Fashion Friday: What I Wore

what I wore

And it is Friday!!  Welcome to this blog and to see Fashion Friday: What I Wore

I have been told by some of you that you desire to see regular outfits I wear during the week…so today I feature one of those in what I wore.

Let me clarify something, some have been confused as to why there are pictures where bloggers are holding a phone.

That happens when we are standing in front of a mirror…at home, in a dressing room, etc…and taking our own pictures.

The reflection in the mirror will show the phone.

This is my dining room where I have a wall to wall mirror.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

So, let’s get this Fashion Friday going…..


what I wore

This outfit is what I wore on Tuesday when I had two back-to-back medical appointments on my calendar.

I really do have a strategy when deciding what to wear to doctor’s appointments.

This entire outfit has been in my wardrobe for a long time.

My first appointment was an annual checkup, the second was for monthly allergy shots.

When going for the annual, I always wear light clothing, and easy on off footwear for the weigh-In…hoping to avoid the talk about my weight.

I also select to wear a topper with a sleeveless top for easy access to receive shots in the arm.

These pieces include a Chico’s Traveler’s elephant gray jacket; a terra cotta sleeveless top (found at Marshall’s); black Joan Vaas leggings (Marshall’s); and Aerosole slides.

what I wore

These slides are great for hammer toes…lots of room…perfect for easy on and off at the doctor’s office. (and the airport!)

Here are similar options on the slides:


what I wore

Have you received the new series shot to prevent Shingles.

I have had several friends who suffered with shingles…and it is painful and brutal.

So, though I received one shot when I was 60, I agreed to the new series and took the first shot.

I think the shot is important, but let me warn you to prepare for side effects.

I was in bed 24 hours feeling like I had a virus…and my arm hurt worse than with any other shot.

The second shot is said to have the same side effects, so I will prepare for that better the next time.

As always, talk to your personal medical professional before making any decisions.

Back to clothing…recently a reader asked me for more options in “elephant (dark) gray” which is a color in the autumn palette.

Here are some items currently available that I found:

what I wore

Thanks for joining me today for Fashion Friday: What I Wore.  I hope these types of posts are helpful for you…to go through my process when I am dressing for a particular task.

Thanks for being here…and I hope to see you tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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what I wore


  1. Lovely outfit and the slides really set it off. You definitely look polished, approachable, joyful, current and creative. Also,thanks for the information about the shingles vaccine as it is really something you don’t want to get.

    1. Julie, actually I think you SHOULD get it it. Getting shingles is far worse than a day of feeling like flu. But that is a decision you have to make with your doctor.

      1. oops… I meant you really don’t want to get shingles! I had a friend who had it last year and it’s awful.I will definitely be getting the vaccine.

  2. Happy Friday, I really like that outfit on you! You made laugh about wearing light weight clothes when you are going to be weighed, I do the same thing. Plus it reminded me of a humorous column from Erma Bombeck years ago, about going to Weight Watchers and everything she did to not have any extra weight. One other thing, sometimes I can’t see the slideshow, it is stuck on a perpetual “loading” icon. Probably a problem on my end, I’m not sure.

    1. Thanks, Deb…I loved reading Erma Bombeck! Technology is so frustrating…I do not know why it works for some and not others. I wish it did

  3. glad to hear you got the new shingles shots! I did too, but I was lucky, no bad side affects except for sore arm. I had a mild case of shingles when I was 45 and it was horrible. So it is vitally important to get the shots!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I watched a few friends I love suffer with it and determined then that I would get the vaccine.

  4. I had a doctors appt. yesterday right after my Woman’s Club meeting, and I had wished I’d worn slip off shoes and lighter weight clothing like you did. I did set my purse aside! I did wear a sweater whose sleeves pushed up in case he needed to draw blood. I’m sorry you had such problems with your shingles shot, but if you ever had shingles you would feel and hurt much more than 24 hours. I had shingles twice, once as a child, and more recently as an adult. I finally was pain-free enough to take what used to be one shot one October, and then the two-shot variety came out in November. Then I had to wait some months to take the two-shot series, but now have had all vaccines and updates for shingles and other infections. Everyone should also have a tetanus and DPT booster.

    1. I am scheduled for the Tetanus…thanks for sharing Celia. As you can see in my comments, I agree with you that shingles is way worse than a day in bed.

  5. I laughed out loud … “medical Tuesday,” wearing lightweight clothes, and shoes that can be taken off. I so do that! I always tell my doctor I don’t want to have a single ounce on the scale I’m not responsible for. She has a patient who strips to her underwear! I had a similar reaction to yours on the first shingles shot. On the second, the pharmacist said to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and it made a huge difference in how I felt. Hope your second goes better. But as you noted, a small price to pay …

      1. Ha! I wear the lightest clothes I have also.

        One day at was at my OB/GYN for a check-up. I’d weighted myself at home in my outfit, minus shoes/purse/coat so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I keep a 5 lb weight next to my home scale and use that to see if my scale is accurate. Sometimes if it’s on an uneven part of the floor it won’t show 5 lb when I put the weight onto it, and I adjust the scale until 5 lb shows a 5.
        I get to the Dr office , step on the scale and I’m 5 pounds lighter! I looked at that and I thought, huh?
        So I asked the Nurse who was writing my weight down, are you sure this is correct? She diddles with the scale and it turns out they’d set zero at -5 pounds. She reset it and I stepped back on and got the weight I was expecting.

        It made we wonder. All those pregnant women coming through getting weighed, walking out thinking they should make a stop at Baskin-Robbins b/c they were doing so well on their weight.

      2. Pam, regarding weighing in the doctor’s office, my strategy is similar to yours – as few lightweight items as possible, no shoes, glasses or anything that’s not absolutely essential! They are lucky I wear my contacts and my underwear – LOL. But something else I do that’s useful is to weigh before leaving home in that outfit, so I know how closely my scale and the doctor’s are calibrated. After I know what I weigh at her office I return home and adjust my scale to match hers before I change clothes. On my visit last week I was tickled to learn that my scale was weighing three pounds heavier than hers, so I made the adjustment and today I hit my goal weight three pounds sooner than I would have!

  6. I, too, had a laugh about weighing in at WW. Always happier to go in summer in my linen dresses! Some gals even leave their jewelry on the table. This time I am trying to weigh what my ultimate goal is fully dressed in winter! Love your outfits. I wore easy on and off yesterday to go to Talbots and Jjill. I didn’t have such a reaction to the shingles shots. Just the sore arm. Everyone is different! Have a great day! ( Also have issues with slideshows a few times a week)

  7. Lol. I do the same thing when I go to the doctor’s office. Your doctor must be as pleased with your weight loss as you are. You look great. I’ve had the shingles series shots. You’re so right about the side effects. But so much better than getting shingles. I had mine in my dominant arm, and really kept it moving to avoid some of the pain associated with the shot.

  8. I opt for the same idea for weigh in at the doctor. Light, sleeveless and shoes to step out. I have had the shingles shot but fortunately no side effects. Maybe the second one will be better. The best always

  9. I had both my shingles shots, after the side effects of the first one I considered skipping the second one until my doctor told me how bad shingles can be THEN my sister in law got shingles, and yep, it was awful and she had it almost 2 months. A few days of Flu like symptoms and a very sore arm was not so bad. Thank you for your morning blogs, I feel as though a friend just came to visit me.

  10. Yes! to purse, jacket, and shoes OFF when approaching the scale! I feel more at ease when I get a middle-aged or older nurse with a little roundness to her figure, too . . I am THAT uncomfortable with the process. 🫣 Thank you for the heads-up about the shingles vaccine. I see my g.p. later this month for an annual. I like this “what I wore to…” feature, from allergist appointments to lunches out with Leigh Ann, to dinner and jazz with Mr. B. Have a terrific Super Bowl 🏈 weekend!!!

  11. I just finished my second shingles shot – was sore a few days only. I had shingles a few years ago and I felt horrible for months! It was on my back right where my bra would be. I couldn’t wear a bra for months and had to wear very loose tops. It kept me sidelined for months so the shots are a small price to pay. I cannot imagine how bad it would hurt without the shots! I look forward to your blog everyday.

  12. You look great in that outfit, Pamela! I do all of the same “strategic planning” when it’s time for my annual check-ups (primary and dermatologist). I was in tears from the pain in my arm after my first pneumonia vaccine a few years ago and I discovered with subsequent vaccines (of any kind) that if I rub my arm pretty firmly right after it really helps with the soreness and pain. (A tip from a nurse I know.) Hope you’re feeling better, and have a lovely day!

  13. Thank you so much for addressing and clarifying the phone in the mirror pics…..also what to wear to the doctors…..I’m facing a very dreaded full body check for any cancer spots, because of a bit of cancer found on my nose. I’m also going in for Mohs surgery in April….I’m nervous and anticipating a crater in my nose….so much for my woes….I’ll follow your example and dress well and confident…..have a great weekend…..

  14. I got the 2 part shingles shot a couple of years ago. Yes, didn’t feel so good and it left me with fingers that shake on the arm of the injection. When I told the doctor, she said “Did you read the side effects?” It got a little better over time and its down to a couple of fingers. My dad had shingles and told me you never want to get it. I hold onto that thought!

  15. Please everyone get the two dose shingles shot ..shingles can cause long term neuropathic nerve pain and it is awful to recover from !
    Ive accepted at drs visit I will always weigh heavier by two-3 lbs due to clothes . I only weigh sans clothes in morning at home …Love your comfy outfits !
    We all seem to gain after 45-50 due to hormonal midlife changes and then it stays on unless we start moving and eating differently 😩😩
    Ive been using “my fasting challenge “meal plans and healthy recipes, shopping list for a month ( by nutritionist ) and a fb support page! the method of fasting 16 hours then 8 hours eating window (or 14/10 or 12 /12 whatever works for u ) and then no Snacking after . . Its worked Better than any other method ive tried over years .! Its a way of life for me now / has eliminated emotional eating and rarely eat bad carbs or much sugar now . Helps keep me aware of mindless eating or cravings . Accountability to myself ! ….Highly recommend for slow steady healthy loss and maintenance . I only signed up for one month and i do it on my own/ adapt my own meals . But it worked for me

  16. Hi Pam!
    You look as I do for doctors visits and for all the same reasons! Stepping on the scale is the challenge when I try to gracefully (ha) remove winter boots.
    And on the shingles two part series/ yes I’ve had it and it did cause a bit of pain in my arm ( worse than Covid or flu shots certainly) but who wants shingles? Not I! I did not get flu symptoms or fever however but it was the most uncomfortable of all the vaccines out there. Worth the discomfort!

  17. Getting the shingles vaccine is important. The last time my husband had shingles, it was on his leg & left him with permanent nerve damage in that leg which led to several falls. He couldn’t have the original vaccine because it contained the live virus, & he was immune compromised. He was able to get the two-shot series, but it was after he had shingles.

  18. I never thought about reducing weight for the doctor’s visit. BUT, when my insurance for a mammogram said a year and a day, I started in May and wore easy off/on clothes. I had no heavy clothing or outerwear. That year and a day took a long time to move to heavier clothing. So much easier. I’ll have to try to reduce my weight for regular visits.

  19. Funny you should talk about the shingles shot. I had a dr visit yesterday and he recommended the shingles shot and said it could give some nasty side effects. I should probably schedule one. It does sound better than shingles.
    I did weigh in and my last visit was summer so I had on light clothes. But now it’s winter so yes much heavier clothes. I’m tried not to let that bother me. Haha!!

  20. Hello All: Yes to the Shingles shots. I had quite a reaction to the second one as did many I know. Both my parents suffered severely with Shingles infections.
    When I go to my GP, I usually tell the Medical Assistant what my weight was when I weighed on my scale that morning. I don’t cheat, but I am also completely nude, and find I weigh the least as soon as I get up. The MA doesn’t seem to mind that approach and just writes in what I say.
    Also, when I have to do something that is fairly challenging I try to work in a small reward (not a sweet treat) to help me with the challenge. There is a name for this. I think it’s habit bundling or something. So I would say 2 medical appointments back to back deserves a little treat to yourself.

  21. FYI: my husband and I had the two shingles shots and felt fine other than a very sore arm for the first and no where near as sore on the second. My husband had shingles in college, thought he was having a heart attack because it effected a nerve in his chest, and to this day (50 yrs later) it is still tender! Especially if you’ve had chicken pox or cold sore the herpes virus is lurking. The shot is worth it even if you have Pam’s reaction!

  22. I’m glad you are recommending the shingles vaccinations. I’ve had the old and the new, with no serious side effects.

    I thing I’ve read every comment and no one has mentioned that the link to find elephant gray clothing items is missing. I am very interested in that color and would like to see what you have found.

    Time flies so fast, it seems like you post Sunday Mornings at Home at least twice a week. lol It’s great!

  23. I had both shots and had no side effects. I hope your second one will be better. I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member and have struggled with weight my adult life. I gained weight upon retirement and am trying to lose it now. I always dread that doctor scale and protested this week when I had to weigh for an ENT appointment! I enjoy your blog so much.

  24. Pam, regarding weighing in the doctor’s office, my strategy is similar to yours – as few lightweight items as possible, no shoes, glasses or anything that’s not absolutely essential! They are lucky I wear my contacts and my underwear – LOL. But something else I do that’s useful is to weigh before leaving home in that outfit, so I know how closely my scale and the doctor’s are calibrated. After I know what I weigh at her office I return home and adjust my scale to match hers before I change clothes. On my visit last week I was tickled to learn that my scale was weighing three pounds heavier than hers, so I made the adjustment and today I hit my goal weight three pounds sooner than I would have!

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