Be an original in Clara Sunwoo Designs

be an original

Happy Thursday, ladies.  I am excited to discuss with you today how to be an original in Clara Sunwoo Designs.

This is a new brand to this blog that I am very impressed with and one that will help me to be an original…many of the designs speak my style adjectives.

Perhaps you have seen other looks throughout Instagram featuring the creativity of this talented Mother/Daughter team….Clara and Roseann Sunwoo.

be an original

I love Clara’s story told in this timeline on the OUR STORY webpage. 

Plus, make sure your read their Mission Statement as well. 

be an original

Now let’s discuss my Clara Sunwoo outfit and the importance of how to be an original.


be an original

Now, this is how I can be an original and casual chic around San Antonio this summer.

I know…these pieces are not in my color palette, but they are totally my style, so I am going to wear them and enjoy them….and take them this summer on my cruise!

They are so comfortable with great fit and style, and I should have made a video walking in these pants…they are lovely!

The selections are:

Kick Front High Slit Pant in Black

Modal-Cotton – Dolman Cuff High Low Tunic in White

Spring/Summer Collection including influence pictures


be an original

Tish Jett has learned much from Frenchwomen on how to be an original.  She writes in Living Forever Chic:

“Time and again, I’ve observed and been told by Frenchwomen that they learned at an early age that there is no point or advantage in trying to emulate some supposed fashion icon who is probably dressed by a professional stylist.  Mothers and grandmothers teach their descendants, both by example and explanation, that the only way to be yourself is to be different, “original,” as fashion legend Diana Vreeland said.  You are you. Figure out what you like about yourself and make the most of it.   However, inspiration is everywhere.  Observe, absorb, use the takeaways that work for you and then make them yours.”

The minute I spent time with Clara Sunwoo Designs, I thought of originality.  There are so many selections that speak my style adjectives of creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current.

Dressing with style adjectives has taught me how to be an original and how to encourage you to be uniquely you…every time you dress….by selecting your own adjectives to dress with consistently.


Be an original

I am so glad that the lovely ladies of Clara Sunwoo reached out and sent along this outfit.

They have my attention and I will be checking their styles often in order to be an original with my style adjectives.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting a new brand…as they said above, they make a wardrobe to last, travel easily, and need little care.

Let me know what you think……………….and, of course……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided content for this review and the words are my own.

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  1. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen Clara Sunwoo – I was wondering if this brand had vanished from the scene! Years ago, my sister and I shopped in a boutique that featured this brand, and she has a beautiful jean-style jacket that she purchased (not denim). This boutique no longer carries Clara Sunwoo, but my sister wore these things well, so I’ll let her know it’s not defunct. Your outfit is elegant, and from what I recall, this brand, like Eileen Fisher, offers both stylish elegance and comfort. I’m glad to see that they are still going strong!

  2. Hi Karen, I just posted your one comment. I got a new phone this week and have had a few “challenges” getting everything set up on the phone. Usually, I respond back and moderate comments from the phone. I apologize that it has been a little bit of a challenge this week.

  3. Thanks Paulette…I also love this…such a creative design for comfortable clothing.

  4. You look great – I will be checking out the designer sight. Is the necklace you are wearing part of her collection. It looks perfect with your outfit.

  5. My comment went into the ozone layer as well …

    I love the look and went to the website.. Sadly, this is one of those brands that don’t service small women. Not only do they not have Petites, their “extra small” is also too big for smaller women. I really don’t understand: do you think they believe that petite women cannot show their clothes to advantage? I would have bought this outfit — right in my coor wheelhouse.

  6. No…that is an older necklace I have owned for years. I liked it with this look.

  7. I hope they see your comment. I have no idea why they would not design for smaller ladies. They are the ones who would need to answer that.

  8. I am familiar with the Clara Sunwoo brand as another blogger, Susan after 60, used to wear this brand often several years ago. I also like for my clothing to be original, or edgy, and this brand delivers that. I especially like the pants you are wearing but the inseam is 31” and I cannot wear anything longer than 27”. However, I should be able to wear the tops so I will look at this brand. You look very comfortable, and hopefully, cool in your top and slit-front pants, and I certainly hope you enjoy wearing them.

  9. I did not think I would ever wear black and white again after my color change…but I do love this outfit and will wear it! Maybe someday she will have tops like this in warm colors.

  10. I agree that their sizing runs large. I’m 5’7″, a size 6 and wear an XS in the Clara Sunwoo brand. Their quality is excellent.

  11. I, too, had forgotten about this brand! There were two great boutiques in a nearby town that sold items, but sadly the stores closed. I remember buying several pieces, but after retirement and color change, I have only one left. I will keep my eyes open now and perhaps in the fall there will be my autumn colors! That is a very sophisticated outfit! Thanks for bringing Clara Sunwoo back to my attention.

  12. I apologize for the second post which repeats what I said earlier; I thought it was lost in cyber space much like Karens. I went back to see if it had posted after reading hers and didn’t see my first reply so re- wrote it. Now there are two! Sorry.

  13. Never apologize for making sure your comments are there, Paulette. We want to hear what you have to say! So sorry that switching phones temporarily messed things up a bit.

  14. I just looked up the fabric content of the top and it is beech tree modal and cotton. According to at least one source on the internet, beech tree modal takes and holds dye very well. So, just a thought, perhaps the tunic could be dyed to be a color that is in your palette. I realize that it is a very expensive piece of clothing to be experimenting with, but it might be worth it!

  15. Thanks for the information…I have dyed some tops before since embracing my warm palette and it has been successful…so I just might do that. It is super easy to do.

  16. This outfit is so you! You look fabulous Pam!! I love the creative shapes on you. I often find the style of items is more important than its color, if we have to make a choice.

  17. I’m glad to be aware of Clara Sunwoo…..I like their Mission statement. The clothes are beautiful but I looked for measurments (length of pants and tops, leg opening width, etc.) and found none. Judging by the length of their pants on you (much taller than me), I would have to cut off the entire slit to get them short enough. Apparently, you need to fit into them, they don’t try to fit you.

  18. Thanks Jennifer…I really love this outfit and as long as the black isn’t near my face then it works!

  19. Several questions here would be excellent to ask the brand through customer service. I obviously have no idea about their sizing.

  20. I’m so glad you are allowing those colors back in your palette, even if only in a limited way. Black and white combos have sophisticated, creative looks that nothing else can beat. Our hair and skin tones change as we get older, I am ten years older than you are (at least) and here to attest to that. What looked good on me 10 years ago-warm autumn tones, oranges, brown, creams-now do me no favors at all. My skin has lightened along with my hair color, and now pink, blues, pure whites, and silver look best on me. It does happen…

  21. Glad to hear about this brand, and I applaud their mission statement and commitment to comfort and wrinkle-free fabrics. I would have purchased the side tie top in the beige and teal “abstract grid” print but it’s already gone in my size. I thought of you when I saw their knit ruffle overlay top in palm branch coral – not many color choices for us Autumns. I don’t see anything else in their current collection that fills any holes for me during a “low buy” season, but will bookmark their site and check back when I’m in shopping mode, especially for travel. You look fantastic in the pieces you chose, and I love that necklace!

  22. I love that outfit! And those shoes look like they would be perfect with so many outfits. What are they?

  23. They are old Clark Flats that I found at Macy’s a few years ago in a lovely pewter color. So sorry they are no larger available

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