Look new every day with accessories

every day with accessories

Happy Friday, ladies!  Today, I would like to discuss how you can look new every day with accessories.

I understand these are difficult financial times, but it is possible to expand a wardrobe and look new every day with accessories.

I honestly believe I could take my existing wardrobe and just by changing up the accessories alone, look new every day.

In fact, I previously taught high school with a lovely lady whose goal was to dress differently every day.

And she accomplished that every day with accessories.


every day with accessories

One way to look new every day with accessories is to add a few unique pieces. 

Ones you do not see on everyone walking by.

Artisan style is a great way to do just that.  

I am wearing the Kantha Indigo Braided Collar Necklace by World Finds with the Horizon Scarf in Chocolate, also by World Finds.

These two pieces made my Chico’s jacket and jeans from last year look new!

If your style adjectives include unique or creative…then do not forget World Finds.


every day with accessories

I desired to look new every day of the holidays, so I wanted a pair of plaid loafers.

I like to add when I see that I do not own something which would make a nice addition to the wardrobe.

Since the cost per wear would be higher with a seasonal shoe, I looked about the websites to find an attractive one at a good price.

I decided on the Tartan Loafer at J. Crew Factory.  Just so you know, they do run large…but sometimes for my hammer toes that is good.

Plaid is a great addition if you desire to look new every day with accessories during the holiday time.

Here are some fun loafers currently on the market:


every day with accessories

Another addition to your accessories to help you look new every day with accessories would be in the hat and hair catagories.

I do not wear many hats, but there are some really fun ones available and so many women look amazing in hats.

Something I have been adding this past year in order to look new every day with accessories are headbands.

I am so glad they make them now so that they do not give us headaches as they previously did.

Check out this slideshow for fun atop your head….

And don’t forget scarves…….


every day with accessories

Rather than joining Leigh Ann here and rummaging through racks of sale pieces, make a choice to look new every day with accessories.

This is when fashion can be really fun and brighten up your day and your closet.

There are so many fun accessories…spend some time soon to evaluate the ones you own.

every day with accessories

Then you can step out every day feeling great in a new look…like Leigh Ann and I recently did to an Asian Fushion Eatery downtown.

Thanks for joining us to day for how to look new every day with accessories…of course, comment or question…we are here to help!


By Pamela Lutrell

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every day with accessories


  1. You are right on— so many times I just grab a silk or woven scarf from my collection or even a necklace that’s unique- to feel like I’m wearing something new. I’ve worn the two I “won” from your giveaway last year many times to offset/ add color to black or white tops. Awesome!

  2. I love my accessories! My scarf collection is big, and I so enjoy wearing one. I also have tried to collect unusual necklaces, although I sometimes feel my necklace is wearing me, rather than the other way around. I do not wear hats except when I’m walking. However, I realize that some accessories I wear are memorable and wonder if people think “ She’s wearing **** again!” I just bought a new ruana from Chico’s, and later thought how once I wear it, people will remember it in future wearings.

  3. Wear them, Celia! They are memorable and people will say “Oh she is wearing that fabulous piece again! Love how she looks in it!” We are at a time in our lives when it is good to be memorable!

  4. Love that photo of Leigh Ann going through the Chico’s racks! I’m sure many of us do the same thing. Since I retired and moved cross country I’ve found that so many of my necklaces dress up a simple white shirt giving me a new look. I have been trying to shop my closet before I purchase something new and if I do purchase something new I make sure it’s not a duplication of something I already own. So far I’ve resisted all of Chico’s gorgeous sequins because I feel since I own several embellished sweaters I can rework those.

  5. Accessories got me through a month of travel with two climates, and also a need for both beachwear and dress up clothing, plus workout gear. I did it with just a carry on and sharing half of a suitcase. I put all my jewelry in an evening bag and packed scarves and a couple of inexpensive chiffon kimonos from Amazon. Soma was worn as day wear, and items were easy to wash and hang if needed. I did wear black, because that was the only color these drapey, versatile pieces came in, but tried to bring warmth to my face with tanks, jewelry, scarves and the kimonos. I honestly think that accessories personalize our style more than clothing does.

  6. I think I would agree with you, Linda. Accessories help us to put a stamp on who we are.

  7. This is a good reminder to see what I own and can wear in new ways. I have to wear scarves, gloves, and hats in New England winters and am keeping an eye out for homemade / artisan ones. Museum shops offer reasonably-priced (usually) accessories, and I like buying for a good cause. I checked out the World Finds necklace and it’s fabric so not heavy – it’s on my wish list. I think I’ll try a headband or a barrette, especially as you say that headbands don’t hurt anymore. -:) … Still thinking about your gifts vs blessings post and accessories are a grerat way to personalize presents and stocking stuffers.

  8. Yes they are! One of my granddaughters is always cold, so I just picked up some really warm Unicorn socks for her stocking. I think they will be a favorite.

  9. Great post today reminding us we don’t have to buy something new to feel refreshed in our style.

  10. This is so true about changing up a look. With a good base of basics in our best neutrals, accessories can go a long way. My favorites are scarves, since larger jewelry pieces aren’t my thing. But one way I find unique jewelry pieces in my style is to search out small shops when traveling. Often, you can find regional items that are really one-of-a-kind. Building a collection of items in your style essence does change up the basics. Great advice!

  11. I love the idea of regional touches in accessories. Thanks for mentioning it, Karen!

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