How I wear colors for Fiesta


wear colors

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today I discuss how I wear colors for Fiesta, which officially begins today.

If you need a little boost to your day, then I always recommend to wear colors.

Colorful outfits often just put a smile on your face…I know it works for me.

Something wonderful about Fiesta events in San Antonio, is that you rarely see an unhappy participant…it is one joyful event to the next.

Our Fiesta usually begins with the cutest parade ever…so come join in the fun.


wear colors

My first opportunity to wear colors for Fiesta usually includes a celebration with grandchildren.

It is an outdoor event…as most Fiesta events are…so comfortable is at the top of the needs for this outfit.

This week, I selected a linen top from Planet by Lauren G, that I have owned for a few years.  You most often see her clothing in boutiques.

I paired the top with my white no-stain girlfriend crops from Chico’s.

I plan to go as long as I can before I purchase smaller pants.  I realize some of mine are looking loose.

Also, you might enjoy seeing these pants that are currently at Chico’s:

My yellow wooden beads were discovered at Goodwill San Antonio for under $5.  The sandals are the Vionic Karley Metallic Geo print thong sandals.  Very comfy. 


wear colors

A pre-school Fiesta parade is just the cutest of all Fiesta events…next to the pooch parade.

My four-year-old grandson rode his decorated bike, and my two-year-old granddaughter played her Mexican maracas.  

wear colors


wear colors

Here is Cece!  She also likes to wear colors like me, and is a big fan of Soft Surroundings.

She found her sandals recently at a Sketcher’s outlet and said they are super comfy.

She always looks great and I when we are headed to the same places, I often think…what would Cece wear?


wear colors

After the parade, I stopped by Dillard’s and saw many other ways to wear colors during Fiesta.

My two favorites were both shoes.

This Gianni Bini Zereena Printed Layered Bow Slide Sandals is a super fun flat sandal.

wear colors

And, these Gianni Bini Penni Rainbow Corded Knot Flat Sandals.

I love a party on my feet, but these also come in a neutral sandal as well.


wear colors

I do love to wear neutrals.  But, when I need to brighten my day and my smile, I choose to wear colors.

Fiesta is such a wonderful 10 days because everyone is wearing colors…and celebrating.  

Thanks for joining this Gigi and Cece as we celebrated our grandchildren and Fiesta!


By Pamela Lutrell

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wear colors


  1. What a lovely tradition! It is such a wholesome way for all generations to celebrate. I love you in spicey outfits. Enjoy.

  2. When someone says “a riot of color,” from now on I will think of your fiesta! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve only been to Fiesta once and I was a child. What a tremendous time of year. Those sandals!!! I have to have a back on mine or I would snatch them up. So happy looking

  4. I mostly go to the smaller events now. When I was younger, I did not mind the crowds like I do now…the first big event is tonight to kick it off.

  5. So happy to see San Antonio celebrating Fiesta with parades and wholesome activities! I love turquoise, hot pinks and strong yellows. So vibrant and fun! Here in my neck of the woods Coachella music festival is in full swing and no words can describe what I see out there!

  6. I’m getting such a sweet picture in my mind of those precious pre-school cuties in a bright parade! It looks like so much fun. Cece is also a well-dressed grandma!

  7. She is always well dressed and has a fashion retail background and it shows. Thanks Kim.

  8. Your Fiesta has me singing lionel richies song in my head !!
    “Well, my friends, the time has come
    To raise the roof and have some fun
    Throw away the work to be done
    Let the music play on (play on, play on, play on…)
    Everybody sing, everybody dance
    Lose yourself in wild romance
    We’re going to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever
    Come on and sing along!
    We’re going to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever
    Come on and sing along!”
    Love the colors and the colorful shoes are awesome. !
    It’s Funny you said you want to hang on to your pants before buying smaller sizes .! Great idea, but if you sew , just take them up in the seams (but I no longer have sewing machine ) or get them altered if cost effective … but for me , buying new smaller sizes and giving away my bigger ones (, when i took off those pesky comfort food lbs .Igained during covid isolation ,) has given me the best mental incentive to stay slimmer and eat much healthier .😩 enjoy the fiesta !

  9. Fiesta blessings to you and best wishes for a safe, fun celebration with your entire crew from another Gigi! What a great way to kick off the festivities for the little ones and get them in the spirit of things. I can imagine your grandkids taking their own kids to Fiesta someday, saying “I’ve done this since I was in pre-school!” Since I struggle to wear bright colors, I really appreciated seeing Cece’s outfit – still fun and festive, but more subdued with the brighter colors more like accents, rather than the main attraction. Looking forward to seeing what else you wear for other Fiesta events, as well as the upcoming shower!

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