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would you wear it

Happy Saturday!  This is the last Would You Wear It for February and spring is beginning to show everywhere.

On this day, I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, and we show you our fashion displays we discovered where we are and make us wonder…Would You Wear It?

We only want to know if you would or would not wear what you see and explain your answer for the benefits of the audience.

So, let’s get a cozy spot this lovely Saturday and get going with my display for Would You Wear It?


would you wear it

What captured my attention about this display, were the two pair of pants.

Both looks are very different.

Give them some thought…consider the design of the pants and the colors.

Of course, if you want to give styling advice…we would love to hear it!

would you wear it

So, ladies, look the pant outfits over and tell us……………………………………………………………………….


You may recognize this as my local Nordstrom…I have been there a lot lately working with the stylist on the wedding….

Both of these pants looks are from Farm Rio and all information is in the slideshow:


would you wear it

Every body seemed to be syncing minds with me this week and shoe shopping. 

A couple of shoes were best sellers here.

The first one is the Kohl’s Skechers Reggae Slim Takes Two Women’s Sandal in navy & gray.  

My friend Karen was glad she bought a pair while we were at Kohl’s.

would you wear it

Several agreed with me that these gold metallic Alvana Vionic sandals are lovely…and it is a great comfort brand.

We will all look quite stylish wearing them this spring.


Would You Wear It

I just want to make sure that you saw the update from me on Thursday.

So many of you liked and agreed that this is the Mother-of-the-Groom dress for me.

Several also wanted to look at the dress for their own needs and were disappointed that Nordstrom had sold out of so many sizes.

GOOD NEWS….Dillard’s also has this KAY UNGER Floral Print Jacquard Asymmetrical Neck Short Sleeve Pleated A-Line Ballgown! 

But don’t think about it too long…they are already out of some sizes…they do have the size 16 which I am wearing.  It is very easy to make returns at Dillard’s.

OK…back to WOULD YOU WEAR IT…tell us what you think about the two Farm Rio pant outfits…and then head over to A Well Styled Life to see what Jennifer has….and always…


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would you wear it


  1. I took a look at both the vibrant pink pants and the cinnamon pair. I might wear the pink pair ankle gathered but NOT with the blazer. They seem contradictory. Instead a cute little short sleeved shorter sweater tucked in might work? I’m contemplating a color. Can’t decide. Over the sweater i would toss a cute colorful ruana picking up the pink and other vibrant shades. Higher heeled strappy
    sandals to be sure!

  2. I pay attention to what’s trending but feel no compulsion to follow the vast majority of them. “Trendy” would never be one of my style adjectives! I don’t see anything here that appeals to me, so I’d definitely pass. It’s a fine line between “trend” and “fad.” The shoes shown in the slideshow with these things are, to me, huge and unladylike. A big “no” for me!

  3. I’m not trendy. I like the bright colors but the styles don’t work for me. Farm Rio makes colorful dresses that I might wear as a bathing suit coverup. Maybe

  4. Its a beautiful dress and you’ve made your decision, but it appears too structured for your style adjectives. I have never seen you wear anything fitted through the bodice. Will it be comfortable to sit for a few hours, have photos made as well as dance in?

  5. Yes! It will be. It is very lightweight and easy to move in. I am now wearing more fit since losing weight and you will see me in more going forward as well as my free flowy style. I am still looking around, but right now I believe this is the dress for me.

  6. Pam, you look beautiful in that dress, it is very flattering! I love the sleeve length too. I wish I had somewhere to go where I could wear it too!
    As far as those pants, I remember having a pair made exactly like the pink ones, when I was in my 20’s. My mom used to sew my clothes for me so they would fit. I was always too tall for off-the-rack pants. I still like the style, but I refuse to wear pants that don’t come down to my ankles. This style is still appealing, but it’s the length that does not work for me.
    The rust color looks like they would be more dressy, and I would wear those- they remind me of gauchos!
    Thank you for the nostalgia! I miss my 20-something figure!

  7. The pink is cute, but I can’t help but think the ironing of those I could never get right. Plus I don’t care for short pants on me. Now the cinnamon ones, I would try, I do like them. Like the top that pictured with them, although I think I would prefer a beige shell with them and some boho type necklace and earrings. Also think they’d need a little bit of heel on the shoe to make the pants more flowy. So maybe a thin strap sandal.

  8. Heavens, no. These speak to only one of my adjectives (interesting), and all the bulk would add many pounds to my figure, especially as an apple shape. And as styled, the orange outfit is big all over, which, in my opinion, creates a lack of balance in the outfit.

  9. That old saying about clothing that if you keep it long enough, it will come back in style certainly applies to this vibrant pink pants suit. I had a pink blazer and straight pants outfit in this color about 30 years ago, but sadly donated it about 10 years ago. I wore the blazer alone most of the time, and enjoyed that big splash of color. However, now that I’m much older, I seriously doubt that I would purchase such an outfit again, especially one with such big legs. The same is true of the rust-colored large pants. I think I’m too short at 5’2” to feel comfortable in such an enormous amount of material. But on tall ladies I think they would look good. Boot cut or maybe soft palazzo pants are about the widest I would attempt.

  10. A big Yaayy to the dress decision. As for the display today, I would stop and contemplate the outfits then perhaps try on the pants, but not with the bottoms rolled up. A simple top tucked in to show off the interesting pleating in the pink pair and some interesting earrings, maybe light coloured espadrilles, Could be fun in the dressing room.

  11. I have some jogger legged pants in a similar color. I like them with a sweatshirt or down vest and Teva sandals. That’s my lifestyle.
    The pleats and dressier material on the pant suit are for someone else. The tan sandles in the display look like Kendi Everyday, and I can imagine her modeling this outfit. I hope the black bodysuit with the high cut legs poking over the waist of those pants is just a display item. IMO the body suit would need to be switched out for something else for this outfit to go to work.

    Glad to hear that dress made the cut! Even though the MOG isn’t running about as much as the MOB, there are still a gazillion things to get together for the wedding and knocking the dress off your to-do list is a major accomplishment.

  12. Passing on the pink but I would love to see that style of pant fashioned the way Paulette described her vision. The autumn color outfit intrigues me but it is too over the top for me. That must translate as trendy. However, just for the fun of it, I might try it on. I don’t do that enough. One try-on could lead to another! I would love to find a pair of paired down loose pants in that color. I would wear them in the summer evening on my back deck with my “rotten fruit” green tank and matching cardigan. I would bring the cinnamon color up in a long necklace. (‘Rotten fruit’ is in my color analyst’s vocabulary that she says looks good on me- a very yellowed green.) It sounds like you have a slide show but it doesn’t unload for me. Waa!

  13. I thought that was a Farm Rio display–“yes” to both pants, the colors are in my wheelhouse and I don’t mind funky styles–I find if I mix them (funky styles) with slightly more conservative pieces they read “fun” instead of overly trendy. I’m so glad you are sticking with that lovely dress, it was such a great find for you!

  14. I LOVE the dress posted here for your MOTG dress!! You look beautiful in it!!

    I remember wearing harem pants in the 1980s. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them on the runways again a year or two ago—I really didn’t think they would make it to ready-to-wear. I don’t see myself wearing harden pants again—I think they add to much “bulk” for me these days. I do love the bright colors, so I’d wear the colors—not the harem style.

  15. After reading the comments, I think that ladies are saying “to thine own self be true”! I have a friend who is short and not as slim as she would like to be who wears “funky” pants and manages to pull them off because it is her style. I am tall and would just not feel comfortable in them. I am more of an Eileen Fisher, Ralph Lauren kind of dresser, so that is what I am sticking with.

  16. Still working on my adjectives but “trendy” is not one of them. The pink and rust colors are eye catching and I would have stopped to look because I love rust but then I’d keep walking. I’m petite and my preference is for a tailored look though I think the wide pants would be stunning ones someone taller. I do not like the floral peasant blouse with it. I think an ivory silk shirt with a couple buttons open would be lovely especially with a statement belt. The jogger pants don’t appeal to me at all. I can’t even think of a way to style them. But they must appeal to someone. Yay about your dress decision. You look fabulous in it.

  17. I love the pink pants and blazer, but not together. Would I wear it, probably not. I have short legs and the pants would be too long but would love to try it on. Someone mentioned the ironing involved, that would be another factor about buying them. If I did wear them, would wear a top with a coordinating color.
    I would also wear the wide leg pants but in a different color.

  18. Happy Saturday, Pam. I love the pink color and always enjoy looking at Farm Rio, but I can never see myself wearing their clothing. There’s nowhere I go where they wouldn’t look over the top. I don’t like either pant: the pink is too short, and the rust is too wide.

  19. I would wear the rust colored pants if they were in a navy or white; I like the button at the waist. It would give my straight up & down body some definition. I would pair them with a simple white top for a sailor look. The pink pants pleats would puff out too much, I fear, and would emphasize the tummy area. I have tried cuff pants with no success; they give me an I dream of Jeanie look. Between the cuffs, pleats and belt I would not wear these.

  20. The pink pants are a big No: just too much going on. They will be quickly dated, & given Farm Rio’s price point that doesn’t seem prudent. The blazer is OK.

    The rust pants with the print blouse actually don’t look bad – on the mannequin. On a human, who knows? I’m especially worried that the pants aka gauchos are going to need the hem adjusted to keep the “looks like a skirt” appearance.

    The 2 tops need pants b4 leaving the house.

  21. Re the pink outfit. Do like the colour however would prefer a cropped box style blazer due the rise and fabric volume of the pant speaking of which last year purchased online two pair of easy maintenance Chino (casual style) ones that I restyled similar as didn’t care for their leg widths as way too wide, perhaps given reason why they were on sale. As to the other pants; it would depend upon how the linen fabric draped as well as their length, as IMO they give the illusion of a skirt and would pair them with a semi-fitted top and one without voluminous sleeves. -Brenda-
    Footnote: For those shopping Farm Rio products, you might wish to consider down sizing as I have personally found some of their pieces oversized.

  22. These are not for me. Farm Rio makes some fun clothes but they are too much of everything for me. Your dress is just gorgeous Pam!! I’m so excited for you

  23. You look lovely in your MOG dress, Pamela! The neckline is genius for your figure!

    I like Barbecon pink and black as a color combination, but I would wear pink on top with tailored black pants on the bottom (or a skirt), as that way I’d de-emphasize my hips. A pink completer piece, such as a blazer or cardigan, with a black column of color would work, too.

    I would definitely wear a pair of cinnamon or other warm brown pants with black, tan, cream, or perhaps navy on top with gold jewelry or a scarf that ties everything together. I am short, and wide legged pants are tricky to pull off without heels, so I would look for a straight legged pair (which I have!). Black and cinnamon are a rich combination for late summer and fall.

    I would not wear the black floral top; smaller florals work better for my petite frame.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Pamela! I often make up outfits in my Stylebook app (on Apple) from your ideas. 🙂

  24. I have recently noticed this style of wide pants (the rust) on some women on television, and they really were not their best look. It would take true model’s proportions to pull this off. As to the pink gathered, harem pants, they remind me too much of men’s bloused out pants from early 90’s music videos. I do appreciate the pink blazer, though, and would love to style that with some dark wash slim straight jeans, a white blouse, pretty multi-color floral scarf, and a matching handbag and shoes in a neutral tan leather. That would work for my casually dressed up look.

  25. Would I wear the Farm Rio pants? Doubtful….not because of the style or color, but because they are 100% linen. I love the idea of linen but I look like a wrinkled mess before I even leave home. I may try a Farm Rio dress for this spring and tone it down with a blue or white denim jacket.

  26. The only thing I might consider in this display is the pink blazer, but I would want it to be fitted not oversized. “Trendy” is not something I aspire to because my taste is simple & classic. The pants & other garments here definitely do not fit those adjectives.

  27. We talked the other day about fit and these fashions definitely don’t fit my aesthetic or my body. They don’t fit the models either. If pieces don’t look good on the people trying to sell them to you I’m not interested.

  28. If it appeals on the hanger, it never hurts to try it on!

    However, the length of the jackets in combination with these pants would be an issue for anyone with a long torso who wants to lengthen the appearance of their legs. This combination does the opposite: it makes the legs appear shorter and lengthens the torso. As a person with a long torso, this look is not for me.

    I welcome blazers to broaden my shoulders. However, these blazers and wide pants would broaden my hips. Conversely, the shorter blazers available this season are too short.

    The colors are wonderful, but too bold for my complexion. If they suit your complexion, personality and body shape, go for it! Slim women with proportionately shorter torsos and longer legs will have plenty of choices.

  29. The rust colored outfit would be an absolute yes for me, love the flowing slacks especially. Unfortunately, the harem pants seem a little too trendy and too young a vibe for my style adjectives. I have 4 granddaughters who would look great in the style but only two in the color.

  30. It seems like department store displays become more random with every season. I don’t like the black and black/white striped pieces mixed with the brighter colors. It feels like that should be two separate displays and they ran out of space. If I still wore black & white for anything other than travel I might like the striped piece as a top over slim black pants or leggings, but that is not a realistic dress length at my age. I like the rust color, which I’m seeing a lot this spring. I’ve bought a couple of pieces but will be saving them for late summer and fall. I would not wear either the rust or pink styles, especially as styled in the slide show with those clunky shoe. Good thing I don’t care about being trendy, because I really dislike the fashion trends of the past few years. Like Debbie above, I’m tall and spent my formative years in homemade pants to get them long enough. Other than capris in the summer, I don’t care for any cropped pant styles, as they feel too short for my long legs. Two of my style adjectives are “classic” and “polished,” which I don’t see in these styles, even those with the jackets. As always, I am so thankful that you and your friends are checking out the stores for us, which saves me a lot of wasted time!

  31. I would wear both pair of pants. But I doubt I would have any occasion to wear the rust ones, and would not want to iron the pink ones, so I wouldn’t buy them.

    But, more importantly, the Kay Unger dress has got to be The One. It is beautiful and absolutely gorgeous on you. I have not commented on the green poncho dress, but was hoping you would find something else. After trying so hard to successfully loose weight, you need to show off the figure you now have.

  32. Uh, no! I really like the colours of the pants – but the cutting? To be honest, it looks like walking around like a Zircus Clown to me.
    I like being brave with the fashion to wear – but especially the pink pants are looking a bit ridiculous to me…

    The sketchers sandals seem to be very comfortable? Those I like. 🙂

  33. I would definitely wear the cinnamon and I actually have 2 pairs that I wear, one of them are similar in cut to the pink (but with no gathering on the leg) and one similar in style to the one shown, but have a flat front and are ankle and wide legged, I love them. they are comfortable and cool, (my daughter thought they were so cute,she bought an olive pair, although she styles it differently than me!!) i usually wear them with fitted t shirt, but have also done with a cami and ruana. . I would not wear the blouse the scale of flower would be way too much for me and I’m scaling out black especially in the warmer weather. I am 5’7 and have a very long waist so that factors into my love.

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