Style Tips: how to style a white dress

style tips

Happy Saturday, fellow fashion stylists!  Welcome to the new STYLE TIPS segment with me and my friend, Jennifer.

We are touching your shoulder with our magic wands and turning all of you into fashion stylists for the day.

It has been so much fun to read your style tips and I do believe we are all learning from one another.

Just pretend that you are a fashion stylists and sharing style tips with a client…or friend…on how to style the featured garments in different ways.

Remember, this is NOT would you wear it…but rather…how would you style it.

So, let’s get started with the fun!


style tips

White dresses become staples for many of us when warmer weather takes over.

Your style tips should be very thoughtful:  where is your client wearing the white dress?  How do you use accessories to communicate different messages with your style tips?

Give it some careful thought.  This may seem simple…but is it.  How do. you change up the style each time you wear it?

style tips

Of course, there are many white dresses…the display is here to get you thinking and give you a dress to begin your style tip ideas.

Here are a few more white dresses for inspiration, currently on the market:

Now, tell us…what are your style tips for wearing a white dress?


style tips

All of the top selling items on this blog this week were from Chico’s. 

The top selling item was my TIERED FRINGE SLEEVE CARDIGAN…but the majority wanted it in the lighter Agua Azul color.  

I am so glad I bought this cardigan…I love it!

The Shantung Topper in the gold color called coriander was also at the top of sales.

Many of you also wanted my Single Fray Ankle Jeggings in the sea salt color…another garment I am so glad to have in my closet.

Sea Salt is a softer, creamier white and not a stark brilliant white.

My whole look was explained in this post: A NEW WAY TO COVER ARMS AND A SPECIAL OFFER.

OK ladies…it is your turn…what are your Style Tips for wearing a white dress?…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and style Jennifer’s garment…and make sure that you always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips



  1. I’d go with a classic nautical look, for weekend walks along the harbour – with raffia espadrilles, a thin red belt & a navy blue cardigan (similar to the one shown here). Maybe also a straw hat & tote if sitting outdoors for a picnic.

  2. For this white dress I would keep it simple as she’s attending a garden party/ flower show.
    She will need an extra large and colorful silk scarf to drape over her shoulders somehow and a large brimmed summer woven hat to keep sun off her face. A small bag in vibrant shade will carry only sunglasses and lipstick all set off with comfy shoes — to her choosing.

  3. For a sophisticated look I’d go with black…… belt, shoes/sandals, black and white abstract printed scarf/shawl over the shoulders, black straw hat. Then, of course, the other extreme would be to use a soft straw belt, straw colored sandals, straw hat and airy woven beige shawl over the shoulders.

  4. Hi, the tiered cardigan looks very nice on you and I’d like to buy it also in navy! I haven’t figured out Chico sizing. May I ask the size you purchased and if it’s true to your regular sizing? Thanks so much

  5. I love the white dress with the sweater wrapped around. Where is the dress from?
    Thank you,

  6. I love white dresses. I’d style it with beige, tan or nude footwear to create less contrast to my legs than a white pair would. I’d need a cardigan so would likely look for white one to not detract from the dress. Happy Saturday Pam!!

  7. I’ve worn Chico’s for years – I normally wear a size 14, and a Chico’s size 2. I believe they have sizing info on their website, or just google ‘info on Chico’s sizing’. Normally, a 2 fits perfectly.

  8. Paulette got me thinking florals, so … she’s going to lunch with friends and an art show afterwards. She’ll take a colorful floral cardigan and wear floral slingbacks to complement it — also a belt in one of the cardigan’s colors. She’ll wear a more neutral shoulder bag big enough to hold glasses (maybe reading as well as sun glasses), cosmetics, hairbrush, and facial tissue — she has pollen allergies, poor thing. Maybe also, a spot remover as this is, after all, a white dress. Happy Sat., Pam.

  9. This is a versatile dress that could go casual with espadrilles and a cardi or dress up for a summer wedding with metallic sandals and a pretty straw hat. I would prefer to keep it light and airy with light neutrals or metallic colors. I feel the black sweater overpowers the airy simplicity.

  10. With its classic design (length, pleats, semi-fitted and possibly its fabric as appears it might be patterned ) I feel it deems elevated (leather) accessories in footwear (wedged or heeled in a shoe or sandal type) with a structured handbag. As to their colors and with the dress being a white; ‘the sky is the limit’ however with that being said I would even consider the old rule of having the footwear and handbag matching or otherwise choose either in a white. Jewelry would be kept to a minimum and depending upon the occasion add statement acrylic framed sunnies to the equation in lieu of earrings since many are now decoratively accented on their temples. i.e.: Rhinestones, pearls, studs etc. If desiring arm coverage I would opt for something lightly woven in the form of a wrap/shawl and in a shade lighter then my chosen palette. -Brenda-

  11. I would start with removing the black sweater. I think there are ruffles under it. I would add a multi layered colored necklace small enough to lay inside the ruffles, but bright enough to be seen. Then sandals the same color as the necklace or at least in the family of colors. Then a white tote with a printed scarf tied on it. Put a sweater or large scarf in tote if needed.

  12. For summer, I love all white dressing with turquoise jewelry. Or silver jewelry. I’d do a neutral shoe. I also like the black sweater tied around the neck here as black and white is always sophisticated. A black patent belt and shoes would finish the look. For a preppy approach, I’d do a scattering of accessories in hot pink or orange (maybe a mix of both) or an ocean blue. Again, I’d keep the shoes neutral as I’m not a fan of white shoes. Pam, I might pass up that cardigan on a hanger, but I’m loving it on you. You look creative and approachable. (Are either of those in your 5?)

  13. Not sure what the neckline looks like on the white dress (cardigan tied over the shoulders is way to heavy for the light fabric), but I’d start with a large straw hat, a pretty shawl in soft colors, simple earrings, small straw bag and either scrappy sandals or espadrilles. What I would really wear is the blazer and white slacks to the left of the model. SO my style!

    Happy Fiesta (I used to live in SAT).

  14. What a sensational dress! (Too bad white dresses are frowned upon for wedding guests!) The fabric looks like it has a lovely pattern and the belt looks like leather. Both really elevate the look. I wish I could see the neckline. For the classic in me. I would style it with either dark lime or marine navy accessories. I am picturing heels, a bracelet or two, earrings, (dare I suggest gloves?)… maybe à coordinating scarf if the night cools down. For the natural in me I picture my straw hat, straw bag, and espadrilles. A short little light weight natural colored sweater over my arm.

  15. I like the spot remover – I carry a Tide To Go pen with me everywhere, whatever colour I’m wearing haha!

  16. Lovely dress. My instincts are to use neutrals – black, navy, or gray – or red to ground the white. Navy and red would be fabulous – navy or red blazer or cardigan with a contrasting belt. I would match shoes to belt or blazer, although I do like the white belt for the column of color. A print scarf would be a nice touch.

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