Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Today really is a collection of random thoughts as we go into the kitchen…then talk beauty…then a little fashion…and pets.

As these Sunday Mornings at Home posts tend to be…there is a tad bit of everything…and the kitchen sink.

So, join me in a comfy space with a warm beverage and let’s enjoy a few thoughts in Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I realize I haven’t shared a recipe for a long time, but as I try to be true to my Weight Watchers journey, I just haven’t been inspired.

Until, I saw the Spring 2023 Magnolia Journal with a whole section on pesto.

Many of you may remember that I keep fresh basil around and even freeze my own pesto.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Here is Joanna’s basic pesto recipe.

I follow the same recipe except, I prefer roasted walnuts to pine nuts…I just think the flavor is richer.

And I usea teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper rather than crushed red pepper.

Sunday mornings at home

Leigh Ann was the one who inspired me to make large batches when the basil plants are overflowing.

Then freeze them in little containers.  I used one for the following recipe and still have one remaining.

Sunday Mornings at Home

When I saw her Hummus with Pesto recipe, I was excited because I actually had all of the ingredients in the kitchen.

Mr. B and I both love hummus and this recipe can be tweaked in several ways…I just may throw in olives next time.

Sunday Mornings at Home

The longest part of the process (if you already have the pesto like I did) is taking skins off the chick peas.

As I was removing them, at one point, I thought, “I hope this is worth it!”

It just takes a little time to make sure you get them all off.

Sunday Mornings at Home

You can see my impatient finger running through the hummus to taste it.

And, YES, it was well worth it to shuck those peas…this is so good. I immediately sat down with some fresh veggies and enjoyed a small bowl.

It is delicious and I highly recommend the recipe.


Sunday Mornings at Home

My favorite serum is on sale!  20% off.

I saw immediate results and have used the Genucel DFS (Deep Firming Serum) for years.

I only use the serum in the morning and it is all natural from plant stem cells.

I am confident in recommending it to everyone!


Sunday Mornings at Home

I wanted to add a note about the pants in yesterday’s Would You Wear It?

When I saw the Farm Rio Wide Leg Pants at Nordstrom…hanging all pressed on the rack in a gorgeous burnt orange color (not brown)…I just had to try them on.

But this is one of those linens that wrinkle the minute you take them off the hangar.

So, sad…the wrinkles were a deal killer for me….I would not wear it!

They are very high waisted and have a funky design with a zipper hidden in the front below the double button bib.

However, I have really warmed up to wide leg pants on me and I am considering them for one spring outfit…it just depends on fit.

Personally, I do not think you need to be super skinny to look good in them…it just depends on the fit.

I have ordered a couple to see if they will work and will report back to you.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Often I write about San Antonio-style and our Fiesta celebration.

This dress I saw in Dillard’s on Friday is a beautiful example of what women wear to some of the luncheons and fashion shows.

Fiesta is a very colorful time in our city and women wear the colors with confidence.


Sunday mornings at Home

Tux is six years old and has been a pet who rarely changes behaviors.

But he did this week.  So much so, that we were concerned that he is sick.

He has always enjoyed a morning walk and evening walk. 

This week he has not wanted a morning walk.  All week, he has spent most of his time in a favorite chair with less activity.

Fortunately, he is eating his regular meals and still comes to me for his regular afternoon treat.

Now, Mr. B has been away from home more than usual.  His work this time of year is demanding.

It truly may be that Tux is in mourning…because he loves Mr. B.  The are buddies.

We haven’t seen any reason yet to take him to the vet….but we have been concerned about a dramatic behavior change.

I truly wish he would just tell us what is going on.

Thank you for all of your help with my wedding outfit needs…your input has been invaluable.  There will be more to discuss later in the week.

Tomorrow, if you are suffering with hair loss and have concerns about thinning hair, then I have someone for you to meet.   He will be watching the comments and hopefully answering questions.  That is the plan!

Also, this week, I have some pieces to show you from an affordable brand I know many of you like.

We have a wonderful community here on this blog and I appreciate you so much…now let me know any thoughts you have about today’s topics in Sunday Morning at Home.


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Sunday mornings at Home



  1. Seeing your recipes this morning, and knowing you are on WW, I wondered if you are aware of the website “ Skinnytaste”? Her recipes always include a WW number , and now I check it often for meal ideas that will fit into my total daily number. She has written several cookbooks, and also has a Facebook page, but I download each recipe from her vast online collection. I’ve found that the online WW recipe list is not very extensive, and so often covers commercial items, not homemade as mine most often are. As to the larger pants, I’m like you…interested in finding a pair that are not too, too large and won’t make me look like a clown. I’m sorry that your Tux is not feeling up to his usual self. We forget how deeply animals remember and mourn for loved ones.

  2. So happy to see you in the pants. I do love linen and I wear bits and pieces of it, but the classic in me keeps me from fully embracing it. I couldn’t understand why these pants were labeled brown. Thanks for renaming the color. I thought my monitor was off. Anyway, I would love to try a pair but with less fabric. So far I haven’t found the right color, cut, and fit. Thanks for exploring this look for us! You are the best!

  3. I love exploring for you! Even the stylist commented on the color labeled wrong. It is not brown!

  4. Must try this pesto recipe as I really enjoy the basil/nut/parmesan flavors and like you, often substitute the nut type too.
    On Tux, dogs do suffer from depression I’ve heard. Maybe Mr Bs absences are indeed causing this change. Must watch for other signs I guess. Hope he’s otherwise okay.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. My daughter’s dog had a tummy ache for several days. You just wish so much that they could tell you what’s wrong. If Tux’s system is okay, then it’s even harder to know what’s going on. Hopefully, Mr. B will be home to cuddle him soon. Thanks for the recipes: pesto and hummus, how great! I’m trying to lose 5 lbs permanently and have no idea how to go about it. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. Ann Taylor has a jumpsuit with wide, somewhat cropped legs, which I might try. Happy Sunday!

  6. Pam, thanks for the visit. Sometimes animals, and humans, too, go through a change when we move to a new season. It’s like a body rhythm adjustment. Hope Tux is OK. I also like Skinnytaste and have made many of Gina’s recipes successfully. The creamed spinach is a favorite. Also the garlic biscuits. Yum! Happy Sunday!!

  7. I like specific linen items such as a top or loose dress in summer. I skip linen pants because I cannot stand how they wrinkle. I have found that prints show wrinkles less. Love that pesto recipe, will substitute walnuts next time.

  8. Tux is about the age when some dogs begin to exhibit back issues. He may be in pain. If this lethargy persists, I’d schedule a vet check. Had a dog once who refused to walk around the block. Turned out she had low thyroid. A pill a day returned her to her athletic self and she lived to a ripe old age.

    I loved those Farm Rio pants on the hanger but, like you, I cannot stand wrinkled linen.

  9. Your pup may be experiencing some joint pain. Our pets will try to hide their aches until they are no longer able to do so. Please keep an eye on your handsome boy.

  10. Pam, another great recipe. I do look forward to reading your Sunday posts for the recipes and whatever else you have for us. These recipes help me because sometimes I’m overwhelmed by how to eat healthy. It’s so easy not to.
    I hope Tux is ok!! Yes if only they could tell us what’s wrong. And they do get depressed! So hopefully it’s nothing serious.

  11. Is there a reason to remove the skins from the chickpeas? I always make hummus with the skins on. 🤔

  12. We don’t shop at Costco but husband went with a friend of his and returned home with a huge bag of walnuts. More than the two of us would go through before they go bad.
    I put them in the freezer, and have been looking for reasons to use them.
    I’ll give homemade hummus a try.

    Hummus is a good snack for me because it is savory, not sweet. I have little control if I get onto sweet things, but I can manage savory.

  13. I love to roast walnuts and have a few for salads. A spinach, strawberry and roasted walnut salad is so yummy!

  14. We enjoy our hummus with snacks that I usually buy premade. Going to try to make your recipe. I never made pesto I will try. How much are you allowed on WW ? There is a lot of olive oil. Could you provide the recipe in picture of all ingredients called Lemony Pesto Pasta it sounds delicious. How else do you use Pesto?
    Rita R

  15. Pesto is delicious on pasta…a chicken pesto sandwich…homemade pizza. While I cannot enjoy too many of these things right now, I can have it occasionally. WW allows for olive oil…I just have to watch my points.

  16. Although I rarely get to read your Sunday posts until later in the evening or even the next day (like today) I enjoy your musings so much. I love the “fiesta” dress except for the high neckline! Attending Fiesta is on my bucket list, once I’m not caring for my mother. I’ll be checking with you for tips before coming down. Seeing the dress reminded me I need to find my Johnny Was tops and have them ready to wear now that it seems to be warming up a bit in north Texas. Looking forward to seeing what else you have for us this week!

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