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would you wear it

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.

To those who join us every Saturday, we thank you for adding your observations and fashion wisdom to these posts.

To those who might be new, welcome!  My friend and I discover fashion displays around our worlds which make us wonder….Would You Wear It?

So we bring you two opportunities to share your thoughts!

So, let’s get this going today with a display of three that I encountered recently.


would you wear it

As I pondered this display for Would You Wear It today, I tried to find a connecting ribbon between the looks.

All I could come up with is that these are spring transition outfits…they are not for super warm weather necessarily.

We ask that you give them consideration on color, style, fit, and your own lifestyle.

Explain completely why or why not…would you wear it.

This helps the many women who come to these posts to become more informed shoppers…and they love the comments.

Readers also love styling advice with the garments…how would you style the pieces differently?

would you wear it

So, in looking over these three mannequins…tell us………………………………………………………………………………………


These mannequins were discovered at Dillard’s.  I could not locate these exact pieces.

However, if you like bohemian…Dillard’s has many brands that go that direction.  Here are just a few…..


Would You Wear It

JC Penney introduced a new collection on Thursday to celebrate all women during Women’s History Month.

The commissioned popular designer, Prabal Gurung, to create this collection with all body types of women in mind.

These pieces will only be available for a short time and are exclusive to JCP.

Check out the iMPOWER by Prabal Gurung while it is available.


would you wear it

Monday’s post was packed with ways to wear green this spring…check it out at How to Wear Green for Spring 2023.

St. Patrick’s Day is only 13 days away!!

I know…there is so much to think about here…just go back to the display and tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT with an explanation…then head over to A Well Styled Life!

On Monday, I will return to my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey, and tomorrow I have some fun tidbits for you in Sunday Mornings at Home (will include What I Wore looks)….hope to see you then…



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Would You Wear It


  1. I’m a little dismayed by all the busy florals that are out. The skirt and top above looks really frumpy to me because of the pattern of the floral, and how it just hangs and gives a rounded shoulder look. The hemline is pretty, but it just misses the mark, for me, with the floral pattern and style. I like the shape of the black dress with the cinched in waist (it’s screaming for a belt), but the dress itself is much too fussy so that’s another pass. It would be okay with a jean jacket hiding that fabric and toning it down. And it needs a belt. The tunic top is a hard pass, again, the floral is just off here, and it’s hard to tell what’s happening at the hemline, but it looks like it doesn’t lay right. The jeans are a refreshing break from all the wide leg ones, and really all you can wear (skinny type/leggings/jeggings) with a tunic like this one. I don’t care for the tunic at all due to color, pattern, and the way it looks crumpled at the hem. This display would definitely not have me stopping to look at the clothes.

  2. Underwhelming. I think the eyelet dress is the most disappointing. This should be a good warm weather dress. But the proportions look off between the bodice & the skirt. I feel like more material should have been used, especially in the volume of the skirt, but they went skimpy because of budget/price point. They should have put the money for the shoulder ruffles into the dress itself. The modesty pockets on the bodice seem like a cheap solution. The skirt pockets are a huge no. So baggy. But they’d be handy for holding clothes pins if I’m hanging clothes on the line. Which is not my idea of “where do I wear an eyelet dress”.

  3. Those outfits look nice on other ladies! Way too much color and print for me. The picture of you in the green blouse and frayed crops is more my style. Happy Saturday!

  4. I’m not really drawn to any of these looks. The center dress might work if I ever wore dresses, which I don’t. I’d like it in navy blue rather than black, however. I think the tunic over jeans is too busy for me and my world. The dress ensemble on left is pretty (fabric) but I don’t see myself wearing it.
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  5. This display would only catch my eye if I were wondering what in the world was someone thinking. The pattern of the top and skirt on the left is just too busy for me. I like the eyelet feature of the black dress, but not the dress itself which looks too short and a little fussy. The long pink tunic looks like it would come to my knees like a dress, and definitely not fit my 5’2” frame. Plus it either needs ironing/steaming or something is wrong with the hemline.

  6. Love the floral, with some black thin strap sandals with a bit of heel. And a few simple pieces of jewelry.
    The middle dress just doesn’t appeal to me….the pink top does, but the shape of it wouldn’t be favorable on me, but I would try it on to see if it could be unbuttoned and waist tied maybe.

  7. In my opinion, none of these styles seem fresh. It’s all in the details but in a bad way. The dress on the left has too much going on. For starters, the print … black & white scroll, big flowers, little flowers, gray zebra stripes … the neck & placket trim, the droopy sleeves & the handkerchief hem. I’m exhausted. My eyes have nowhere to rest. The navy eyelet dress has possibilities. It’s a new take on the navy lace dress Princess Kate made popular a few years back. I’d leave the top two buttons undone & pop the collar. Tell me those are buttons, not snap closures. I’d add a navy belt with a silver buckle & minimalist silver jewelry. As for the rose tunic on the right, I’m tired of the shark-bite hem thing; but I can tolerate this one with white slim crops (far springier than jeans) … except I can’t get past the bullseyes in the print.

  8. I had to jump in here, Linda. That doesn’t make you boring!! You might explain to others why you hate a floral print..,it may get help other women to look at it differently with a new eye. But don’t put yourself down! Not wearing floral doesn’t make anyone boring!

  9. I love the pink tunic. I’m embracing joy again by wearing colorful clothing. My issue with all the 3 pieces is they look cheaply made, terrible fabric, and that would probably make me pass. I would not wear the black dress as I’m giving up sad colors for a while. I’d wear the pink tunic with darker leggings for more contrast. The light denim is washed out under the vibrant pink. I’d also wear the colorful top and skirt. Maybe it looks better on a human instead of laying limply on the mannequin. Or perhaps it is cheap fabric. Same reason: joyful colors. I suspect they threw this display together as it’s eye catching and you wrote you couldn’t find the clothing. I also went to the JC Penney website and the clothing on special for the month are beautiful, joyful, delicious.

  10. I might like the tunic if I left the bottom button undone and tied it at the waist and worn with jeans and flats.

  11. Though I love pattern and colour and appreciate eyelet fabric for a touch of femininity; for myself a ‘hard no’ to all three pieces reasons being: Preferring classic design, I feel that asymmetric hemlines date themselves and near impossible to alter once out of style. Also to the colours in the two-piece outfit, they do not appeal to me nor does its floral pattern. Whereas re the pink top, I seldom wear tunic length and the eyelet dress appears to me that the designer was trying too hard to update its fabric usage to something that is on trend by adding pockets, shoulder cap frills and an elastic dropped waist. In others, eliminate all three and drop its hemline then it might be something that I would at least try on but ‘to each their own’ and ‘wear what makes you comfortable and like’. -Brenda-

  12. The allover floral print outfit is too visually busy for me, and the little eyelet dress is too cute for me, though I bet petite Leigh Ann could rock this style. I would be most apt to try the bright pink floral tunic. The hem is not my favorite, and the overall length of the piece seems a bit much as styled. I would wear it open as a swimsuit cover-up, over an all white one-piece, or my pink and white gingham tankini. The extra length would make sense then, and feel modest for making my way around the pool.

  13. I think the pink tunic could make a great beach coverup (depending on material, but I’d really like to see a crew neck or v-neck rather than a collar. The other outfits are too, too – too big, too fussy too much.

  14. Wow. Busy, busy, busy! I wonder if each of those 3 outfits had been paired with more simple styles on each side, there would have been a more favorable reaction. My eye can’t land anywhere, on neither the display nor the outfits themselves. As a minimalist natural classic, I can’t consider any of them. My comments mirror those above. Regarding florals or patterns, the classic in me demands no ditsy nor over the top large, random patterns. The pattern would have to be symmetrical, organized, and not highlight the breast area. I ordered a gorgeous dress once from Nordstrom: correct in color, length, fit, sleeve length, etc. When I put it on and looked in the mirror, oh my goodness, my breasts looked like headlights from how the pattern was placed! Patterns are difficult. I still like madras, checks, and organized dots in the right size. Some of the tops on the slideshow are cute! Beautiful dressy dress. Wish there were other colors. Your simple outfit looks so appealing.

  15. I love the joyfulness of the pink tunic, but think the collar is a miss on styling. If it had a smaller collar or were a rounded neck, I would consider it with a belt for styling. With the collar buttoned all the way up as it is shown it looks wrong with the boho style. I fear if this collar were open it would look even worse. I would not wear the black eyelet dress as all black is not good on me. However on someone who can wear black I think this dress could be cute with platform sandals and chunky jewelry. Eyelet is not necessarily only for a younger person. The colorful caftan-like outfit is not my cut. I have friends who could rock this style though. I don’t quite get the front top bulging out though. Love the green shirt on you Pamela, also appreciated the styles from Blair yesterday. I keep having pop up adds from a brand call Roselinlin. Do you know anything about this brand? Thank you.

  16. I would consider the dress on the left and the tunic on the right. They have a fun spark for a lightheartedness. I do like bohemian prints. These are loose and flows with pretty colors. I am tall and wear size 12, so I’m not really thin. The black dress doesn’t work for me as the length is too short. Also, I am blonde, so the fabric would lend itself to daytime, and black is a little harsh in the bright spring sunshine.

  17. In my view all three outfits scream, ” TOO MUCH”. In each one I can see potential if the designers had stopped at one nice detail. The print on the left is large, which some people like, but it’s like they added black so it would appeal to both fall and winter colourings. Take off the large placket piece hanging from the front and put a simple neck binding and it might be salvaged. Likewise, the top on the right can still be bohemian if it had the print either just down the front or just on the sleeves, better yet if it was just at the shoulders. The black/navy dress would be more my style. I like eyelet but again putting the same design just on the sleeves and yolk would be enough. Two different eyelets aren’t needed. The design with the ruffles at the shoulders and length of the skirt makes me think it is in a Misses rather than a Woman’s sizing. If I were to try it I would open the neckline, add a single white pearl, a white belt and white and black bracelet. I’m obviously a winter and being in the north I wear black and white all year.

  18. A big NO!!! I’m saving this article as a reminder of what not to wear. Too fussy, frumpy. I never could pull off
    Boho , and in my 70’s no way. I lean to more structure and solid colors. But it’s interesting. Lately, the trend of the 70’s isn’t the best throwback just in my opinion. I wasn’t fond of the 70’s fashion in the 70’s…….

  19. These all seem overdone to me. The outfit in the left looks droopy and not flattering. Perhaps it needed to be styled better on the mannequin?? None of these appeal to me. Happy Saturday

  20. The flowery two piece I like but I feel it would look better on a tall person not a 5’1” person. The navy dress if you are young, and the shirt I like but it’s a little too tunic for my height.

  21. Wow, I find myself maybe the lone wolf! I LOVE the two-piece outfit on the left and would wear it in a heartbeat. I tried to find it online to no avail. I love the drama of the bold floral print and the contrast of the other saturated colors. The neckline, sleeve length and midi-length handkerchief hem are great.
    I also like the pink top on the right but not the pastel colors in the design. But I’d try it on as I like that shade of coralish-pink.
    The dress would not work for me for many reasons…too short, and ruffles—especially paired with puffy sleeves—on my very broad shoulders are a no-go. I’ve never liked ruffles or anything resembling eyelet on me; they felt too girly for my large frame. (I am tallish with broad shoulders and about a size 12-14).
    I have always loved anything boho, and at 68 I still do—so I guess that’s why the two-piece outfit is so appealing. Wish I could find it, I’d order it today!

  22. Bohemian is not my style but I love the embroidery on the tunic. I would wear it if (big if) it was cropped to a regular shirt length and the collar was removed. The frills at the bottom don’t add anything and they are wrinkled on the mannequin which means they will be a hot mess if the wearer sits down. The collar just doesn’t go with the embroidery. So if (big if) I could alter it I’d wear it with cream cropped pants and gold sandals. I love eyelet but there’s just too much wrong with the black dress–too any details fighting with each other–ruffles over the sleeves, a collar that looks out of place, and all 4 pockets–and its black. I am finished with black. In my eyes here’s nothing to redeem the flowered mess–gaudy print with way too many elements, ruffles, weird hemline. I’m not seeing much online or in stores that tempts me this season.

  23. Nothing in this display speaks to me at all. The floral outfit on the left has way too much going on for my simple classic taste. The print is too overwhelming, & the fit is too sloppy. The black dress in the middle looks like something my twenty something granddaughters might wear which indicates that the look is too young for me. Despite its cheerful color, the tunic looks sad & kind of bedraggled to me. The hem & the placement of the flowers just looks odd.

  24. I might try the pink top but the elephant trunk or leash or whatever it is hanging between the legs .,would probably make me walk on by.

  25. What you’re seeing is the leg of a table behind the mannequin, but it took a closer look to make that determination.

  26. I must wonder what the person styling these mannequins had in mind. While each of these ensembles are probably perfectly lovely on their own, they look totally disjointed and unattractive together. What a shame. For example, I could picture the floral outfit on the left with a grouping of sleek black pants and fitted black jackets. The dress in the middle would look cute next to black linen pants and a black and white striped t-shirt. There’s just so much more that could have been done here.

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