The Many faces of Confident Style

confident style

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today I would like to discuss the many faces of confident style.

 I will not introduce celebrities or influencers here today who wear their clothing with confidence.

But rather, this post about YOU and your confident style.

We have begun some great discussions this week about what mature women do and do not wear.

I want to keep that going and call attention to the powerful word CONFIDENCE.



confident style

If you are taking notes, then jot this down.

You are a snowflake!  Created to be uniquely you…no two alike.

We are all different and approach our confident style in different ways.

I am featuring within today’s post outfits that reflect my confident style.

These are looks which I am happy to go out into the world wearing.

Confident style is empowering when we understand what makes us UNIQUELY YOU.

I am not here to encourage you to look like me or anyone else.

I am here to inspire you to develop your own unique confident style.


confident style


 There are many definitions of confidence.

I like this one…featured above.

When we step out with this type of confidence, then we are ready for new experiences every day.

We are more likely to smile, greet others, and enjoy life one day at a time.


confident style


On Tuesday, the blog had a lively discussion about wearing shorts.

Some of you like them and some of you do not.

I am attempting to warm up to wearing them…purchased one pair…we will see how that goes.

I am also attempting to warm up to wearing hats and dresses.

confident style

Clarification:  I was not trying to highlight my aging body and force confidence.

I am hoping all of us can make friends with our aging bodies and accept them.

I accept that my ear is torn…but I do not highlight it.

I accept that my toes are curled, but for nice occasions they are in a shoe.

I accept that my hair is gray, but for me, I feel most confident with color.

Wearing other jewelry gives me confident style.

Covering the toes for nicer occasions…even in warm weather…gives me confident style.

Some of you said a resounding NO to shorts…and that is perfectly good, because you cannot step out in confidence wearing them.

If you are not going to wear them with confidence, then you should not leave the house with them.

The jury is still out for me…too cold to wear them now…but I will report back as the weather heats.

Again, we are all different and should accept everyone’s uniquely you style.

 Tuesday’s post was an encouragement to step out of our comfort zones and try something new, but not an edict that everyone should do this.

 When you are here, it is hopefully encouragement to look and feel your best….not make you angry.

YOU are the one who interprets what that means for you.



confident style

When I wear my most confident style, then the outfit is:


  1. Telling my world that I am polished, approachable, joyful, current and creative (These are my five personal style adjectives and I continue to stand by this system as the best way to create a uniquely you wardrobe)
  2. In my autumn color palette
  3. Fits me well…and I am currently working to improve the fit to be better
  4. Making me smile in the mirror and walk out the door with confident style – empowered to face what life has for me that day

I write this today to implore you to be encouragers with one another in this community.  Your confident style may not be their confident style.

I love it when readers share what works for them with compassion to others, as the majority of you do.

Let us all develop confident style together and share what is working or not working together…understanding that we are all different.

What I learned in Tuesday’s conversation was that many of you like the Jockey Slip Shorts at Target.  I ordered two pair since I plan to add dresses in new ways.

Here are some new arrivals in brands you might like to see…it is good to know what is current…you just might have some of these styles or colors in your wardrobe now!

Hope to see more conversation today…let’s keep it going…and thanks for being here.


By Pamela Lutrell

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confident style


  1. You look wonderful ( as you usually do) in your beautiful green blazer! And your smile!
    I think wearing shorts is as you say a personal choice but actually when approaching people don’t we most concentrate on their smile, their eyes and their hair more than other parts? I think I do. From a distance it’s a more holistic view of all, but as we approach closely I tend to forget what their legs look like or if the skirt they’re wearing is wrong. It’s their smile ( or, absence of one).

  2. I so agree, Paulette. It is the smile, or lack of, that I notice first. And dressing with confidence…whatever that means to each of us…will bring on a smile!

  3. I feel that I worry too much about how my 76 year old body looks, and compare it to my 36,46, 56 year old body when I weighed 30 pounds less. As a biology major I’m very aware of the physical and chemical aspects that my body goes through, but I still struggle to accept my now body. I am confident if I’m wearing pants and usually a third piece to cover my post-menopausal tummy, but rarely wear only a top with no third piece. When I say that I’m trying to lose weight ( and I’ve also started on WW), people scoff because I realize I’m smaller than so many. But how I feel whether others think me skinny or not is my goal. As you have said several times recently, I need to accept my body…and I’m working on it, thanks to you.

  4. I completely understand your comment that people scoff about how you feel about your body…it does not change how we feel and that frustration we can have when it does not look like we wish it did. I encourage you to dress the body you have for confidence. Apply the principals that trick the eye and help us to look smaller than we are. That will help you feel more confident when you look in the mirror.

  5. This is a very thoughtful and helpful post. We do need to be able to go forth with confidence — and making friends with our aging bodies” is essential. Otherwise, we will be at war with ourselves when we can least afford it. That doesn’t mean, for me though, that I will pretend that changes are not taking place and that my clothing choices will not change to accommodate them. Your ‘system’ works for me to put my best foot forward, although I am a work in progress – LOL. I am in the minimize the negatives camp, but I am willing to be bolder in color than previously and to try more feminine pieces occasionally with my more tailored style.

  6. I agree with your comment, Maeve. That is why I say that we are all different and fashion our own confident style the way we want to. All of us probably minimize the negatives in our own way.

  7. I believe fashion is very important because it conveys our first message to others, and our impressions of others are formed within seconds. I prefer that message to be positive. We can certainly wear our style uniform, but I think it keeps things fresh, and actually -builds- confidence, if we step out if our comfort zone sometimes. When I do that, I try not to spend too much in case it’s a mistake. There is no reason for anger or judgment. I also agree there are occasions when the tried and true are called for, and for me that will always be something I think flatters my tummy, likely a third piece. The rest of the time, if I’m running around doing errands in layers on a 90 degree day, I feel I’m calling attention to my less flattering areas if I’m covering up too much.

  8. I agree that feeling confident is crucial. I’ve been a MOB twice now, and am also a pastor, so officiated at my daughter’s mountain wedding. My experiences taught me that, regardless of what others will wear at a big event like a wedding, my own confident choices helped me be free to enjoy both events to their fullest. I still do not like long dresses for me, but swishy skirts and palazzo pants? Yes!! As always, thank you for sharing your style process and thoughts about being an older woman in today’s society.

  9. Pam, I am so pleased you are wearing shorts! You look great in them! I’m over 70 and I am tall 5’10” and love the Brigette shorts, both the 10”’and the 13”.
    Yes, my knees don’t look great anymore but I really believe no one is really looking at them or cares as long as you look stylish and attractive. Life is way too “short” to dress for others, but of course everyone can have their own opinion. Keep up the great blog and BTW I think I have found my grandmother of the groom dress! Now, onto the hunt for silver low-heeled shoes!!

  10. Thank You for such a inspiring thoughts. At 72 I’m still working on confidence, and not winning. But wearing clothes that make you feel great helps so much…I see women all around who seem to have given up, I mentally give them makeovers, and everyone with some just simple changes can look amazing. Still out on the shorts, at least in public. I don’t like wearing sandals , so have a wardrobe of really great sneakers and flats. Everyday is a day to learn…….

  11. It is so fun that the number of cute flats is vast! I love that…it wasn’t always the case. But now there are many options!

  12. My theory has always been that just because I don’t wear a particular style doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. For example, I don’t wear capri pants because they make me look dumpy, & then I feel frumpy, but there are many women who wear them & look great. My hair is white & has been for some time. I have received many compliments on it. That is a boost to my confidence. If you see a person who looks good, pay them a sincere compliment. It might do wonders for their confidence.

  13. Pam, I agree with everything you said. Confidence shows, no matter what you’re wearing. I sometimes try a trend, and often it feels right and builds confidence…..and sometimes it doesn’t. You have to listen to your inner voice. A question about the jockey slip shorts……do you size up, since they look a bit constricting? Please comment if you have worn these. Thanks.

  14. I just ordered them for the first time, Marcia after this audience recommended them. As soon as I get them and try them on I will be able to answer that question. But, there were several women here who liked them.

  15. I love to hand out compliments when I am out and about…just watch the faces. It is amazing how some women do not get them often. Thank you for saying that capri are for some and not others. We need to remember that frumpy to one is not frumpy to all. For some reason I feel frumpy in most polka dots, but other women look amazing wearing them. I would never say…don’t do it, you will look frumpy. You have to try clothing on and decide for yourself how you feel about it.

  16. I like both the Brigette shorts and pants. They fit great and look just fine with a nice top. In the summer I like to wear linen dresses and printed skirts.

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