Would You Wear It – Casual Chic Black

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to Would You Wear It Saturday with me and my friend, Jennifer!

On Saturdays, we bring you two fashion displays to look over and comment about what you see.

We are seeking to know if you possessed these items …..Would You Wear It?

You do not have to consider…would you buy it…but just tell us would you wear it or not and explain your answers.

The comments are read and enjoyed. 

So, let’s get started…and, as always, thank you for being here.


Would you wear it

I know that many in this audience love to wear black, so this display recently captured my attention.

I wondered what you would think of the different casual chic styles this display offers.

Please tell us, also, what you think of the way the retailer styled the looks…would you change anything?

Where does your eye go first?

Would You Wear It

So, please give this your careful fashion consumer eye, and tell us…………………………………………………………………….


Would you wear it

Today’s display is from White House Black Market.

Here are some of the lovely pieces they have right now for gifts or for you!


Would You Wear it

Would You Wear It

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Last week, the best selling items on this blog were both from Chico’s….Denim Pull On Jeggings and So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans.

Excellent choices, ladies…I own and wear them both!

Now, make sure you leave your opinions here for WOULD YOU WEAR IT…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s display (looks like she has a fun giveaway working)..and make sure you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It

My third grade grandson was tasked with decorating a pumpkin to resemble the lead character in a book he read.

He picked Scooby-Do!  Pretty good….right?   Always a proud Gigi!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Mornings at Home!


  1. I’m concentrating on the blazer at right shown with lighter wash jeans ( which I do wear) but feel this dark blazer would look better with grey jeans or a deeper wash blues jean.
    The other pieces don’t appeal to me today.

  2. I would wear the black blazer with the jeans. I’m looking for a subtle blazer like that. I like the frayed details. I would likely remove those buttons and add black so they are less noticeable. The other blouses have too much going on for me. Happy Saturday!

  3. The black blazer is something I’d wear. It says ‘polished’ to me and would add a professional look to work trousers or elevate jeans as shown here. What caught my eye though are all the cropped pants. It’s cold in New England in the fall (although mild now) and winter, and ankle jeans just don’t work for me.

  4. Don’t mind the style of the bottoms and though I lean towards v-necks, the only piece I would wear (or invest in) is the tweed textured blazer as can be dressed up or down (various types of bottoms/tops) plus suits my classic style and body type. Accessories chosen to wear with it, would also play a key role. i.e.: Footwear/handbag/jewelry. -Brenda-

  5. The blazer is the item that I would pick out of the whole group. I like the collar, and the fit. and the nod to Chanel. I like the idea of wearing with jeans, but for me they would have to be full length and a boot cut or straight leg style. Add a low heel bootie in the same grey as the jeans and a soft pink fitted sweater or scarf and I would be out the door.

  6. The black is a real mixed bag. But I see real possibilities in the faux Chanel jacket & the white blazer. The white blazer in particular could be a star element in a dressy/holiday capsule wardrobe.

    I like the *idea* of the BHWM jacket & blouse. But at least 1 set of pockets needs to go & the buttons are too much (although it’s easy to swap out buttons) for me & my embonpoint.

    As always, you have a great accessories game.

  7. The Scooby Doo pumpkin is so cute, your grandson captured him so well!

    No to all of the black, like you, I have given it up, because it’s too harsh. While I love tweed, I tried a jacket on within the last couple of years and it aged me quite a lot!

  8. Your grandson’s pumpkin is perfect!! I’m not a fan of the ruched top for me but the Chanel type blazer could be a great piece for me this time of year…without its sparkle woven into the fabric. Happy Saturday Pam

  9. I agree! I love the black jacket with the lighter denim and would wear in a flash. I think Channel type jackets look great with denim. I saved my jackets from the work world and wear with jeans frequently. I feel polished when I do.

  10. I love the blazer also, I would wear it with slim black dress pants ,a turtle neck sweater, and booties.
    I also like the white & black blouse …a nice break from solid colours.

  11. Pamela, I would wear the black blazer in a heart beat!! I could style this piece many different ways!! The other pieces like the floral white & black blouse rides to high for me then the gathering at the neck I think would bother me!! The other black blouse with ruching I may wear if I found my size!! It would be very slimming!! The other blouse that’s white shouldered with a black blouse I find too modern for me!!!

  12. What I noticed first was the black and white print top . The print is pretty wild but the b and white is unusual and adds interest to it – the kind of contrast I really like wearing ! Of course the black tweed jacket may be more low key but is really nice . I collect jackets (instead of cardigans) and don’t have a faux Chanel-type in black tweed so would wear that too but probably with a very bright red or pink top/scarf) .

  13. I’m finding myself attracted to sweaters & tees in saturated colors lately, but I’m all in for casual chic black. Of these pieces, I would wear the blazer. It’s a classic with a twist. I would style it over jeans or dress pants. I would top the silky pleated v-neck with a black crewneck cardigan (think 1950s Hollywood) & jeans or ecru trousers. The other items don’t appeal to me. Black is always sophisticated. I love a black turtleneck with jeans, any color or wash. It’s an “old reliable” pairing that can be kicked up a notch with ballet flats or heels or down with loafers or athleisure footwear.

  14. Blazer absolutely! I realize I’m back to prep through and through as I was before a career that meant business suits etc! I love jeans, cords & LLBean flannel & vests too. However funky jewelry is a nice change of pace from my pearls & fine jewelry that went with the business outfits, I guess great to pass down but who will want them!
    I’m revisiting my five adjectives, now that I’m finally kicking out my staid law/real estate persona! Boy it’s taken awhile! Your wonderful artsy, exuberant style has been so helpful, Pam. It’s been quite a passage for me – last of my lovely suits just went to Dress for Success. Wow Thank you for hard work and diverse posts.

  15. I would definitely wear the black textured blazer with darker wash jeans. That look could take you to many different places with a change of accessories, purse and footwear. That piece says classic to me and would get a lot of wear.

  16. Black always seems so “not casual”. Each time I put on something black, other than shoes, I feel like I’m overdressed. That said, black slacks has always a staple in my closet.

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