Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Hello, friends and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home.

Yes, for this month, Sunday Mornings at Home will begin with my Christmas mugs.

I have a fun selection which is mostly thrifted over the years from Goodwill San Antonio

Sunday mornings at home is when I share ideas and what has been on my mind this past week…and looking ahead.

You can see that I have decorated my home for Christmas and I will be sharing more decoration with you on Thursday.

Now, get your own mug of joy and let’s sit down for a Sunday Mornings at home talk.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I want to begin with a cup of cocoa…I actually made one this week and sat down for a few moments in front of the family room Christmas tree.

I cannot even begin to think if I have ever done that in the middle of the day.  Quite reflective moments are most often how I begin my day in the mornings.

This is what got me to thinking about being in the each moment more…practicing presence.

December 2022 has to be about slowing down for me since I am still in recovery from being sick….but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Slowing down from the excessive activities I usually have happening this time of year places me where I can actually practice presence.

I was pondering this change when I picked up the new Magnolia Journal…and this is the theme for the whole magazine this month.

Joanna Gaines writes, “It’s this time of year when I crave the practice of active stillness the most.”

I love that phrase…active stillness…that makes practicing presence purposeful intention.


Sunday mornings at home

Autumn finally arrived last week in San Antonio….with all of its glorious beauty.

I watched many hustle and bustlers walk right by it, but I took the time to stop and appreciate it in each window of my home or while walking Tux in the neighborhood.

These leaves come and go so quickly that it requires some purposeful intention to practice presence and be in the moment with nature and the Creator of it all.

The half moon window is in my master bath and one of the reasons I love that window is I can watch the seasons change through it.

Oh, by the way, my hot chocolate was so easy and so good….we have a brand of dairy sold here called Promise Land.  

On the stove, I put a cup of Promise Land Chocolate Milk, and tossed in a tablespoon of white chocolate chips and stirred until they melted.

Then I had a little whipped cream in the refrigerator so I tossed a smidgeon on top.

Mr. B is really the one who drinks cups of milk and chocolate milk and he prefers Promise Land.

This moment was a rare time when I just enjoyed what was in my hand and did not worry about the calories or sugar….I just enjoyed it.


Sunday Mornings at Home

When I move slower and with intention to appreciate, then I see things I might rush right by.

When downtown this past week with Leigh Ann, we walked through a little coffee shop and I just had to shoot these candy canes.

To me it was a quintessential holiday moment that offered a warm and fuzzy feeling just from the image.

This made me smile and we should all take time for what makes us smile.

I did not purchase candy canes, I just loved the look of them at the counter.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Then on Friday, we attended our granddaughter’s music program from school.

I took a long moment to appreciate the beauty of the stage setting before the children filled the risers.

Even now, looking at the picture, I am filled with peace.

Practicing presence does help us with gratitude and appreciation. 


Sunday Mornings at Home

Speaking of appreciation…my 38th wedding anniversary with Mr. B was on December 1.

Yes, because I love Christmas so much, I wanted to be married in December and have a Christmas wedding.

This love of the season has been a part of me practically my whole life.

Mr. B came home that day with gorgeous roses from HEB Blooms.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Joy is everywhere and I look for it every where I go….this yard display was discovered when I ran into Big Lots last week.

I also ran into Leigh Ann there, but she later showed up with this……

Sunday Mornings at Home

Gotta love a tissue box with the word JOY all over it….I need to find some more of these…I am going through a lot of tissues lately!

Something else I have noticed this year, is that more retailers are using the word JOY in their holiday marketing….I guess they finally realize that we need more JOY in our lives.

Sure, the word does not erase difficult circumstances….but when we focus on it, then the real joy of the season can permeate our hearts in different ways.

As Dolly sings in Hard Candy Christmas,  “I won’t let sorrow get me down.”


Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

I saw these super cute toys at Target this week in the Magnolia department.

Look at how cute some of these are….Heart & Hand with Magnolia Toys.

A few notes….since my sickness is now mostly in my stomach, I have not been cooking much lately, but hope to have a recipe soon.  

Tomorrow I will show you the gorgeous Hotel Emma in style of course, and on Thursday I want to discuss my thoughts on wearing items that are “Memorable.”

Now, you have a joyful day and leave any thoughts on Sunday mornings at home….join me in practicing intentional presence this week, then let us know what you see……and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. A very Happy belated anniversary to you both. I bet it was a magical wedding. I hope you continue to take it easy to speed your recovery. I have heard many say that the process is exhausting and long. I love all your musings on Sunday mornings. Enjoy that hot chocolate, I just bought some peppermint mocha creamer to add to mine for a bit of a treat once in a while. yum.

  2. Congratulations and continued happiness on your recent Anniversary Pam! How nice!
    And I do love your idea of being present or in the moment. It seems that in retirement now- I am finally able to live that way, most weeks. There are weeks where busy-ness takes over and it can be exhausting. Right now I am pacing myself and getting outside in nature as much as I can. Just getting out to a wooded area for walking and clipping some evergreens and red berry boughs to decorate with is so helpful.
    Continue to heal – Happy Sunday!

  3. Thank you, Diane. I have used that creamer with milk and peppermint ice cream to make milkshakes for the grandkids! We call it “special milk!”

  4. Like you I have noticed how beautiful our few plants, trees are as their leaves, have it seems, suddenly turned to varied autumn colors. Living in South Georgia where the dominant trees are pines, our few trees and shrubs that change colors are very noticeable IF one takes the time to notice. As a biology major and teacher, I think I tend to notice biological things that others pay no attention to, but part of that comes from my being retired and having time to notice. What fun you must have had watching grandchildren performing! Our grands are all almost grown so we will not see any performances this year, and I’ll miss that fun. Christmas has such a different feeling when you have no small children around, but as you keep reminding us, we can still find much joy! BTW Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. B!

  5. Love your Sunday morning musings. Being in the moment hits home this morning. It’s Texans game day, we’re hosting the Cleveland Browns, which includes the return of Deshaun Watson as their starting quarterback. This will be the first game he has played in since the last game he played for the Texans. I won’t go into the past, but it will be exciting.
    I’ve looked forward to this game for some time, but when I got up this morning, my first thought was: I’m not going, the traffic and the drive can be stressful, I have so much housework to catch up on, the dogs needs my attention, etc.
    And then I read your post and said to myself, no, I’m going even if I’m not there for the coin toss or the first play.
    There is no way to attend my Texans and not be “in the moment”. Every time I sit down in the stands, feel the excitement and hear the sounds of the fans there is no way to not be in the moment.
    So I’ll feed my pups, put the chores on the back burner and be in the moment enjoying the drive, the jockeying for a parking space, the walk to the gate through the tailgating music and crowds of fans. And settle into my seat for a few hours of being totally in the moment. Me yelling and screaming and totally immersed in the moment.
    So, thank you again for this perfectly timed blog, whether we win or not I’ll “be in the moment” and look forward to your post tomorrow.

  6. Since football is big in my family, I get it! In my early 20s, I worked for KILT radio and we were the station for the Houston Oilers and founders of the Luv Ya Blue campaign. I will always remember the pep rally we sponsored in the Astrodome that filled the dome and I was on the floor with the team! It was so exciting! And who knew that one day the Texans would be born! Enjoy the game!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! So glad to hear you’re slowly but surely feeling better! I love the phrase “active stillness,” too. This is the first Christmas of my retirement and am struggling to take the time I need to appreciate the season. In the past, I was working, decorating, shopping, and cooking with little time to enjoy any of it. It’s a tough transition to where you have time to savor the moments. Thank you for the reminder of how important it is. It’s a strange season in my life and I need to remember how blessed I am to have this luxury of time and rest.
    Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Enjoy your luxury of time and rest! So many crave it…let’s be examples of how to enjoy each moment!

  9. Happy Anniversary,Pam! I love your blog!
    I have gotten so many great ideas for so many different areas of my life. Continued prayers for your recovery!

  10. Congratulations on your 38th anniversary!
    Thanks for hanging in there and greeting and enlightening us each day.
    Your recipe for chicken in the crockpot overnight has been a blessing to me during a bout with cold/flu this week! I hope you are able to use the flavorful broth/stock for your sick tummy too.

  11. What a blessing your Sunday mornings at home are to me. Please continue to include them in your weekly postings! I’m so happy you are slowly recovering and feeling better. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  12. Happy Anniversary, Like you, I always dreamed of a Christmas wedding and 40 years ago on Dec 18th, we had an evening wedding that was all I ever dreamed of. So nice, when dreams do come true.
    I hope that you continue to feel better each day. You mean so much to many of us who find inspiration and peace when we read your daily blog. I look forward to them each day.

  13. A lot to unpack here … you always say so much with so few words! Too much of my life, I was not present. I was always in “tomorrow world” with plans and worries. My major life goal in retirement has been to be present. It has made my life a lot happier and ironically seems more fulfilling than when I had more responsibilities. It’s still a work in progress … but then, we all are, right?

  14. I know I am still a work in progress! No doubt about that… being forced to slow down has delivered great benefits and lessons. Yes, I am more than ready to have it all behind me, but pray the lessons stick! Thanks Linda!

  15. I purchased the same Kleenex. I love the colors when the leaves change here in Illinois. I had some Magnolia ornaments in a set of three. I planned to give one to my daughter and daughter in law and keep one. We have not been together for several years here. My two year old grandson loved two so grandma said yes. So glad they are here.

  16. As a reader of Magnolia Journal as well, I find Joanna’s essays very introspective and personal. Her advice, as yours, reminds me to slow down, observe, appreciate. I love that LeighAnn found that tissue box for you. JOY is everywhere!

  17. I really like her magazine. Nothing like it anywhere else. And YES! To Joy on our Kleenex!

  18. Happy Anniversary 38 is a wonderful number of years to enjoy one another.
    Today I was driving to see my husband at rehab and I was delighted to see a porti of the highway that has been under construction forever. I found myself being thankful for the new road.

  19. Thanks for sharing, Audrey. I hope your husband is doing well. I find myself often being thankful for any help with our traffic here!

  20. Would it not be wonderful if the Joy and peace and stillness we look for and are more aware of during December extended to each month of the year. Why should December get all the attention? Maybe each Sunday could still be the “day of rest” which is a quiet celebration and a renewing, whether you attend a Church or not.
    Hoping and praying for your recovery. My covid recovery took a very long time.

  21. Im finding “joy “ everywhere in my thrift forays too and i buy every one .. its become my new christmas theme thanks to you (and also MariaShrivers sunday Paper musings .. )congrats on your anniversary .! We have a dec 23 anniversary and i have adec 28 birthday so december is my favoriite time of year ! I hope you feel better .. and you enjoy the stillness

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