Today’s news for women over 50

Today's news

Mid-week smiles back at you, ladies!  It is time for Today’s news for women over 50!

On this day, I curate together lifestyle stories from around media world, so that you have ones of interest to you in one location.

So easy…it is your own weekly newsletter that arrives here on the blog every Wednesday.

So, let’s settle into a comfy spot and prepare to read today’s news for women over 50!


today's news

Food.Com: Muffin-Tin Crab Cakes Recipe

Clean Plates:  9 slow cooker recipes that harness the power of beans

Plant Powered: Vegetarian Copycat P.F. Changs lettuce wraps

Sally’s Baking Recipes:  Healthier Muffin Recipes

Southern Living:  24 fresh and colorful spring salads

Pioneer Woman:  20+ easy picnic food ideas to enjoy on a sunny day

The Daily Meal:  The clever reason Italians drink espresso with sparkling mineral water


Todays News

Eating Well:  Researchers figured out why some folks feel worse about eating fiber

Sci Tech Daily:  Researchers have developed a blood test for anxiety

Today Show: How a woman cured her acid reflux, and lost 114 pounds 

Good Morning America:  New research shows even moderate drinking isn’t good for your health


today's news

My French Country Home:  Essentials for entertaining in the garden

Better Homes & Gardens:  4 Common Decorating Mistakes and 10 best companion plants to keep pests off kale

Southern Living: After 40 years of marriage,  This Delaware Couple has developed the garden of a lifetime

Veranda: Danielle Rollins Palm Beach Chic and Neutral Apartment is inspired by palm trees


Today's News

Movie Webb:  Rankings for all of the actors who have played Mr. Darcy

The Discoverer:  The 5 coolest countries you haven’t heard of


KSAT TV: 2,000-year-old stolen artifact heading back to Germany after Texas woman bought it at Goodwill for $35


today's news

Eileen Fisher: The future is regenerative

Organic Facts:  How to Make Lemon Oil (hearing more and more about the success of lemon peel and olive oil for our complexions)

Insider:  Quiet Luxury explained: What it is and what brands stand to benefit

Youtube: How To Wear Dark Blue Jeans For Spring & Summer 2023 & Brighten Them Up!

Today’s lookbook Includes brands I would file under quiet luxury…

Thanks for joining me and let me know if you have any thoughts on Today’s News for Women over 50!  See you tomorrow with the beginning of San Antonio’s Fiesta!


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. I subscribe to Your Guide to Style and was glad to see Jamie’s feature on dark jeans included! She is much younger, but has such helpful videos that can be applied across all age groups. She has fun ideas that I have incorporated into my own wardrobe. I used to put dark jeans away in the summer, but will no longer do that. And those PF Chang’s lettuce wraps….not sure anything vegetarian can really be as good as the original, but it’s a real treat to get those in the restaurant!!

  2. What a helpful collection, Pam. I like the idea of quiet luxury and conscious consumerism. It is refreshing in this throw-away society. Can’t wait to try some bean recipes, and muffins, too. Thanks for putting this together.

  3. I have always loved those lettuce wraps and I need to test this recipe. Will try to do it soon. Thanks Karen.

  4. I saw that article on quiet luxury, and some others. I don’t like to think of myself as overly affected by trends, but I guess I am, because I’ve been thinking a lot about a more curated, higher end wardrobe. I don’t need very many clothes, and I’ve always been drawn to natural fibers and a simple aesthetic (with accessories, though, because of my “interesting” adjective). I hate logos on clothing and bags … they should be paying -me- to wear advertising, not the other way around. The luxury has to be within reason cost-wise for me, but I love the fit and silhouette on many better brands. I have had a good look around my closet, and have noticed that my better brands have survived several purges, while my “fun” and “just need variety and it’s on sale” stuff goes. I bet if I added up the money I’ve spent on the latter, I could have had a few good pieces that would still be front and center in my closet.

  5. If “beige and gray” are quiet luxury, I hope San Antonio and Miami don’t follow the trend.

  6. I love to read about lost art work! Happy to hear Germanicus is going home! Great articles! Thank you Pam!

  7. As most of you know, I have bee leaning this direction, but had no idea it was a trend with label. I am just following that I believe is best for me right now…who knew?

  8. I will be eating a lot of salad meals as the weather gets warmer. Adding a protein like shrimp, chicken or even salmon to mixed greens & fresh veggies from the farmers market makes a cool & filling dinner on a hot summer day, so the article on salads gave me some additional ideas. I appreciated the article on decorating mistakes as I am collecting ideas for my home redo. I also enjoyed the article on quiet luxury. I no longer do fast fashion & have never been a fan of logos. Some great bargains can be found at outlet stores for Banana Republic & others. This reconciles my love of high-end fashion & my need to be mindful of my budget. Thanks for the work you put into finding all these interesting articles.

  9. Thanks, Pam. I so enjoy your Wednesday selections. I’m going to try some salads and love the idea of “healthy” muffins – lol. I am going to try one or two, though.

  10. Thanks for another great assortment of information! I was fascinated by the story of Germanicus, and wondered if you will be able to see it while it’s in San Antonio. I also really enjoy Jamie’s video on dark jean outfits, as they are a staple for me. I hadn’t seen her before, and fell down the rabbit hole of her channel – so much great info! Thanks for cultivating yet another great collection for us.

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