Today’s News for Women over 50

Today's News

Welcome to the first Today’s News for Women over 50 in February.

This is the day that I curate lifestyle news from around media world and put it together in one place just for you.

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So, grab a warm beverage and a comfy spot and let’s get started with Today’s News. 


Today's News

CNBC: Nordstrom stock surges after activist investor Ryan Cohen buys stake in retailer

Yahoo: Ginger Zee says hair ‘doesn’t define who we are’ after she’s criticized for new bangs

The Stylist: The Italian bob is unbelievably chic, unusually versatile and gives heaps of natural lift

Business Insider: Lands’ End almost lost its wealthy boomer customers when it tried to court millennials and Gen Z. Now it’s going for Gen X.



Today's News

Cleveland Clinic: How Dehydration Affects Blood Pressure

Plant Powered: Vegan Diet Plan to Help Lose Belly Fat

Medical ExpressThe Possible Effects of Cinnamon on Memory and Learning

Well + Good: This is the Best Drink for Longevity

and I’m a Master Sommelier Who Just Tried Dry January for the First Time—Here Are the 4 Learnings I’ll Be Taking With Me the Rest of the Year’

CNBC: 6 weight-lifting tips for beginners from an ‘unlikely coach’ 

Forbes: How To Turn Your Brain Off At Night, According To A Sleep Psychologist

The Ethel 6 Best Exercises for Older Women


Today's News

Better Homes & GardensThese 7 Major Home Renovations add Value

Architecture Digest: Joanna Gaines Transforms Three Rooms with Speedy Cost Effective DIY Ideasand Inside One Family’s Sun Valley Retreat, a Mashup of Rustic Mountain Style and 18th-Century Europe

Veranda: 7 things you should buy vintage instead of new

Homes & Gardens: HGTV’s Hilary Farr’s closet teaches us a key organization lesson that experts want you to know


Today's News

Plant Powered: Vegan Cabbage Soup

Southern Living: 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipeand 40 delicious Valentine’s Day Desserts

Taste of Home: We Tried Dolly Parton’s Favorite Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe and Makeover Lemon Pound Cake Recipe: How to Make It

The Cheeky Chickpea: 10 Minute Vegan Tuna Salad

Parade:‘Martha Stewart’s One-Pan Pasta Recipe Changed Me For Good’

Kirbie Cravings: 3 Ingredient Creamy Yogurt Cake (No Flour, Butter or Oil)


Today's News

Taste of Home: 10 Things You Never Thought to Do With Your Vintage Teacups

The Discoverer25 Stunning Photos of the Most Colorful Places on Earthand The Prettiest Gardens in the World

Indie Wire: Harrison Ford Offers New Details on ‘Indiana Jones 5’ De-Aging Process: ‘It’s Fantastic’

Inc: Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Comes Down to 5 Simple Words

Thank you so much for joining me with Today’s News for Women Over 50.

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Today's News for women over 50


  1. I found it interesting that the Nordstrom article talked about shareholders and the company while the Land’s End article talked about the customers. Alison over at Wardrobe Oxygen talks about Nordstrom in her blog today.

  2. I make a version of a tuna salad sandwich with chickpeas, a little simpler than this one. It’s economical, healthy and delicious. The vegan weight loss article made me put edamame on my grocery list. I often forget about it when planning meals, but it’s great for topping my nightly dinner salad. Lands End I find frustrating because of their size inconsistency and requiring you to pay for returns, but it’s a great place for exercise tees and bathing suits.

  3. I’m going to try the exercises, which all seem doable. I need a change in my current routine. I’m also going to try the yogurt cake tomorrow as I’m having dinner with my daughter. It sounds terrific. I thought most of the teacup ideas indicated that the designer has too much time on her hands. The centerpiece was pretty but an invitation to a really massive crockery smashup. Thanks as always for these!

  4. The “de-aging” process mentioned in the Harrison Ford article is interesting but not something I agree with. What is the point? Is there something wrong with looking one’s age, no matter what that age is? It goes against my philosophy of embracing myself at every age.

  5. Thank you again for such a useful post! I always bookmark items to read/use later. I appreciate all the effort you put into finding useful information for women of a certain age 🙂

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