sunday mornings at home

And I loved this new take on a sharing plate which is perfect for neighbors or good friends.

Just fill the box with goodies, write your name and date in erasable pen, and send it forth to SHARE JOY…just love it!

Sunday mornings at home

And, I really love the idea of a GRATEFUL JAR with special little notes.

These days we need to encourage those around us to count their daily blessings!  That is also a way to SHARE JOY.

When we are purposeful to count our blessings daily we are planting seeds of joy deep within.

Here are other places to find the same grateful vessels….


Sunday mornings at home

Finally, these guys on a shelf caught my eye immediately.

Do you remember that one conversation between Pooh and Piglet, that went like this…

“What day is it?”

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

-A.A. Milne

Now, go out and make every day this week your favorite day…one day at a time.  Thanks Pooh!

And thank you for joining me on the balcony for Sunday mornings at home…..


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Sunday mornings at home



  1. Good morning, Pamela. This morning your conversation has made my brows go up in concern, brought tears to my eyes, and, finally, a chuckle and big smile back to my face. The canine companion stories confirm that dogs are full of soul and next to human. How lucky we are to have them with us in this journey. And it is not too early to think of Christmas! I pray that your health continues to improve. Hugs from North Dakota.

  2. So sorry to hear of your granddog passing. It sound like he was a very special member of the whold family.
    Here in Canada, we are celebrating Thanksgiving today, and I just got the turkey in the oven for a small celebration. With your poor tummy, I don’t think you would enjoy that today, so good thing your celebration is next month. This week, the leaves on the trees have turned so fast we are enjoying a gorgeous display. I like your song writing skills, that was cute. And yes, I agree with piglet and Pooh, it is a good day.

  3. I’m almost grateful our local hallmark store closed, I always went overboard in there when the Christmas items came out. They, like Cracker Barrel, never fail to have holiday items I think I have to have. And Costco…..can you tell I have a Christmas decorations issue, lol?
    A good dog is such a gift, I’m glad he had your family.

  4. Oh so sorry to hear that your Jackson has passed on. Family pets are truly that—family.
    Recovering from a serious virus dies rake tine and yes staying well hydrated does help. Take it from one who has been there. Listen to your body.
    In our family we are focused more on Halloween and Thanksgiving right now. Christmas will be next. What a wonderful time of year! Happy Sunday!

  5. So much to think about … my heart goes out to your son’s family! My daughter journals every day about what she’s grateful for: even on bad days, it reminds her to find the bright spots. You must be on the mend writing lyrics for Mr. B. Fall and chicken soup: it sounds as if things are picking up already.

  6. I have been enjoying your Sunday posts. I live the recipes and other insights from your week.
    You grad dog story did bring tears to my eyes as I have 4 and they are all very special.
    For me it is a little early to think Christmas but I understand and hopefully will eventually get excited.
    Glad your feeling better.
    Have a great day.

  7. Thank you, Paula! As family grows, all of the pets are important…even our grand-parrot, Meeko!

  8. Pamela, I’m deeply sorry to hear about the passing of your sweet family member, Jackson. Our doggos are such precious treasures and are really missed when they cross that rainbow bridge. On the other hand, I love your story about Tux and your adorable song – you truly are quite the composer! My brother has a sweet German shepherd that wears a bandana and sings along when he plays the harmonica. What fun! Hope that you continue to recover and soon feel like your best self!

  9. Thank you for another lovely Sunday post. I have found that coconut water does an excellent job in helping me to feel restored when dehydrated.
    Not too early for Christmas with me: I started in on my holiday gift and decor projects this past week at the clay studio. I am making ornaments for everyone I know, and a swag of tiny ceramic trees to drape at my mantel. Also, my piano kids are starting to choose their recital pieces for Christmas, so an early start is best! BTW, your song is very cute and I plan to share it with my students. 🎼

  10. I’ve been enjoying your Sunday morning posts, Pam. I was in a Hallmark store this week for the first time in a very long time. I went in to find a 1st birthday card for our youngest granddaughter, but enjoyed browsing too. They always have so many cute things and whether we like it or not, it is time to start thinking about Christmas. I hate to leave the gift shopping until the last minute, so I’ve bought a couple already.

  11. Sorry to hear of your son’s family dog passing. The story reminded me of our last dog, who wouldn’t even take a biscuit from the fed ex man as she stood her ground between me and him. Never, ever mean, just protective and responsible. The soup looked delicious! We have caught peak color here in the Upper Peninsula and are off to look at lighthouses on Lake Superior today. The condo we rented has a two story stone fireplace and a huge wood pile we plan to put to good use tonight. Glad you are on the mend, cyber friend!

  12. I am so sorry for the loss of your granddog. The love & loyalty of our pets is so very special. I like the gratitude jars. I am thinking of purchasing one for Thanksgiving & having everyone write their thoughts on a slip of paper. Next year, we would see what we were thankful for & repeat the process. This would be a new family tradition. Since 2020, when we missed so many gatherings, I am always thankful when we can gather as a family. Continue to take care of yourself & regain your strength.

  13. Sorry about Jackson . And loved your song you wrote 👏🏻I always start Xmas shopping in fall since I have to mail pkgs to Uk grandkids ( brit hubby ) so I love unique ideas .. loved the grateful jar !
    It is Harder to get energy back as we age after illness or op . Just recovering from gall bladder removal and also frustrated with lack of energy after a week 😩so I feel your need to rest and desire to bounce back. .

  14. Condolences on the loss of a wonderful family member! I do enjoy your Sunday posts, Pam. Thank you.

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