JCP shorts are a great find and on sale

JCP shorts

Happy fashion Friday, friends!  Today, I want to show you how JCP shorts are a great find and on sale at an incredible price.

This week I have focused on colorful style for Fiesta in San Antonio.

Over the 10 day celebration, we always experience some heat.

I remember suffering through many Battle of Flowers Parades because I did not want to wear shorts or a dress.

Those days are gone.  Shorts and dresses are back in my life and I am so glad to welcome them with Fiesta!

Let’s dive into this a bit deeper……


JCP shorts

The only thing I would add to this outfit with the JCP shorts if I were going to the parade would be a big hat!!

The parade begins late morning and goes through early afternoon so it is noonday sun and heat.   Recently they began to start it earlier to avoid some of that heat.

I am wearing my JCP Shorts today with another top I found at the Fiesta Store.  I know the tassels are placed a little weird, but I really like the top.

When we were taking this picture, I tried to twirl the tassels which gave Leigh Ann and me a good laugh!  She threatened to turn on the video!

JCP shorts

I first discovered the JCP shorts when we went to the mall to check out what they had for spring.

These are the LIZ CLAIBORNE SARA WOMENS MID RISE BERMUDA SHORTS…which come in several colors.  When I wrote this post, these JCP shorts were 52% off and only cost $19!!

While this Apricot Sherbet is a lovely color, I decided the traditional blue jean (Armour Wash) would work better in my wardrobe.

As I have said before, I am currently impressed with the quality, fit and comfort of most clothing I find at JCP.

And, the JCP shorts are at the top of the list.  I do not think I would ever cuff them, but that could be done if you like.

We highly recommend the shorts.


jcp shorts

While JCP shorts are my way of cooling off for events, my granddaughter and her friends prefer their dresses and shorts!  

She is the one with flowers in her hair.

Many wear dresses to battle the heat, but I did not want to spend money on Fiesta dresses…I never really know just how many of the events I will be able to make.

But, the JCP shorts cover and cool how I want them too…I am certain I will wear them often this summer.


JCP shorts


This week we have discussed ways to cover our arms for special events and I saw two more on sale at Chico’s.

Look at  this RUFFLE SLEEVE CARDIGAN .  I saw it in store and it is fun and lovely…I think they only have navy blue in most sizes, but that would be great preference to black for many of us.

Also, check out the Travelers Collection Burnout Cardigan on sale.  Another fun way to cover our arms for special events and evenings.

Several of you have already ordered the EMBROIDERED KIMONO in this picture….not on sale yet, but a lovely way to use your Reward Certificates.

Thanks for joining me this week for Fiesta outfits…please leave any thoughts…tomorrow is another round of Style Tips with me and Jennifer…come see our challenges for you….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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JCP shorts



  1. Such a colorful week. Thank you for sharing your love of fiesta. We are so far from this weather and celebration in Maine. My husband and I lived in the Dominican Republic for 5 years. Santo Domingo was a colorful city. This brings back many memories. Love the photos of the little ones. Of COURSE your granddaughter has flowers in her hair!

  2. I bet Santa Domingo was a colorful city, Deborah. Last night was the opening event for Fiesta meant to officially kick things off, but we had a severe storm move in and all was quickly cancelled. We needed the rain so it is hard to complain…hopefully the rest of the time the festivities will go on.

  3. Such a happy and festive celebration you will be enjoying ( barring any more storms). Pam, I Love your tasseled top–It looks cute with your new shorts. Thank you for the heads up on JCP shorts, by the way. The length is perfect!
    Happy weekend!

  4. I am glad I found these shorts, Paulette! And at such a great price. Happy Weekend to you!

  5. Those are the kind of shorts I like. They aren’t much different from a straight jeans skirt.
    We’ve had a couple of pretty hot days, but overall it’s still a little cool for me to switch into shorts.
    The fellow next door, who was wearing shorts into mid-December, has already got his back on!

    No video of the twirl the tassles ???

  6. Nope…there are some things you just don’t want online…but we had a good laugh!

  7. I love the top, but the tassels are a bit odd, I think, so I agree with you. Can you remove them? Then you would have those pretty vertical panels which are the highlight!

  8. I might need to take it to a seamstress, Susan. I looked at it and they are really sewn on there well. But I would like to have them removed.

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