Sunday mornings at home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to Sunday mornings at home.

Today’s post is a hodge podge of various topics which change from week to week.

It covers what Is on mind in my world and going into next week.

Of course the top photo for Sunday mornings at home today was not taken in my home.

But, after church last week we stopped by La Madeleine for breakfast.  

My favorite type of coffee is French Roast and I can find it there…the best breakfast for me there includes two over medium eggs with tomato slices.

Yummy and within my Weight Watchers points.

Yes, I put the cream in the app as well.

So get your own favorite beverage this morning and let’s talk about a few things for Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday mornings at home

This was actually the outfit I pulled together for church last week.

I want to call attention to the white blouse.

Recently when I was at Nordstrom working with my stylist, she brought me this 1.STATE Surplice Sleeveless Top to go under a topper I was looking over for an event.

My first thought was …“No, I don’t wear white any longer.”

But, at her insistence I tried it on…and loved it.  The fit and beauty of the drape is lovely and very flattering.

I justified adding it to my wardrobe, because with this design, the white is away from my complexion and I would always wear it with a topper in my colors.

I also have had many occasions that I have wished I had a sleeveless white top and I have already worn it a couple of times since the purchase.

I noticed that there is a long sleeve version in five different colors: 1. STATE Cozy Knit Top…and I just might order the navy.

I love how working with my stylist at Nordstrom has taken me places I would not have gone on my own.  Best free service I have experienced in a long, long time.

The pants are one of my Eileen Fisher Stretch Crepe Ankle Pants….I have about seven colors and they come in even more.

They are washable and my cost per wear is very low, because I have worn them for a long, long time in casual and dressy situations.

They previously were for my professional office life, but I am so glad I kept them in the purge.  

Sunday mornings at home

Sunday mornings at home should be vibrant and this jacket certainly is.

I purchased it last summer during a deep clearance sale at Talbots and I love it….especially because I picked it up for a song…as they say…or as they sing.

It is lightweight and perfect for this time of year where I live and fits right into the color story.

I am also wearing Talbots jeggings...and most of you know…I love jeggings.

This is what I wore to meet up with Leigh Ann last week and catch up.  We haven’t been together In awhile.

I feel confident that both of these styles today speak my five adjectives….creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Ladies, I rarely get excited about a facial cleanser.

Most I have tested where too harsh for my 69-year-old face or pretty basic moisturizing cleansers.

Until, I recently met this Better Off/AHA/PHA GEL CLEANSER by Trinny London.

The best word I can use for it is ....refreshing.  The aroma, the silky feeling make me not want to wash it off.

I envision myself on the spa table every time.  The results when I do wash it off…are amazing for my skin.

The yellow container is an actual container…when it is time to reorder…you just change out a bottle in the middle.

I am actually excited about this cleanser and will continue to use it.


Sunday mornings at home

I hope this weekend to do a little spring decorating at home.

I have added some daisies…I love daisies…but I need to do a few more things and bring the sunshine in.

Adding seasonal decorations brings in some joy and smiles….it is something I love.

I have never desired for my home to look the same all year long.

Please share…does anyone else add a touch of spring to their homes as the season warms up where you are?

I understand for some of you that may be weeks away…but in South Texas it is spring!  We even saw the bluebonnets blooming and it is just a little early for that.

Thank you for joining me today for Sunday mornings at home…back to the Mother-of-the-Groom Journey this week…I love how many are joining along….see you then.


Sunday mornings at home

By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I enjoy reading your Sunday mornings at home posts. You look especially chic in the first outfit — and I love your manicure!

  2. I too love daisies and used them in our wedding almost 54 years ago. Our everyday dishes, which we have used all those years, have daisies on the border. They are just so perky, uplifting, and simple beauties. I’m interested in looking for those Eileen Fisher crepe pants that you and Jennifer both have often discussed. They must be wonderful pants, and they do come in petite sizes and many colors. As you said, their cost per wear is low as they are so appropriate for many occasions. The white blouse appears to have such a lovely drape although it seems to fit the models differently in different colors. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Your new white blouse is lovely. I had one very similar, which I loved, but never found a replacement when that one eventually discolored. May I ask what size you chose? Yes, I also enjoy changing out small elements within my home seasonally. Yesterday, I undid my china cupboard and corner built-ins as the beginning of spring cleaning and ended up putting only my white and cream ware in the hutch, which looks very fresh and springy to me. I almost always have fresh flowers from the grocery, and look forward to adding lavender and daisies from my garden, but we are at least two months away yet. Still having snow flurries overnight!

  4. The size I have on is XL but I kind of wish I had gone with a Large. If I order a long sleeved one I would size down. Stay warm up there!

  5. I cannot say enough good things about these pants…that is why I own 7 colors. Many of mine were purchased on sale at the end of seasons. I also bought most of mine at Dillard’s, but I linked to the EF site here because they offer more colors and pricing is the same. They really do work for so many different occasions.

  6. I love the orange jacket on you. I think it is the best item I have seen you wear. This outfit hits all 5 of your adjectives. I have tried to analyse why it works. First, the colour is great and the details keep the focus up around your face. Second, I think your shoulders are broader than your hips (opposite of me) and the fact that this jacket ends in a straight line at the broadest part of your hips balances the two nicely. Did I get that right?
    Third, it is a solid colour. I would have to go back and look to see whether I prefer solid colours on the top of you.
    Thank you for this post.

  7. This jacket fits me better now that I am losing some weight. I love wearing solids and prints…would never go solely with one over the other. That is the creative/artsy part of me. And why I need my adjective that speaks polished to keep it under control. This jacket says polished with a creative color!

  8. Thanks Carol! I agree…and I needed her to help me see it. It’s a great top.

  9. I love the top. I kept a silky white, simple top with cap sleeves in the purge, which I wear occasionally with a warm-colored topper. Just like black leggings, and the occasional outfit featuring black pants, there is a role for that top in my wardrobe. I’m jealous of your bluebonnets, but we do have bulbs coming up around here, actually a bit early.

  10. Ours are early as well…they are beautiful but not as prevalent since we have been in a drought. I am really happy to have this top in my wardrobe now. It will work.

  11. Thanks for the Weight Watchers mention. I’m back using the app which is wonderful. I strayed and have lots to slowly lose so I found this very encouraging.

    Your blog is very upbeat! Thank you!

  12. I really like the app…it works best for me. Happy to be an encourager for you, Kathe…and that you are here.

  13. In the movie, You’ve Got Mail, she says, “I think daisies are the happiest flower.” They certainly make me smile. We actually have daffodil stalks coming up in RI, which is just crazy. But it’s not spring here yet. I like to prepare and bring spring in – maybe switch out pillow covers and add some new plants (e.g. primroses) or, if I can get them, forcing bulbs. BTW, I love you in the Talbot’s jacket!

  14. Love that top! I may consider the long sleeved one if the golden color matches up . I wish that sleeveless was in cream or soft white. I have the EF knit pants in brown that I bought from Nordstroms pre-fall sale last July. I’m hoping an olive comes along next summer. They are not a winter pant in Maine but I did wear them recently with silk leggings underneath. I so enjoy your Sunday morning musings!

  15. Daisies are happy flowers and that jacket is a happy color! Brings on my smiles! Have a day full of blessings, Maeve.

  16. Thanks for being here, Deborah. I have those pants in olive! EF has done it before and hopefully will do it again!

  17. Hi, Pam. You are looking so beautiful! I like to add pastel flowers and candles to the home for spring. I get out the pink tablecloth! And I hope to get some flowers from the garden in a few months, especially roses. My favorite. You are going to be a knock-out at the wedding. Thanks for taking us along!

  18. Marcia…you are so kind. Thank you. Have a day full of blessings..,think roses!

  19. You look so beautiful today! And yes, that deep orange/red is lovely on you!
    I just returned from the market with several bunches of tulips to place around my house. This time I stayed with a single color scheme- pink ( light to deep) and it’s so very pretty! I feel springtime today even though it’s only in the 40s- the sun feels stronger and on my walk earlier there must have been several choirs of birds singing and chirping
    away. Happy Sunday! ( French roast is what I buy to brew at home).

  20. After I read your comment, Paulette, I went to the market. But sadly they had no tulips… however this yellow rose of Texas found some lovely yellow roses!

  21. We had the biggest snowfall of the winter on Friday night so Spring is still a long way off for us. Tulips however are in the stores and are a nice pick me up. I also had daisies for my wedding and change up my decor for the seasons. I didn’t use to as I had a classroom that got switched up pretty much monthly with units and children’s work. After I retired it took me a year to realize that I was missing the stimulation of a change in my surroundings. My home has very neutral walls so I change pillows, tablecloths, accessories the whole colour palettte. My Mom is a quilter and has made a large wall hanging for each season for my dining room. She is now 93 and they will always hang in a place of honour in my home.

  22. I love that legacy she is leaving your family, Linda. How special it will be for the quilts to be handed down through generations!

  23. You look gorgeous! Wrap tops or dresses and V necks are the most flattering and slimming for me as a short busty woman (and for most women .) They draw they eye vertically and the wrap tops also hide any mid belly issues . Its a style tip jennifer has mentioned too .. ive been a fan of wrap dresses And v necks for a long time. Thanks for the link !
    love daisies and a lot of us who got married in 60s or early 70s used them in our wedding .! I did too!
    Stilll cold and rainy sleet snow dusting here but looking forward to sunshine and spring

  24. I like to change out my home decor with the seasons, too. We have had some unseasonably warm temperatures here in central Indiana, so an early welcome to spring seems appropriate. I purchased a new spring/summer doormat for $10 recently. It makes me smile when I come home. I love fresh flowers but haven’t been anywhere to purchase any lately. I did receive some for Valentine’s Day from my daughter.

  25. The brown topper with white surplice top is stunning on you! I love the way the white drape echoes the angles in the topper border. And you can carry the bold flowers of the design. An inspired combo!
    And yes to making seasonal changes inside the house. We’re not in daisy weather yet, here in Colorado, but I’m tossing some greens that are way past their prime in favor of tulips.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress in MOG decisions; glad it’s you and not me :-).

  26. I have that 1State top in the camel color and also a deep purple from a few years ago! I love how they can elevate a pair of black dressy pants, and still work with jeans. We have similar coloring, so you might want to try the camel.
    I got out my spring mantle decor this weekend, but the project stalled out when I discovered the twinkle lights I love to include had burned out. I don’t have any spare sets so now I have to borrow a set from another season. It was in the 80’s here in north Texas this weekend, but of course there’s more cold coming. My daffodils bloomed before the ice storm and somehow were unscathed, just bent over from the weight of the ice. I love reading your Sunday posts, and can’t wait to hear the latest on all things MOG! Thank you for being such a bright, positive light in this often dark virtual universe!

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