Would You Wear It – Navys & Golds

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Of course, today is WOULD YOU WEAR IT day on two blogs.

My friend, Jennifer, and I show you displays from our two worlds and seek your opinions…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

We ask that you give us constructive thought that will be helpful to every woman reading.

And you may always talk about the display itself and answer if it entices you to try the pieces on.

So, let’s get started…….


Would You Wear It

Though this display was a little difficult to capture, I felt like these pieces would make for an interesting discussion.

Yes, there is much navy & gold, but also consider the designs of what you are seeing and evaluate for your life, body type and style.

I like to remind everyone to think about what the clothing says to you…what is its message?

Would You Wear It

So, please look it over carefully and answer the question thoughtfully…………………………………


Would You Wear It

Here is the vest on a standing display…and I am sure you figured out this is at JJILL.  They call the gold color “honey.”

Here are the pieces in the display:

Ruffled Neckline A-Top

Tab-Sleeve Shirtdress

Floral Tops…exact one must be sold out online

Water Repellant Washable Down Puffer Vest – display color is antique bronze

Cotton Terry Hoodie – also comes in a lovely cream

Striped Colorblock Scarf 

AND, just for fun, the top JJILL bestseller on this blog has been the Embroidered Crinkle Kimono!


Would You Wear It

I saw this display late summer and decided it was too much of a train wreck to put at the top for a serious discussion.

I do not know if fashion merchandising is till considered important, but walking through Kohl’s, I had to wonder….WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

I am open…am I off base here?


Would You Wear It

Many of you agreed with me this week that this Women’s Utility Chore Jacket at Target is an amazing affordable find.

In fact, I have two colors now in my fall wardrobe….the yellow was perfect for my visit to the pumpkin patch!

And also top selling is the excellent layering tee….St. John’s long sleeve v neck in 18 colors! Can’t beat this price with the savings code.

OK, now back to WOULD YOU WEAR IT…please tell us what you think, and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s.

I hope this wonderful October Saturday brings you blessings and throughout you will………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I do wear a lot of navy, so yes to the color. These styles, to me, are just shapeless so I would not choose these particular pieces, with the exception of the striped sweater. Gold is not a good color for me, and I’m having a really difficult time picturing that particular top (the gold one in the first picture) in JJill. That style would make me feel so old, just doesn’t look like JJill. But anyway, no to most gold’s. I’m finding some differences in flattering colors (for me) since my hair is changing. Also, leaning more toward structure these days and current trends of loose and oversized just aren’t speaking to me.

  2. Good morning Pam! For me, these two pieces are a solid no. I do wear denim and navy but this dress (?) is too long and drab for me. Even layering it over an ivory tee and then rolling up sleeves I’m not drawn to it.
    The gold blouse is a wrong color.

  3. Oh I like it, you just gave me inspiration for that gold chicos coatigan from last year, still has the tags on it because I waited till it went on clearance knowing it wasn’t really my lifestyle, but now I’m thinking if a trip comes up during the colder months, dark wash jeans , navy top and gold tone jewelry would be just right.
    Had to giggle at the 4th of July kohls display, maybe they have a section for when you’re cleaning out the garage…..nah, that’s harsh, that’s the sloppy chic the 20/30 something’s can easily look good in.

  4. Gold isn’t good for me either.
    But I like the style of the shirt, the collarless shirt, an elongated but not too revealing neckline, and the 3/4 sleeves. I’d either tuck it or tie at the hemline to keep it from being so loose.

    The summery display is a bit plain, but I like the off-white pants in the ankle length with a bit of flare. I’m usually wearing shorts by July 4, but the outfit is festive.

  5. I would wear the navy striped sweater, alone, if it was nicely shaped and not a relaxed fit, as the model photos suggest. Putting a heavy vest on top of the sweater is too much for me. J Jill seems to be continuing to oversize their clothes with wide A-line sweeps and not much shaping. I am a tuck in my shirt kind of person. Overall, the sweater vest outfit with scarf looks too voluminous to be comfortable, for me to wear. That is saying a lot for a Michigan girl who is used to piling on the layers for cold weather. The gold is a bold color, and that may be influencing my opinion. My skin tone is on the cooler side, and the gold seems to clash with my skin tone. I have seen these J Jill pieces in store, and the gold color didn’t excite me enough to try them on. The navy floral top is rather dowdy in person, and looks like a pajama top. The gold top is very nicely detailed with a henley neckline, but, with the excess gathering, it adds visual pounds to the wearer. Less gatherings would entice me to try it on. The blue shirt dress is shapeless and I would walk right by it in the store. The tie-dyed outfits are great for teens, but, not for me.

    I love your outfit for the pumpkin patch. Happy Autumn.

  6. Hi, Pam! I agree with the above comment that the navy dress is too oversized looking. I really like the gold color and would wear it, but would have to be very careful “how”, as it seems my skin tone is pretty much that color-ugh!

  7. I like the navy and gold combination. It looks a bit “royal.” The ruffled blouse is very cute, but since I have a “cool” tone, I would get it in another color. The dress says “classic” and unfussy to me, which is good, but it’s a little too shapeless, and I would belt it and maybe add a scarf to bring in some color. The Kohl’s display looks like beginning of summer or the 4th, not end of summer. Some displays are better than others.

  8. I have recently been thinking how I really need a navy blue blouse so I do like the ruffled neck blouse in navy. And I like the long puffer vest, again in navy or black, since I like to have my bottom covered. I was looking at the JJill site yesterday, looking at the Ponte and Pima leggings you recommended to me personally some time ago. JJill clothing often as Karen said is shapeless, but most items do come in petite sizes which I need. The few items I have ordered, especially the pants, were a tad big on me, but there is no store within 200 miles to me so I cannot go in and try on. I do have several long cardigans from them that have been in my wardrobe for years.

  9. I think that this color combination is lovely for fall, especially since I love the look of blue and yellow for spring/summer. And that scarf is so gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing this, and for giving us a pretty fall look that isn’t the typical orange, olive, and brown.

  10. I bought the navy flowered top at JJill. Love it! It’s heathered so I coul even wear it with black. I have a honey knit jacket from JJill that looks great. It brings out color in flowers.

  11. I like the striped sweater with the longer vest, but the vest color is wrong for me. These golds seem mustard to me online so the combo isn’t appealing. Like several others, I’m finding JJill’s clothes too voluminous and shapeless looking for someone my size.

  12. My first thought was of the shapeless style and the second was the lovely color combo. The dress is not me unless I added a belt to the dress and chopped off 8”. The top has nothing that appeals to me. Happy Saturday!

  13. Well I avoid navy and any yellow but I do like the styles here . Shirtdresses are right up my street and I like the blouse as well . I like tailored shirts/blouses particularly if the have easy-to-iron components . So I could get away with not ironing the elasticated cuffs or the binding on the neckline . The shirtdress appears so squared off that you could probably iron front and back at once !
    I do agree with the , ‘what were they thinking?’

  14. Hi Pam
    I like the combo of navy and gold, but this display says ” no thank you”. Especially the dress, it looks tent like. It might be cute with a belt and scarf?
    I do like the striped sweater and vest together.
    Thanks for your fun blog.

  15. I was so impressed with the St Johns tee that I ordered three. I have a very short neck and collared shirts just don’t work for me anymore. Love both the navy and gold and have some in my wardrobe, but I don’t wear dresses and the gathered neck line and dropped shoulders definitely would not work on my over 70 neck and shoulders. Love your posts and your suggestions because I live near Houston and our climates are near the same. Right now we are experiencing that awesome one week weather for our fall. And then of course, there is that awesome one week weather in the spring. lol

  16. Navy is my favorite neutral so I wear it often; gold isn’t a flattering color for me so I wouldn’t wear the first top but could wear that color in a vest (although puffer vests and coats aren’t really my style). The denim dress looks like it might overwhelm my frame but I’d be willing to try it (a denim dress with the right accessories is an easy-peasy outfit) Navy and gold are out local high school colors so I see that combination often. And J Jill is a favorite brand of casual clothes for me. Glad you’re feeling better!

  17. Jeans yes, floral top and dress yes, ruffles no I’m not a fan of puffy vests. I feel they make us look fat or chunky. I will agree with you on the Kohls display, what were they thinking. Navy and gold look good together.

  18. I’m was born a natural auburn redhead & can wear gold, but this top isn’t doing it for me. I’m liking the striped sweater, for sure, as well as the color block scarf to wear with a sweater or outerwear. About the tab-sleeve dress, I’ll give it a yes, too. I have a similar chambray version that is awesome for travel. It can be worn as a dress, but it doubles as a topper/duster for an extra layer, belted with slim-leg pants or leggings & as a bathrobe. I’ve gotten my money’s worth. You look amazing in the mix of fall colors, & I want that handbag. Do tell!

  19. Besides dark blue wash denim only have a few navy garments in my wardrobe and find I seldom wear them so the answer is a definite ‘no’ to the dress and tops. As to the gold pieces, it is a colour that I cannot wear because of my fair skin tone. (It actually makes me look sickly.) Last but not least; the JJill Crinkled Kimono being rayon is something I would avoid because of maintenance and the Kohl’s tie dye top I prefer to leave to the younger generation even though I don’t have problem with its casual style.

  20. I like the combination of navy and gold. My skin tone is warm, and navy works much better for me than black. None of the individual pieces appealed to me, though. I’m not a fan of the long vest, and I thought bulky blanket scarves had gone out of style. However, I love the outfit you are wearing at the pumpkin patch.

  21. The color combination of navy & gold has some appeal because I’m a Notre Dame fan, but gold is usually a good color next to my face. The gold in this top is really quite drab looking. The dress is too long & shapeless. I am not a fan of puffer vests or hoodies. All in all, this display is rare blah & wouldn’t attract my attention.

  22. I like the gold puffer vest. While it’s not a good color for me, it would definitely work over a navy column outfit. Great for this season. Thanks!

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