Alembika unique style for unique women

Alembika unique style

Happy Monday, ladies!  Today, I want to share more about this fun new brand and confirm that Alembika unique style is for unique women!

I first introduced you to Alembika in this post: Meet Alembika with a big sale.

Some of you, loved the brand and went crazy over it, and others?….not so much.

But, that is perfectly fine…we do not all wear all different types of fashion…we are each unique and today is more about the Alembika unique style.

With a savings code!!  For those who get it and love it.


Alembika unique style

So, to demonstrate the Alembeka unique style, we headed off to one of the most unique buildings in San Antonio, The (amazing) Hotel Emma.

The architecture of this hotel has won many awards, but I do know some who prefer a more sleek, modern look. 

For those who are like me, you cannot get enough time in the Emma.

Alembika Unique Style

The wonderful ladies of Alembika USA sent this look for me to try. 

The pants are super fun and Leigh Ann believes they would make a great evening out pant.

These are the signature Punto Pants which are available in many styles and colors.

I am wearing the Tekbika Pinstripe Punto Pants in a size 5 (remember I am a Misses 16).

They are fun to wear for those of us who like Alembika unique style and very comfy.

The jacket is the Dot Flocked Swing Jacket in Black.

Now, for the fun part for those unique women who love this brand.  Use the code PAMELA20 at checkout for 20% off.

Alembika unique style

I am honored to be featured this month on the Alembika blog.  



Alembika unique style

Alembika unique style is perfect for women living in a unique artisan city like San Antonio.

These Christmas Tree ornaments are designed by local artists and the city is saturated in art.

One of the things I love about it most.

Alembika Unique Style

Also, this month, I am quoted In another blog about our favorite places in San Antonio….no surprise as to what mine is.

Check out the Redfin Blog: What Locals Love about San Antonio.


Alembika unique style

The Alembika unique style is dedicated to the artisan, creative, live-out-of-the-box women.

Women who have fun with fashion and do not mind being noticed for it.

If that is you, don’t forget this unique brand…and my savings code at checkout: PAMELA20 for 20% off.

Thanks for joining me today with the Alembeka Unique Style and in my unique city1


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

Alembika unique style



  1. Looks a bit to costume like for me, I can’t imagine going to the dentist or Wegmans dressed int heir clothes. I know you get a commission, but the outfits are not flattering, in my opinion. I think you do a great job of presenting a range of styles.

  2. Hi Ann, thanks for sharing your opinions today. First off, I am not getting a commission on today’s post. They provided a savings code because there are some in this audience who love these clothes. As I stated in the post, I am well aware there are some of you who like clothing like this and some who do not. I hope those who do not wear clothing like this to speak their style adjectives would enjoy the photos from the Emma and seeing more of San Antonio. You may seek more flattering style while another may seek more fun style. In the past 11 years, I have always brought many different options to this audience from artsy to classic. I also do my best to bring you different price points. I am well aware there are different ladies here…and that is what makes fashion fun!

  3. Congratulations! What nice honors to be featured in both the article about your city, but also the Alembeka blog. After reading your blog for several years, I feel that San Antonio would be a wonderful place to visit. I too love the older architecture of places like Hotel Emma, and realize that there is much to see in addition to the Alamo. I smiled when you said that accessories were your favorite thing about dressing because you do have such a unique way of wearing them…always inspiring to me! I enjoy seeing this brand of clothing although some pieces are far from my comfort level, but nevertheless I enjoy its “ out of the ordinary” aspect.

  4. Thanks Celia. San Antonio is an amazing place to visit especially if you like “out of the ordinary” and many women here dress this way.

  5. I’m not usually a fan of the “artsy” look, but I must admit that I liked this navy combination. I’m conservative enough to have probably chosen a solid top to wear under the tone on tone polka dots, but the swing jacket looks like such fun to wear. I disagree with the poster who said they weren’t flattering. I actually think the pants and jacket make you look long and lean! Thanks for bringing options that we might not ordinarily consider. PS The Emma is so quirky and fabulous! I would love to live in an old loft, similar to this hotel, with comfy leather furniture and old persian rugs!

  6. Well, first off, the old loft idea that looks like the Emma…makes me dream…thanks for the image, Janet. I wanted to go ahead and post this black jacket, but I wish I had possessed a top from Alembika to put with the pants….I wanted artsy and fun, but also wanted to be true to their brand and they style these pants online with a leopard top…I am going to work with more pieces in my closet to go with the pants…I think they are fun!

  7. One of the wonderful things about you ( there are many!) , Pam, is your passion! You are passionate about fashion, creativity and fun. The list could continue on….
    I happen to think you look great today! Her clothes are unique and you carry that off beautifully! Hurray! If I were taller I’d be on board. Have fun today!

  8. I think you look great! As you said, not for everyone, but we don’t all want to be clones of each other, or cave too much to pressure to conform. Makes me continue to ponder the geography of regions on clothing. Here, just one of those pieces would be making a real statement, while in SA you are just one of the cool kids :). While in Nashville, we stayed at the Marriott Autograph, which is the old train station turned into a hotel. We ate in what was once the actual station where you awaited the trains! It reminded me of the Hotel Emma. I love these old hotels, and save up my credit card reward points to stay in them specifically. We have had many wonderful adventures that way.

  9. I enjoyed the photos from inside the historic hotel. I love old buildings with interesting architecture (we have quite a few in my area) and seek them out when I’m traveling. There is just something about a place with stories and a long history that draws me in.

  10. I agree…I look for the story in everything and this area of town is rich in it! I think you would love it, Karen.

  11. Ever since you posted your outing to the Emma last year I have been following the hotel via their e-mail subscription. I, too, love their vibe and dream of staying there and enjoying all the Pearl district has to offer. You and Mr. B had an evening out with jazz which has remained in my mind as I imagine exploring your lovely and exciting city.

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