Would You Wear It – Black & White for Spring

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It, a weekly feature with me and my friend Jennifer.

Jennifer and I discover fashion displays in our world which make us wonder what you would think of the clothing.

We look for clothing that send us back to you to ask WOULD YOU WEAR IT?…or not…and tell us why?

Black & white has been part of fashion trends for years…considered classic.

So, when I saw a black & white display…I thought it might be time to discuss the styles.

So, let’s get going this morning and find out WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Would You Wear It

This is a versatile display with a dress and a pant outfit.

As always, look the display over and you are welcome to comment on what you might do to change the display itself.

Fashion merchandising displays are there to motivate buyers to try on the looks…you might think about that when looking over the display.

Then explain why these styles would or would not work for you.  These explanations are very helpful to other women.

So, give these two headless women your attention and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


This display is from one of my favorite Chico’s locations….and here are the garments….plus more in black & white:


Would You Wear It

would you wear it

would you wear it

Chico’s also has displays for black accessories from jewelry, to hats, to eyewear.  

You are looking at:

Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace

Wood and Mother of Pearl Necklace

Black Beaded Multi-Strand Necklace

Ruffle Baseball Cap


would you wear it

We had several great discussions this past week about what mature women wear.

The Tuesday post focused on wearing shorts…you might check it out and leave your thoughts.

Shorts?  Would You Wear It?

The other discussions were on:

4 Simple Ways Mature Women Avoid Looking Old

The Many Faces of Confident Style

Would You Wear It

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Now, it is time….tell us what you think of my WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s….and make sure that today, you……..


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it


  1. I like black and white but would pass on these. The dress is too full and print too big for me. I think the embroidery on the blouse is big. I prefer subtle. The black crops are nice. I can tell by the jewelery that the pics are Chico’s because their jewelery overwhelms me – so big and distracting.
    You look nice in the Bermuda shorts. Happy Saturday.

  2. I wore black & white for years. Shopped mostly as Chico’s. Never had any compliments. Then I had my color analysis. I am an autumn. I could see that I looked tired in cool colors. Black & white were close to the least flattering to my skin tones. If the colors were different I might consider the blouse. I bought one similar but deep red with dark green embroidery in Greece decades ago and loved it. It was a neater cut so I would need to alter this one to make it less like a maternity top. I would wear the crops in another color like tan or cream. The dress is not my style. Like MP# I recognized the jewelry as Chico’s. I haven’t been able to wear their jewelry in many years. Its much to big for me (5’3″, 138 lbs). Makes me look like I am playing dress up with Mommy’s jewelry. BTW, love this discussion.

  3. I quite like the garments shown but wouldn’t wear them . Why ? I don’t wear black and white or even grey . I gave up on white many years ago realising that cream or beige made me look healthier . And I like black paired with almost any bright colour – I only like grey with pink or red and not on its own . I like the ruffle !

  4. OMG! When are “designers” and retailers going to give up on what I refer to as “The Little House On The Prairie” dresses – those done in small prints with the deep ruffle on the bottom and puffy sleeves. They can work on 20-30 somethings, but not on us over 50! I have been seeing them for the past several seasons and I am over them. While I like to be open about styles and who should wear them, I must say that I have never seen a mature woman wear one with style. The dress in the picture is one of those. I like the idea of the black and white top with black pants is a good seasonal transition. Even though stores and web sites have plenty of pretty spring colors, it just seems rushing the season to wear them now. Yes to black and white!

  5. I think black & white is always a sophisticated look, regardless of the season; but that dress isn’t doing anything for me. The contrast of black & white is lost somehow, & I’m not drawn to the maxi length or the peasant style. The other outfit, however, is a winner. I’d keep it sharp & springy with black patent sandals & a couple black & white bangles or bracelets or lighten it up with shoes & accessories in a spring color, such as yellow or hot pink.

  6. I do wear black and white year around. The top is too thin and then that means I have to wear something underneath. The dress print is too dark for me, I feel sad looking at it.

  7. When I thought I was a winter, I wore black and white constantly, but I would not wear these. The dress in both pattern and style is way too bohemian for my style adjectives. The top would be nice for vacation, but I no longer wear or enjoy much embellishment on my clothes. Instead, I wear more solids, and let my accessories express my “interesting” adjective. The pants are fine and would be worn even in black with a more deep autumn-appropriate top, but I’m becoming more interested in slightly less fitted styles. I like bold jewelry, and the necklace with the beaded chains looks fun. The one with the big round shell disks feels pretty “been there, done that.” While I love stacked bracelets, I’m tired of the dainty chains and pendants layered in a line marching up the chest. I appreciate other options.

  8. I like so many of these big sleeve items Chico’s is showing but fear that I would feel overwhelmed wearing them on my short, petite body. Since I often get cold I usually wear a third piece which would cover up those unusual sleeves. I’ve looked at their long dresses to wear in warmer months, but again feel I’m not tall enough to carry off that style. The same goes for their beautiful, though unusual, jewelry…that feeling of too much for my size. I have many items from Chico’s and enjoy their uniqueness, but really wish I could try some on before buying, but their stores do not seem to carry petites, only online.

  9. While I’m a devotee of black and white, and can wear both-I wouldn’t even try these on. The dress print is too dark and dreary, and I’m over the peasant look since hmmmm 1969?? The blouse is too sheer and full, leaving only the black crops and I already own similar. So no to the display. I love the ruffle ball cap and might try it on, although I need a lighter gray, almost silvery with my hair color.
    Chicos jewelry is almost always too big for my taste. Too memorable. I’m 5’8” tall and even I can’t wear it without feeling like it’s wearing me.

  10. I am fine wearing black and white in spring and even in summer. I do not find Chico’s petite friendly. I used to find their clothes matronly; now I think their petites just have too much material for a small person. The dress is a case in point — and it lacks style in my view. But longer, looser dresses are great for summer in New England. The necklaces are also too big, I have had necklaces smack a table hard when I’ve pulled my chair up to eat. Also, if I am spending money on a unique necklace, I want it to be unique, not something that other women immediately recognize as being from a retailer.

  11. I love black and white and wear it all the time! But I don’t like the dress or the top. I hate the big sleeves this year. And Chicos seems to have a lot of them! And the dress is too full for a busy woman like me. So I will pass on these. They do have other styles which are very flattering! I usually wear a black top and white shorts all summer long here in Florida.

  12. I will happily wear black and white as a now and forever winter. These fashions however I would pass on. The dress pattern is too large and too busy for my 5 foot frame. The white top I could wear if I cut the sleeves off above the elbow but the generous shaping would again overwhelm my body. All of the jewelry would come down to my waist or longer and weigh me down so they do not appeal to me. The cap only comes in black on the Canadian web site and in the dark colour you lose the ruffled detail.

  13. Good morning Pam ! Even though I’m generally considered a spring/summer neutral(?) I do like this tunic and slim leg pant. Black/ white is usually not what I gravitate toward ( except I love black jeans!) I think this outfit would flatter and it looks comfy! The dress is a solid No as I don’t prefer prints of this this in an all over the garment.

  14. No black and white for me when beautiful Pantone cool colors are coming for spring & summer (majenta, vivid blue and lilac). Love the blouse with embroidered detail but wish it
    came in navy trimmed in white (why not Chicos?). Not wearing dresses anymore.

  15. I have to agree with the other ladies this morning who are not fans of the dress. I would feel overwhelmed by the large print more than the cut or length. I also tend to prefer sleeveless dresses to which I can add a cardigan or wrap. I adore the blouse! I have had many Mexican style simple blouses, and mostly gravitate towards single color embroidery, so this one really grabs me. At $109 though, no way. Half that, and I would make it mine! 😊 The slim black ankle pants are terrific, too, as is the ruffle cap – but it shows as a faded charcoal in your photo, and then very solid black on the Chico’s link. The pure black would be too much. They should make this in some fun spring and summer shades. I’d snap up several. Finally, as I was browsing through the blouse link I noticed the third styling of the blouse was with a longer short, and I thought what a nice look that could be for you if it were more in your autumn palette.

  16. These are definitely 70s looks. I love 70s style. It works for me. I’m not a black wearer, but the good thing is that retailers often offer more than one color in each style. So I say yes to the silhouettes, in another color.

  17. I love the look of the slim black pants with the white top, but not the details. Firstly, I couldn’t wear it because as an autumn, I can’t wear black and white. (I used to when I wasn’t paying attention!) If the pants were a brown-black or deep olive, I would love this look with a cream top. The top would have to be silky, less voluminous, and hang well. Cotton has to have a drape on me and this looks stiff. I was successful last spring with a knit boho top in pistachio and soft white trim, very slimmed down, from Jjill. The embroidery is ‘the jewelry’. The dress is not for me. For those of us who wear a pared down look (I like simple sheaths and shifts), the second year of these tiers is driving me crazy. I don’t understand some of the prints. I have yet to figure out who they suit. I saw that beaded black necklace at Chicos this week. I had to touch it. It is pretty cool if you wear black and white and are 6’ tall. Cut back by 2/3rds and in the right color, it could work for me with a simple top. Have s great weekend. Loving these posts.

  18. I would ABSOLUTELY wear both of these….and I’m 75! Imagine each of these with strappy black sandals….a chunky black bead necklace and black earrings and bracelet. I am often complimented on my attire! I’m 5’5” and weigh 140….so just ordinary! Ladies….be a bit adventurous! Don’t stay in a rut! For the record….I have been involved with fashion my entire life.

  19. I’m not a fan of the huge sleeves brands keep showing so I would pass on those. I do wear black and white but these don’t appeal to me. The shirt is sheer enough I’d feel the need to wear a cami and I dislike cropped pants. Happy Saturday!

  20. Yes, yes often wear black ‘n white and one of my favorite prints is paisley plus I like the addition of embroidery or lace for a touch of femininity, however the styles of both the dress and top do not personally appeal to me as basically too much fabric. -Brenda-

  21. The dress is not for me. I don’t mind the white and black tunic, but the embroidery is somewhat boring to me reminding me of an apron. If you look behind the display there is a photo on the wall of a model in what looks like black and white with very cute earrings. Of course, she is a beautiful young thing who could make a burlap bag look good, but all the more reason for those of us of a certain age to not do boring. I do like the shape of the sleeve on the tunic.
    In the discussion of Chico’s jewelry being recognizable, I used to think I could always spot it, but then I saw a lady at a wedding with a really pretty necklace which was from Chico’s. I never would have guessed!

  22. I love a black and white outfit, but alas, that isn’t the most flattering colors for me. The dress isn’t my personal style and while I like a tunic and slim pants, I would prefer a little less ‘drama’ in the sleeves. The jewelry (typical for Chicos and pretty) would be overwhelming for my body size.

  23. I love wearing black and white. I like both these outfits, although I think the dress might be a little overpowering on me. I like the embroidery on the shirt, and think the outfit on the right might suit me better — I am 5′ 2″, so although I love boho dresses, I can’t always wear them.
    You look amazing in your dramatic jewelry, but I need smaller pieces more in scale with my height 🙂

  24. Boho dress is fun & with a bright scarf I’d become Auntie Mame 😊 I try not to take myself too seriously now that I’ve retired & no longer in business suits! Top is boring for me personally but I would think very popular for many along with capris. Love, love some of the necklaces; I’m tall and they work well for me. A hat for some occasions might be a great addition…bright pink, fuchsia, yellow, orange to match the scarf? Smiles

  25. Like several others here, I am an “autumn,” and have all but eliminated black from my wardrobe. I will still wear it on the bottom occasionally, but white looks like death on me. Once I understood the importance of matching my outfit’s contrast level to that of my coloring (I’m medium contrast) I gave up outfits in prints of white with darker colors (navy or black.) I still wear a nautical navy/white striped top occasionally in the summer with white capris, but in general I feel better and get more compliments when I stick to my color palette. I think Chico’s is really slipping. For many years I bought a lot of my basics from them, and usually one “statement” piece per season. These items look cheap and like so many others, I hate the puffy sleeves and other prairie dress elements they keep trying to force on us. I also really dislike the large jewelry, and I’m 5’8″ and a size 8/10 so I can wear larger pieces. I think the jewelry displays would be much more effective if they showed us how to incorporate dramatic pieces into real life outfits, not just hanging them on jewelry mannequins. I would pass on every piece shown. You look great in the shorts, and I applaud you for buying them! I started wearing shorts again during last summer’s heat wave, and plan to do so again this year.

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