December at Chico’s with Leigh & Me

December at Chicos

Happy December 1st!  Time for one of the happiest months all year long, so let’s begin December at Chico’s with Leigh & Me.

Leigh Ann and I recently stopped into the Chico’s at the Village at Stone Oak just to see new collections on the racks.

And, of course, we discovered some new pieces we wanted to share with you.  Please remember the dressing room lighting is not the best, but we do what we can!

So, let’s get December at Chico’s going!

In the top picture, Leigh Ann is wearing the Cut-Out Turtleneck Sweater with the Girlfriend Beaded Hem Ankle Jeans in Sequoia Indigo (size: 0.5R)

I am wearing So Slimming Brigitte Ankle Pants in Black with the Caviar Trim V-Neck Pullover Sweater in Ecru.


December at Chico's

Leigh Ann loved these jeans.

They are the Applique Leg Pull-On Ankles Jeans and her size here was 1R.

December at Chico's

The color of this top is called Pottery Brown, and it goes great with these jeans.

This is the Caviar-Trim V-Neck Pullover Sweater in a Size 0.

December at Chico's

Since it was beginning December at Chico’s, we wanted to show you this great jacket of many colors…eight to be specific. (We both love the teal)

This is the Quilted Mid-length Jacket.

December at Chico's

Full disclosure…she did not want to do this one…she is not an all over sequined lady.

But, believing there may be some looking for a New Year’s Eve shine, I asked her to model this and look celebratory…kind of celebratory!

Maybe I should’ve brought along a horn and confetti!

This is the Velvet Sequin Dress in a size 0…now, let’s all thank Leigh Ann for showing you a little fun fashion!


December at Chico's

The artisan side of me was drawn immediately to this poncho.

This is the Triangle Roses Sweater Poncho in a S/M…I do like these smaller than I normally wear.

It would be really cute with booties.

December at Chico's

I put these pieces together for those of you who love black.

I am wearing the Cut-Out Turtleneck Sweater in black with the Embroidered Plaid Sweater Blazer…this is a size 3 and I could’ve gone smaller if the size was available in store.

Look at the model in the picture online…you can see where the smaller fit looks much better.

I tried these on with the Scattered Stones Girlfriend Ankle Jeans in a color called Storm Water Wash…or gray!

Check out lots of cute jackets….December at Chico’s Jackets.

December at Chico's

If you live in a cold weather climate and you like leopard prints, then this poncho is for you.

It is super warm, soft, and heavy….not light like a feather.   This is the Feather Knit Animal Print Poncho and it is on sale!

December at Chicos

Underneath the poncho, I tried on this fun Embellished Animal Print Sweater.

And the embellishments look like this……

December at Chico's

Thought you might like a close up…it is a nice sweater….again for those who wear black!


December at Chico's

Chico’s is full of fun accessories…either gift yourself or another on your list.

Hope friends and family are reading today….I love this scarf.  It is the Leopard Oblong Scarf.

December at Chico's

Leigh Ann found these warm beauties…the Quilted Buckle Gloves in Copper….they also come in wild poppy red and black.

Check out the Cold Weather Accessories. 

December at Chico's

December at Chico's

Don’t forget the fun jewelry ….always a favorite for me.

There are so many fun December at Chico’s necklaces, and you will see the EARRING SETS on sale here.

Beginning December at Chico’s was fun and the store was bustling….I always love to visit with other customers in the dressing room area.

It is fun to see what women are shopping for.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions and that you for starting December at Chico’s with Leigh & Me.  We love to shop with you!


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December at Chico's


  1. I love the fun prints that Chicos offers and use them as a way to tweak my wardrobe towards fun. These days, I try to think of sustainability, too. So I avoid sequins and ornamentation that’s attached to clothing because all that plastic ends up in landfills or the ocean where it doesn’t decompose.

  2. Chico’s always has such interesting items, and you have shown us several. Their holiday items like the sequined dress Leigh Ann tried are very tempting if I had somewhere to wear them. If you can catch a good sale, they are quite reasonable, but like many things, they can be expensive, or what I think of as expensive. Earlier this week they had some cashmere sweaters which normally are $179 on sale for $99. As I tend to do, I hesitated until the black cardigan I wanted was sold out. I’ll be waiting for the sales that usually come nearer to Christmas.

  3. What a fun posting! Love it when you and Leigh Ann shop side by side ! That poncho is great looking on you Pam! I hope you took it home? Abd Leigh Ann does look really good in that sequined dress! Time to look for a New Years Eve party Id say!
    Aroubd here parties are rarely sequin focused, more sweaters and jeans. But I can dream….

  4. Make sure you sign up for the Rewards…it’s free, doesn’t ask for a brand credit card, and will save you money!

  5. Both of you look great in the outfits. I’m not a sequin girl either, but Leigh Ann looks FABULOUS in that dress. It suits her cute face and figure perfectly!! Happy December!

  6. Leigh is so trim and fit, would she be willing to share her exercise routine and diet habits?

    Have a lovely day!

  7. She is a very active woman! I wish I was more like her. She plays tennis or paddleball every week. She walks a long trail every week and tries to walk at least twice a day. She also does light weight workouts and turned me on to a lady on YouTube called Pahla B. I love those workouts. She eats healthy, low sugar, and small portions. She is a great role model for all of us!

  8. Love that sequin dress on Leigh Ann, and the two of you are so cute in side by side jackets. 😍 Today is the big charity event to which I have invited my nearest and dearest friends, Silver Bells Luncheon. I am SO excited! There will be dozens of themed trees, with gifts, that we can view ahead of Saturday’s auction, and the entertainment is an Elvis impersonator, which is sure to be fun. We are including my mother and my neighbor’s mother as well, which I hope brings a smile to both their faces. Mom had her outfit picked out six weeks ago! 😁🎄 Best of all: the forecast of snow showers has not happened, so we’re clear to travel up into the hills! Happy December 1st!!!

  9. Loved the show! I know you haven’t felt well but you are looking happy and fab. That glitzy dress is adorable on Leigh. Those jackets! Autumn colors. I will check those out! Thank you!

  10. Thanks to Leigh Ann for going out of her comfort zone and taking one for the team. The cool thing is that she knows, thanks to the adjectives, that this sequined dress, though lovely on her, is nevertheless not for her. I loved that leopard sweater with the embellishment, and thought it looked more grey with a lot of warm tones. We are back from the cruise safe and sound, leaving 85 degree weather and home to 32 degrees. I’m freezing, Christmas is almost upon us, and I feel thrust into it. Got to get going on the tree!

  11. Love the post! She looks great in the dress, but like her, I wouldn’t wear it either. I agree with Ann about being more circumspect and sustainable. The animal scarf is a hoot, but I love the colors — and with the blue coat. Was the coat something from Chicos or your own? II’s a sensational color on you. BTW, I really appreciate your showing us detail on different items!

  12. I have been a Chico shopper for about 20 years so when they went to their newer Rewards program, I was automatically rewarded as a long-time shopper. The fact that I have never had to pay for shipping is a BIG incentive for me to shop online there.

  13. That’s the Chicos I always went to when I lived in San Antonio, yes love most of the looks. Always great value and you get the feeling you are appreciated more there than other stores.

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