A new way to cover arms and a special offer

new way to cover arms

Happy Monday, everyone!  So much is going on this week, but I wanted to begin showing you a new way to cover arms and give a special offer!

At the end of the this week, we will attend a Texas ranch couples shower for my son and his bride-to-be, and also this week San Antonio’s Fiesta celebration kicks off.

Right now, the weather is stunning and I hope it holds for all of it.

Today’s outfit was taken while meeting Leigh Ann for lunch to catch up on all that has been going on in our lives lately.

Since I do not see her as often as I did in the past two years, we needed to sit down and just visit…it was great.

So, join me now as I explain what I wore, and later look for a special offer I have just for this audience.


new way to cover arms

I have been specifically looking for a new way to cover arms since I have purchased so many lovely sleeveless dresses recently.

I did not want a traditional cardigan…just not the style I was going for with my new dresses….but, then this popped up at Chico’s.

This is the TIERED FRINGE SLEEVE CARDIGAN, and it comes in three colors.

I went with classic navy just because I believed it would go with more of my wardrobe…..which is mostly an autumn palette wardrobe.

It is lovely, lightweight, creative, and everything I was looking for but did not really know what I was looking for.

When I first put it on, I thought I needed to show you immediately rather than wait until I wore it at one of the wedding event.

When I wore it to lunch, I paired it with my Chico’s SINGLE FRAY ANKLE JEGGINGS in Sea Salt, which is more of an off-white.

Underneath I am wearing a new Eileen Fisher STRETCH SILK JERSEY SCOOP NECK TANK in Espresso.  I could live in this tank.  I wish it was offered in more colors.

My orange purse is the one I purchased in Cabo San Lucas on vacation, and the KANTHA GARLAND NECKLACE is still a favorite from World Finds.

My flip flops are by Aetrex and I walked all over Cabo in them…great comfort.  Here are similar ones on Amazon….Aetrex Emmy Braided Sandal. 

We met at La Madeleine for lunch, and I enjoyed this outfit so much, I decided to wear it to church the next day.

After church, Mr. B specifically said, let’s go to La Madeleine for breakfast…so there many be some workers there who got a double dose of this look!

I do think this piece is a beautiful new way to cover arms and look forward to wearing it more.


a new way to cover arms

This fun top from Clara Sun Woo is also a new way to cover arms.

If you liked the styles from the post BE AN ORIGINAL IN CLARA SUN WOO DESIGNS, then I have good news for you.

For 10% OFF on any purchases, then click on this link, CLARA SUN WOO, and at the checkout use the discount code PAM50.

Please use that link, and that discount code.  Every little bit helps…right?

In addition to my new cardigan, another new way to cover arms at wedding events will be the Eileen Fisher Sheer Silk Georgette Poncho.

I now own two…one in Espresso, and one in Amalfi.  I sized down on both and really like the look.  I promised to show you how I am wearing them.

I would also love one in Cobblestone…still thinking…three just may be two many.

These fit my style adjectives of polished, creative, approachable, joyful, and current so well.  A short traditional cardigan is really too warm for the climate I live in, and I like the creativity of these two pieces.

What are your favorite ways to cover your arms?  Please share!

The rest of this week will include some casual fiesta styles!   Fiesta officially begins on Thursday…now make sure to enjoy this day and always…………………………….



By Pamela Lutrell

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new ways to cover your arms


  1. You look great! Since changing my colors, I often look at espresso and navy in my closet, and go hmmmm? I might just try it. I suspect it’s like brown with black (actually one of my fave combos), or navy and black (growing to like it). Are there any tricks to styling expresso with navy? Does the navy have to be a certain shade? As for my favorite way to cover arms: I have a couple of short, very open weave cardigans from Alfani that are great for this purpose. I also have a couple of linen knit cardigans from Talbots, and a linen tunic from Foxcroft I often wear over a sleeveless item. But in really hot weather? My way to cover arms is not to bother. Sometimes I think we call attention to figure flaws while trying to hide them, and on a 90 degree, dripping-humidity day, I would feel ridiculous (and uncomfortable) with arms covered.

  2. I am not sure if the navy has to be a certain shade…when I put these together I liked them so I went with it. I am actually going to talk more about my arms and aging tomorrow. I agree there are many times in hot weather that to cover my arms just doesn’t make sense.

  3. I love these suggestions for covering arms! In the past few years I have become really self conscious about my crepey looking upper arms. I know there are those who say embrace your body and be thankful you made it to the age to have this issue, but there are times when I do feel like I’m just not comfortable baring it all! I also decided this summer to embrace dresses more. They’re cooler in the heat but still keep you looking put together. My issue has been so many are sleeveless. These are great ideas for looking great and feeling great about the way you look!
    Thanks, Pam!
    Linda Ann S

  4. My favorite arm coverings are cardigans, from thick and cozy to barely-there open weave or linen. I am looking to replace my navy spring/summer cardi. After several seasons and with so much wear, I usually manage to end up with several pulls or holes in the weave. Most used is my white cardigan, chiefly because it gives me a nice bright and finished look to almost anything summery. Which reminds me, I’m searching for a replacement white summer hobo style handbag, just very casual for hitting the festivals and whatnot. Happy busy week!!!

  5. Love the outfit and color combination, Pam. The orange bag adds the punch for us autumns! Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog.

  6. Happy Fiesta week, Pamela! I can’t wait to see the outfits you’ve put together for the shower and all the Fiesta fun. That jacket is really cute and definitely fits your adjectives. I avoided getting a blue jean jacket for years because they were always so boxy, but ten years ago I found one at Belk that is more fitted and hipbone length. A decade later, it is my “go to” arm camouflage for most casual outfits. I recently washed and pressed it and reevaluated, wondering if it was becoming dated, but I think it is somewhat timeless and the fit is still perfection. I also use large scarves like shawls in the summer over sundresses and shorter sleeves. As Linda MS said above, I am growing more comfortable with baring my arms in the summer. Since turning sixty four years ago I have realized that no one else is scrutinizing what I’m wearing, and they don’t care how I look. I don’t consider that an excuse to be sloppy (polished is one of my adjectives) but I find that the less I care what others think about my looks the happier I am.

  7. That is a cute piece, Pamela, and you look great in it! It will be useful in air conditioned rooms, restaurants especially! That said, I only have one sleeveless dress. It’s 12 years old (from Dress Barn – remember them?) and has a little short-sleeved cropped coordinating cardigan. I wear it about 1-2 times a year. My strategy for covering my arms is to simply buy garments with sleeves: cap, short, elbow, 3/4, wrist, etc. I believe so, so many tops and dresses are sleeveless to force us ladies to purchase another piece to top them. I vote with my dollars by purchasing items with sleeves. It’s just one vote, but who knows?

  8. I have two open weave cardigans with elbow length sleeves. They are very light weight. My husband bought the first one in white for me as a gift. I liked it so well I bought one in navy.

  9. Happy to help Linda…I will be in more dresses and shorts this summer. Bring it on!

  10. Thanks for telling me what you are shopping for, Connie. I will let you know if I see contenders!

  11. Fiesta outfits for me are always pretty simple in order to deal with the heat and crowds…but I try to have fun with it! I like how this cardigan takes casual up a notch and closer to fun!

  12. Typically I am with you Kim and my dress shopping has included sleeves. But for some reason the dresses I have liked the most for wedding events were sleeveless, but I now have three ways to tackle them. The cardigan will work for the cooler spring days and the flowy sheer ponchos will see me through the summer. The actual dress for the wedding does have sleeves.

  13. Only in the months of July -September do I worry about hiding mydroopy crepey upper arms! But I do. I wear primarily 3/4 sleeves in colorful bateau or v neck tees. If I I wear a cool tank instead I’ll top it with a natural fiber open weave cardigan. I need to find one more! I have a few ruanas which also work well.

  14. Tomorrow I am going to address how I cover sometimes and not cover sometimes. It seems to be that I cover when I want to look my confident, dressed up best. Thanks Paulette

  15. I very seldom wear cardigans but I am loving this one as it really does appear Artisan created, Pamela. As to arm coverage in lieu of cardigans I lean towards long sleeved tops that range from T-shirts/Blouse/Shirts/ Blazers which come in an abundance of fabrics/patterns/weaves that can also be ruched or turned up which can do triple duty. i.e.: Worn by themselves or as an underlay or an overlay. Something that many of us Northerners must consider, with only so much closet space and four very distinct seasons. Looking forward to seeing your wedding festivity lineup.

  16. I *swear by* SeaSalt Cornwall’s Vanessa cardigans, which are open front, 3/4 sleeved & made from lightweight cotton, for wearing over my sleeveless dresses & tank tops. They come out with new colours each season & are very accurate with their garment size charts, so I know I can get the perfect petite (so it hits at the natural waist) or regular fit (if I want it a little longer).

  17. Covering my arms is way easier than applying and re-applying sunblock, so I thank you for these options.

  18. Of course I still need sunblock for exposed skin, but covering my shoulders and upper arms reduces the square footage. Haha!

  19. I really appreciate that when you wear the Jeggings we get to see what a normal size person looks like in them. I would have passed on anything titled jeggings because the model in the photo shows them tight fitting like leggings. I find that my body shape does better with high rise and pants that are not baggy but skim my legs.

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