Fashion Inspiration for Mature Women


fashion inspiration

Happy Fashion Friday, friends!  Today is all about fashion inspiration for mature women.

We gain fashion inspiration in so many ways.

I am inspired by nature, artwork and of course, watching what other women wear.

I have used all of these areas of fashion inspiration to make decisions on outfits and color combinations within my palette.

So, I thought it might be fun to bring you a little local fashion inspiration and hopefully some of you can apply it to your own style.

But, first….I wanted to share a purchase I recently made for swimwear and I really like it.


fashion inspiration

All of you know I have been surfing Dillard’s often lately for wedding options, and a couple of weeks ago I saw this tankini look.

This is the Miraclesuit Solid Dazzle Underwire Tankini Swim Top in green…it also comes in red, blue, black and orchid.

I really like the top and so glad to have it.  I paired it with a pair of bottoms I have from another tankini and it works great.

However, if click DILLARD’S HERE and search Miraclesuit, there are several suit and bottom options.

This is exactly what I was looking for as we head into warmer weather.


fashion inspiration

Recently, I threw this outfit on and headed over to a local boutique to help her spread the word with San Antonio women.

Now, I want to share with you some styles from that local boutique.

Since many of you do not live here….why share this on the blog.

To give you some fashion inspiration for mature women with your own wardrobe.

This photo session at Elizabeth’s Boutique showed clothing they sell, but some of you could easily mimick the looks in your own wardrobes or make a shopping plan if you like what you see.

The very first photo today was taken just outside their door and I am wearing a lovely washable silk tunic top.

 These tops are beautiful for San Antonio…they are very cool, lightweight, artistic, flowy and fashionable.

fashion inspiration

Here is another one of the washable silk tunics they styled me in over what I call is a magic dress.

They had to coax me into trying this dress on, and once I did I was amazed at how small I looked in it.

It is comfortable and cool and can be styled many different ways (much like the Eileen Fisher Crushed Silk Tiered Dress I recently showed you.)

This is when a good boutique stylist is so beneficial to coax us into trying looks on we might now normally gravitate toward.

I hope the fashion industry will continue to bring us these magic dresses for fashion inspiration.  Both have me looking much smaller than I really am.

The beautiful owner of this boutique (a fashionable mature woman herself, Delinda) has worked with designers to purchase pieces she can brand with her boutique name.

The tunics and this dress are part of that line she exclusively carries.  Also, in the first picture, I am wearing her branded black jeggings.

fashion inspiration

Yesterday, one of the Lindas asked about print and colorful leggings…are women wearing them.

In San Antonio…that would be yes.  These leggings are fun with a pattern of sequins on them and look really fun with this embellished tunic.

I would wear this for casual fun.

This top and many designs in this boutique are from Frank Lyman out of Montreal.

Many of his beautiful styles are available on a website called LUXETIRE.

In fact, I brought hope this Frank Lyman Woven Dress Style in coral for a contender to wear to the Bridesmaid’s Brunch.

I will show it to you soon, when I have the accessories in.  It is a super fun dress.


fashion inspiration

fashion inspiration

fashion inspiration

Since I tried these on with a column of black underneath, I thought I would show you for fashion inspiration to style a column of color for purposes of slimming your look.

Throw on some beautiful necklaces or other jewelry and you are good to go in looks just like this.

Boutique shopping can be so much fun to find styles not readily available at the mall.

I want to thank Delinda and the ladies at Elizabeth’s Boutique for inviting me over…I will be back!

And, I hope this post of fashion inspiration for mature women has given you some ideas of what do with your own wardrobe.

New arrivals are blooming out every day offering us fashion inspirations…today’s slideshow includes just a few:

Thanks so much for being here.  Would You Wear it tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion inspiration



  1. Strangely, your slideshow will not show up if I look early in the morning, but when I come back to the blog later in the day, it’s there. Hadn’t figured that out yet unless it’s the amount of e-mail traffic early in the mornings here in the eastern time zone. Who knows! But your multiple outfits with a column of black are often my outfit of choice even in summer although I also use a white column more then. The coral dress you are considering for the Bridesmaid Brunch is so beautiful and that color would be a showstopper on you! I’m thinking I need to drive down to Dillards to try on bathing suits. I haven’t bought one in years, nor been in our backyard pool in several years mainly because I was not comfortable in my bathing suit. Many good thoughts on fashion today!

  2. These clothes are perfect for your style adjectives and are really beautiful. You sure would not see yourself coming and going around town! I like the jeggings with the sequins! I have to say, I was kind of taken aback by all the florals Talbot’s is showing for spring. I know people are anxious for nicer weather, but I could not go down that road personally. I was really surprised because haven’t seen them feature SO many florals before. There is something much different about the things you tried on… they really fit with your artistic, creative style. Very pretty!!

  3. I understand not being comfortable in a swim suit! That is why I am so happy to find this one. Flattering and good colors. You can also get short type bottoms to go with it. The suits go fast so try to get down there soon!

  4. Thanks Karen! I love this boutique and she knows how to dress San Antonio Women! It is fun to try on the looks there.

  5. I love the outfit in the intro on you. Add some metallic shoes and it could work for wedding activities. Does the top come in lighter colors for spring? Then you have something you can wear again.

  6. The outfit you wore to go shopping was beautiful too, Pam. Using the florals as a smaller accessory is a good look on you. Big florals overpower almost everyone except those six foot tall models. Even them sometimes! The vibrant print of the first jacket with column of black is very nice too. Black or no, it’s the color closest to your face that matters and you look very nice in that. The coral dress is pretty! A nice necklace and sandals and you’d be good for any event.

  7. It won’t work for wedding events. But I love wearing outfits like it around town. Thanks Shelia.

  8. Dillards and Chicos can be very stylish, Arlene. But I do love the beauty and unique styles that are often found at a good boutique with talented buyers.

  9. I love those floaty top bathing suits, but the tops do, indeed, float up in the water and billow around me. How to solve that?

  10. You really looked so pretty in the “magic dress” and I loved the leggings the jewel details. I am getting excited for you. Blessings for your family.

  11. What a flattering cut to that tankini top, and in a terrific green for you! You look nice in all the boutique wear. I noticed that lovely bright pink skirt in one photo and just swooned. 🫠 That is the kind of piece I love to add to my travel and summer wardrobe. It’s probably meant to be styled with artsy patterns, but I would love it with a simply front-knotted white blouse and some sandals. Also noticed a gorgeous blush colored gown with delicate lace overlay in the Frank Lyman designs. Have a beautiful weekend!

  12. I absolutely love the silk tunic on you, particularly the first one that’s more in the Autumn palette. These outfits are so perfect for you. We have a couple similar independent boutiques here in Asheville (one in Weaverville) with beautiful unique clothing. Most of their items are a bit too Boho for my style but I do admire them on others. And I manage to find some great pieces that work for me. I love supporting local business women. Your new swimsuit is one of the best I’ve ever seen. No need for me to buy a new on though as I only wear my old swimsuit in my hot tub but its good to see there are fashionable options for women who wear swimsuits in public. Looking forward to seeing you model the contender dress. It looks interesting.

  13. I feel exactly the same. I swim in the ocean and although I love this top, I can’t imagine it being wearable there. Also, I have a suite with an overlay top, and I have to wring it out when I come out of the water.

  14. What a great presentation of local clothing! You make me want to get out and try a new local boutique. I never — and I mean never – wear ponchos, kimonos, big tops .. but I can actually see myself in the green shirt and patterned leggings. You really hit your adjectives out of the ballpark with these looks.

  15. I meant to add that I tried on the green flutter-sleeve dress from Nordstrom if your slide show. It was too big on me, but it’s a beautiful dress. It’s fully lined and drapes just beautifully. I highly recommend it if you are taller and can wear this shade.

  16. What fabulous items you tried on at your local boutique. I love most everything, but especially the black legging/pants, column of color outfits, and we all need a few smashing magic dresses. I wish there was one like that near me. And the creative owner to boot! Can’t wait to see you in the coral dress. Such an interesting design and it looks cool and comfortable. Love watching your journey to find the perfect outfits for all the wedding occasions.

  17. That magic dress looked like it was in your color family…don’t know what the top looked like underneath the silk tunic, but I wondered if it might be a better color than the EF crushed silk dress for the rehearsal dinner or some other wedding festivity. But then you would need to find an appropriate topper for it…the quest continues! This was a lovely post with some beautiful clothes!

  18. Pam – your recent weight loss makes it attractive to emphasize your waist. All of the jackets with the column of black make it look broad through the waist. Waist level side rouching (I cannot figure out how to spell that word.) or a twist on the top would improve all three looks. Really enjoying your wedding shopping. Thanks for all your hard work making these post for us.

  19. I think it’s because the jackets are boxy. That look is not good on me either, I have to search for jackets with a little structure to the waist that are not so long, or as you said, ruching. It makes a huge difference

  20. Such a stunning journey. I love that magic dress with the blue topper. Nothing like a beautiful boutique to shop in. Does she have anything other than black (or white) to use as a column of color. Or have you ever seen anything to use as a column of color in the autumn color way other than the chain stores? Can’t wait to see the coral on you!

  21. We only used black for purposes of showing what was in her boutique. But a column of color can be done in any way. I was there to help her show off her clothing.

  22. Hi Pam: You look wonderful and radiant in the first picture outside the boutique.

    Can you tell me the brand and style of your shoes in this post. They look great! Thank you.

  23. So interesting to see San Antonio fashion some gorgeous options for you. I must say I don’t see those flowing silk tops here in coastal Ma. Or ruanas either. Not sure why but the blazers would be popular as well as solid column of color dressing.
    Great post

  24. You are absolutely shining in your own outfit that you wore shopping! That’s exactly the kind of outfits I’m trying to build for running around town, instead of the black leggings and hoodie that I’ve been resorting to lately. The swimsuit tip is pure gold – thank you so much! I recently had the thought that I should hit Dillard’s for an age-appropriate swimsuit before they are all picked over this year, and voila – here’s your post reminding me! I used your link to check out their options, and in addition to the green one you got I saw a teal one I want to try on. How true did you find their sizing compared to the size chart? The size recommended for me on the chart is two sizes smaller than I usually wear in swimwear, so I’m afraid to order online. I’m going to call my local Dillard’s and see if they have these in store yet!

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