Closet Dive: Jackets for a cool spring

jackets for spring

Happy Fashion Friday, Friends!  Today I do a closet dive to show you jackets for a cool spring.

In South Texas, we do not have many occasions to wear jackets in the spring, but this past week has been one.

The cool spring weather has been simply glorious.  Tux and I have been out walking just to soak In the cool, dry air…which will leave soon.

As I dressed for several different occasions, I created outfits from a closet dive that all included jackets for a cool spring.

I promised to show you more outfits from my closet, so come along and see what I wore last week.


jackets for spring

Last Saturday, I was blessed to go shopping all day with my daughter.

It has been a long time since we could go just the two of us, no time constraints, and it was wonderful.

We hit Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Dillards hard!! She needed wedding event wear and work wear.  We even lunched in the Nordstrom cafe.

I selected from my closet dive to wear a jacket for spring from Banana Republic, a knit deep green top from a local boutique in washable silk; my JCP a.n.a white jeggings ; and  a Johnny Was silk scarf.

The shoes are about a year old and are from Dillard’s...UGG® Alameda Sammy Slip-On Sneakers.  My daughter l left the shoe department at Dillard’s last week with three pair of shoes!

I decided on the pink just to have something lighter than a white that might compliment my warmer wardrobe…but my eye is on that Sea Salt color…these are very comfy shoes.

I do want to add that my favorite clothing at Banana Republic is the jackets…I have experienced great success with them and the brand has excellent sales.  Always check the SALE tab.

I have also had great success with these jeans from JCP…and they have a huge sale on right now. I am considering ordering another pair in a different color.


jackets for spring

A few days later, I was part of a meeting at church with one of the pastors.

Again, it was cool spring weather…so I selected from my closet dive a jacket for a cool spring.

First off, I am carrying a larger bag in order to include a notebook for taking notes on the meeting…I am old school journalism…I never take meeting notes in my phone.

This is a fun very casual bag that I have owned for over a year and that I discovered on Amazon.

It is the Myra Bag Carroty Upcycled Canvas and leather handbag.  I really like it when I am more casual and it has a phone ouch and a Parisian vibe to it.

Most of my jackets for a cool spring are Talbots and I like that I can wear them all year long in South Texas.  These are also Talbots Jeggings, and they button and zip in the front.

I originally showed you the blouse in navy, but at such a great price, I went back to JCP and purchased this one in “brown glove” which really is a burnt orange.

This is the Ryegrass Womens Split Tie Neck Short Sleeve Tee Shirt…which is not a tee shirt…but a nice casual top.  Good quality and I am wearing both the blue and brown often.

For JCP purchases through Sunday, use the code BIRTHDAY for additional savings.


jackets for spring

Most of my family attended Easter services today last Sunday, and we got this picture by our church playground.

The name of our church is Community Bible Church, but it is usually called CBC…just explaining the letters.

You can see I wore the same outfit as worn to the Bridal Dress Fitting.

These washable silk, magic dresses I have discovered at a favorite local boutique, Elizabeth’s, will be worn often!  I feel great in them.

This one goes well with my Chico’s denim jacket.  I am happy to say that this one is getting a little big on me! YAY!

When a dress makes you feel super confident and comfortable , wear it often…who cares if it has been seen before!

I am wearing an old pair of Clarks Ballet Flats originally purchased at Macys and they have served me well.

We had a wonderful time…but missed our bride and groom. 

Now, here are a few items I have seen while looking around what brands have for spring:

There you have it…my jackets for a cool spring…and this week was cool…but looks like the heat is on next week….thanks for being here and always


By Pamela Lutrell

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jackets for a cool spring


  1. What a great family photo! I’m a big fan of jackets, either in cooler weather or when our Texas air conditioning is cranked up everywhere in the summer. Thanks for reminding me to dig through mine and find a few that are perfect for this time of year. I even found one I bought earlier this spring that I had forgotten completely!

  2. These are great jackets and perfect toppers with jeans as well as dresses, as you’ve shown. (I’m old school with notes too! I see people in church typing into phones and tablets, and I have my spiral Sermon Notes and a pen!!)
    I like your monochrome look in the top picture… for some reason I find myself thinking more about high and low contrast, and am really liking low contrast for spring. We are having a beautiful spring with a mix of cool and very warm days (with a couple WAY too cool mixed in!), but can wear jackets definitely in the morning. Such a beautiful time of year!! Is your cafe at Nordstrom the Cafe Bistro?? My sister and I always have dinner at Cafe Bistro at Nordstrom when we go on our annual shopping trip in May, and the food is delicious! Just wondering if yours is that, or a different one?

  3. Yes it is a Cafe Bistro…and they have excellent food. It is so fun to shop and then eat or get tea there. Thanks Karen.

  4. So happy to help! Enjoy finding those treasured pieces we may have forgotten about.

  5. What a wonderful Easter you must have had with so many family members together. Your often wearing that dress we all love reminds me how I wore a kimono yesterday that I’m going to wear often because you have made me think differently about wearing clothing that people will remember. When I wear my kimonos, I’ll think of your encouragement! Now I need to go look in my closet for my jackets!

  6. You looked great! I have a suede version of those Ugg slip ons and love them too. Totally agree on the Banana Republic jackets. I wish some of their other clothes were not so cropped, as I think their aesthetic is often in my wheelhouse, and their quality is really good. I enjoy looking at their website sometimes just for the styling. They are one of the few brands out there that, imo, really know what they want to be. Have you ever tried their factory store? I have not, but I’ve heard good things.

  7. I am so happy to give you a gentle push in that direction. Wear often what you love and feel confident in. Happy Friday Celia.

  8. I have tried their outlet store and been able to get their pieces very inexpensively. I don’t have that many but believe the garments I own are good quality and I paid a very reasonable price. I have never paid full price for anything there. Thanks Linda.

  9. Love this beautiful family photo! Wonderful memories are all a part if our important holidays I think.
    You look great in your jackets, and yes Springtime here is certainly cool enough for a good looking jacket. Especially mornings!
    I’ll have to peek in at Banana Republic!

  10. Thanks Paulette…we had a wonderful weekend over Easter. I am so glad to have spring jackets for when this happens in South Texas. Tomorrow, though? We are predicted to be in the high 90s!

  11. Loved your photo. Also, thank you for including Elizabeth”s boutique … if I am ever in San Antonio, I will look that up!

  12. You have a beautiful family! I love your photo with your children and g-kids; just look at all those smiles! I think it’s frame-worthy!

  13. It is…I agree…except we are missing two…but there will be frame worthy photos from the wedding.

  14. I love when you include family photos. What a beautiful crew! Your shopping trip with your daughter reminded me of similar days spent with my mother. Even though she is still with us, her shopping days are long gone. We do still enjoy her standing hair appointment every Tuesday, followed by lunch out and about. That’s about all she can handle, but thanks for the memories you brought to mind for me. 😊

  15. Thank you for wanting to see these snippets of my life, Connie. I cherish each moment with family.

  16. Pamela, you have a lovely family. Love your jacket collection, I’d wear any of them..It’s still a bit nippy here in the SF Bay area, but not heavy coat weather. Check out this jacket from Amazon, Michael Stars Women’s Linen Jean Jacket, I purchased this at a local boutique, it’s cute, comfortable, but doesn’t carry the weight of a denim jacket. Perfect for spring….now I’m going to dive into my coat closet and see what I can unearth…

  17. What a wonderful Easter family photo. All those lovely smiles made me smile back. Great jacket looks. I wouldn’t have thought to pair off white with white but I really like the way you put that look together. I will copy that and even have some blush pink slip-ons to complete the look. I love wearing a jacket and admit to a pretty decent collection of spring/fall jackets. A couple are more than 10 years old but still in great shape. We are blessed with long springs and falls here so they get a lot of use. I take them to church in the summer because of the air conditioning.

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