How Style Adjectives Work for Me

style adjectives work

Happy Thursday, friends!   Today, I am going to further explain How Style Adjectives Work for Me….and style adjectives work for you too!

Since the wedding search began, new readers have joined in and asked questions.

The most asked has been…what do you mean about how “style adjectives” work for your wedding shopping??

I am going to discuss this again, but first let me share information on another question asked.

Let’s get going and talk style on this lovely weekday….


style adjectives work

So many of you liked and agreed that this is the Mother-of-the-Groom dress for me.

Several also wanted to look at the dress for their own needs and wear sad that Nordstrom had sold out of so many sizes.

GOOD NEWS….Dillard’s also has this KAY UNGER Floral Print Jacquard Asymmetrical Neck Short Sleeve Pleated A-Line Ballgown! 

But don’t think too long…they are already out of some sizes…they do have the size 16 I am wearing.  It is very easy to make returns at Dillard’s.

I agree that this neckline is unique and not seen on many gown designs right now….and it does meet my style adjectives.

OK…back to the story of how style adjectives work.


style adjectives work

Many of you know that I have been writing about style adjectives for years and using this as a guideline to create a personal style that is uniquely me.

As a professional communicator, I learned the importance of what our clothing tells the world about us.

It just made sense to me that if I controlled a set of style adjectives (5 for me, some like 3) and made sure I was communicating them with each outfit, that I would develop Pamela-style!

I desperately need to make some new videos, but I believe one of my best explanations is in this video I made two years ago:

Since the pandemic, I have looked at every outfit and asked if I am telling the world that I am polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current.

I do not purchase pieces that will not help me to speak all five adjectives.

I recently wrote about how the word polished keeps the work creative in check…and keeps me from going too bohemian with my style.

There are readers here who have learned from this, practice it, and also agree that style adjectives work.

When we went to Cabo on a vacation recently, one evening a young girl (maybe 10 or 11) walked up to me and just began to chat…it was as if I had known her always.

Mr. B said…it is because you communicate that you are approachable…ok, that style adjective works.

Every day, I look in the mirror and ask…does this outfit say these five things…if it does not…then I go back and begin to tweak.

Of course, when I am wearing my style adjectives which bring confidence then I go out with a big smile…and that is approachable and joyful.


how style adjectives work

I am showing you a couple of outfits from the past week that I have worn to go out and about.

This way you can see how I am styling the adjectives.

To say I am creative can be in these colorful toppers, or simply with fun accessories.

style adjectives work

Recently I found this fun, creative crossbody bag by Patricia Nash at Dillard’s.

I was looking for a gold crossbody and this is fun.  

A perfect wardrobe for me would include a whole shelf of Patricia Nash bags….I love them.

They speak my creative style adjective for every day or dress, and again says that my style adjectives work.

style adjectives work

You can see that I wore the top outfit here out to lunch with dear friends.

Underneath a Chico’s Kimono, I am wearing the Eileen Fisher stretchable silk tank I also recently purchased in the Dillard’s sale….and I love it.

Tossed on my new Chico’s multi-colored beads necklace and Chico’s pull on jeggings and I was ready for fun with the girls.

The key to developing a personal style with style adjectives is to be consistent.

Style adjectives work when you look every day into to mirror to see if you are speaking the same adjectives every time you dress.

Over time your style adjectives will build a consistent wardrobe, prevent shopping mistakes, and tell the world who you are.

I find it much more effective than simply saying…I am classic, or boho, or preppy, etc.  We are all much more than one word.

Please ask any questions you like about how style adjectives work for me…I love helping other women see how style adjectives can work for them as well.


By Pamela Lutrell

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style adjectives work



  1. You know that I’ve been on board with the style adjectives for years now! It changed the way I shop, saved me lots of money, eliminated the need for returns and buyer’s remorse. I recently revamped my adjectives. I review them every six months or when it feels like my lifestyle has changed. Recently, for fun, I applied them to my home decor and found that I have styled my home much like my wardrobe, just a little more relaxed. I highly recommend this exercise of thinking through personal style!

  2. Thanks Karen! I love the idea of applying it to home decor. I probably do this without thinking about it, but now you will have me thinking about it.
    I am so glad this method has worked for you as it has for me.

  3. As Mr. B said, I think you do look very approachable, and your creative style would draw the attention of many, young and old, who see your spark and contentment in how you are dressed. I’d think you inspire all who read what you write, or see you in person.

    I wanted to say that yesterday’s news of the week took me down so many enjoyable rabbit holes as I read through many articles last night. I’m sure it takes much time to find all these articles, but I thoroughly enjoyed many of them yesterday.

  4. Count me in too as one who shops and wears her adjectives. As I’m losing weight, I started to pack a few things up for consignment yesterday. Other than size, there were a lot fewer unworn, guilty fashion mistakes in my little pile. Proof it works! I have a question for you: I see all the stores have printed leggings in stock, but on the street, and even in the gym, no one is wearing them; they are all wearing only black. Ditto the long cardigans. I know on this blog we don’t do those “what’s in” videos, but I’m wondering if we are seeing a pretty major style shift. I don’t like to buy into a huge shift in style, and I’d like to get those long cardigans into consignment if so. What are you seeing?

  5. Perhaps because San Antonio is more of an artisan community, I see colors and prints of leggings on all types of women. It may just be an area trend more than anything. I personally think that long cardigans will not go away and always be a winter staple. I believe you will sell them easily in consignment. The only shift I see for spring is much more vibrant color (the Coastal Grandma style seems to be retired for now) and lots of prints. I know I am moving along some of my oversized toppers and long cardigans, but that is because I am ready now to wear different clothing and not because of fashion trends. I am going to discuss more next week what I see for Spring…and tomorrow I will share some INSPIRATION ideas. I hope that helps….

  6. I, too, wanted to comment on yesterday’s news and how much I look forward to it. It is better than any magazine that I have ever read.
    I always love adjective discussions. Keeping mine in mind prevents many ‘what was I ever thinking’ regarding purchases. If you are thinking about future videos, it might be fun for us to see the actual dresses and accessories with you discussing the overview of decision making. I know there will be more than one outfit. It could be an informative series for us. I don’t mean you modeling. Just showing us and discussing your thoughts and adjectives. Have a good day!

  7. Thanks Deborah…I apologize that I have not kept those going. Since I post daily on the blog and need assistance wit the videos, it is a bit of a challenge. BUT, I am not saying I will not do it…just trying to work it out.
    Thanks so much

  8. I didn’t weigh in on the wedding dress but looking at it again on this post, I needed to add my 2 cents! I LOVE the portrait collar. I love the fit. I love the pattern (patterns don’t work for me 😞) and finally I love the colors.

  9. I really like your purple and blue outfit; you look so nice in those colors. Also want to thank you for the News you put together. I start with what most grabs my attention, then circle back and find pretty much everything of interest in one way or another.

  10. To the new readers: Style adjectives are the way to go! Pam helped me last year choose my adjectives, and I am benefitting so much by keeping them in mind. Take it slow and give it some thought. Start with 3 and over the next days, you will become aware of what you are drawn to….and you can add another adjective or two. Mine are classic, tailored, feminine, fun and joyful. Have fun with the process.

  11. Hi, Pam, I also read key articles yesterday morning and then circled back later in the day — keep up the great research! I, too, want to plug your 5 adjectives process. Three adjectives were not enough for me to develop the bigger picture. You’ve really helped with all the information about color as well. I’m a work in progress and still weeding through things, but I just took some lovely brown tops to Goodwill. I haven’t worn them in a long time, so I hope they will look great on someone else.

  12. I also want to thank you for the Wednesday news articles. There is always something there to read.
    I always like what you have to say about knowing our best colors and how this can save us money. I always waffle back and forth as to if I’m a Summer or spring. I seem to be able to wear some from the spring palette even though I’ve been told I’m a summer.
    I have a hard time with the style adjectives. I have to think about those some more. But I can see that knowing those can also save money. Right now because I’m home so much I this casual is one. But I don’t want sloppy. I have more to work to on.

  13. Paula, just think about five things you want to tell your community about you without speaking a word. Your clothes are a calling card. Someone immediately knows it’s you when they see you…whether it is grocery shopping or meeting a friend. Try a list of adjectives you want your clothes to say about you and then narrow it down to five. Each time you get dressed ask in the mirror…does my outfit speak these messages.

  14. I never get tired of reading your thoughts on style adjectives! Less than one year into retirement I am still adapting mine to the needs of this new season of life. I love “polished” and “joyful” and will be including them in my own list, which was formerly much more geared to a job requiring business formal attire. Removing “professional” from the list made room for a more relaxed style, and “polished” was exactly the level of put together I was looking for. I love the casual outfits you showed in this post – always a “third piece,” and accessories, which to me are essential to outfits feeling complete. Of all the wardrobe and style advice available on the internet, I enjoy yours the most because we lead similar lives in similar climates, and share a body type and coloring. Seeing you try things on helps me so much, and I cannot wait to see your final choices for all the wedding events!

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