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Happy middle of the month Saturday, all! Once again,  Jennifer and I would like your Style Tips and to know how you would style display garments we have seen.

Please remember, these new posts are NOT about would you wear it or even would you buy it…but rather your style tips on how you would style looks for others.

Of course you can tell us if you are styling the garment for you or someone else…but this is no longer themed would you wear it.

Your style tips were incredible last Saturday and I believe readers are learning from and enjoying these posts.

Plus, it is a much more positive vibe than it had morphed into previously.

So, let’s get going…I cannot wait to read you ideas about this top.


style tips

Eyelet is one of those fashion trends that comes and goes, but never completely goes away.

You see it everywhere right now.

So, I thought I would get you to thinking about this top……the Ted Baker London Elaraa Broderie Anglaise Puffed Sleeve Top.

The online description says white, but in person this is really more of a cream color.

style tips

If a friend said…I have this eyelet top but not sure what to do with it, how would you give style tips to help her out.

Give some careful thought for yourself or others.

Here are some other ways eyelet is being styled



style tips

I am thrilled to introduce to you the one who has given me and my daughter style tips since the beginning of the year.

Meet Julie, my personal stylist from Nordstrom.  She has been incredible and worked so hard for us.

Remember her…she may be famous someday.

I am so happy for her….but sad for me…that she is leaving for New York to pursuing an acting career.

The personal styling service offered by Nordstrom at no cost can be so helpful…especially for a special event like a wedding.

I do not know if all of them are as hard working and talented as Julie, but I do recommend the service.


style tips

The top selling items from the blog this week included both Ming Wang and Eileen Fisher :

From Ming Wang:

Landscape Embroidered Mixed-Media Jewel Neck Short Sleeve Sheer Panel Topper

Crepe de Chine Drape Tie V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse. (I am wearing the blouse here but untied)

From Eileen Fisher….my rehearsal dinner dress!:

Crushed Silk Tiered Dress (the one I am wearing to the dinner is in the color Amalfi with the matching Sheer Silk Georgette Poncho)

And now stylist team, it is your turn to tell us how you would style this eyelet top…then head over to A Well Styled Life to do the same with Jennifer’s selection….and, as always,


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style tips


  1. I would style the eyelet blouse with a jean jacket to hide the sleeves. The sleeves are so big and distracting.

  2. I like the top and would leave it to be the star for a summer gathering. I’d change out the pants to be offwhite/cream/ecru chinos/jeans, I’d add tan/natural sandals, a straw bag and gold earrings and maybe a gold bangle/bracelet.

  3. I lost my first comment to a pop up ad but briefly this time I see white slim leg jeans or same tone dress pant in a flowy style paired with this lovely top.

  4. First, I would be upset if I ordered white and got this colour. Now, I would tuck the top into a pair of jeans as there is competing fullness with the sleeves and A line shape, and it needs something at the neck area to soften the stark neckline. That white jacket might be enough for my personal taste. Sorry you are losing your stylist, and hope the next one is as lovely.

  5. If the blouse has as much body as it appears and is not too limp it could be lovely as a jacket over a sun dress or a tank and palazzo pants.

  6. As if the price tag & “dry clean” instructions didn’t scare me off, I’m distracted by the color of the pants showing through. I’d put a tank underneath to bridge that gap. There’s a lot going on here, so I’d opt for solid, neutral bottoms & shoes & let the top be the star. For accessories, I’d go with a pair of cute raffia earrings & a fun resin bangle. Done!

  7. I love the eyelet and cropped style. I am not a fan of puffed sleeves. l predict like “cold shoulder” they will be a short lived trend and will look dated before long. I would have the sleeves altered to a normal sleeve. I would wear this with cream, white or natural linen pants, my gold toned strappy sandals and simple gold jewelry I also think it would be fabulous as a little jacket worn over a simple sheath. The pale color so lovely that I think I would stick with pairing it with neutrals. It looked peach in your photo and it looks cream in the store’s description. Either way I think with the sleeves altered it would be a timeless piece. If I friend loved the sleeves I’d stay quiet about them and recommend styling it with neutral pants and very simple accessories.

  8. Lovely eyelet tops! I didn’t realize how much I liked eyelet until I looked at your slideshow. I would pair this beautiful top with contrasting slim pants, maybe in my deep brown, I would wear my deep brown gladiator sandals and brown leather bangle. I have deep leather hoop earrings. This might sound strange to some since the blouse is so feminine, but I would like to keep the focus on the gorgeous top and showcase it with a boy-ish vibe as a counter point. It would feel right for me. (I think, lol. At least that is what I would try first! Fun.)

  9. I can’t tell if the yellow eyelet top is lined or not. If not lined, I’d wear a contrasting tank top under it. Maybe a blue tank top. And I’d wear this with jeans. I might even wear a warm brown color tank under the yellow eyelet top with warm brown pants, capris, shorts. It could be my phone, but this cooler toned yellow contrasts too much to my eyes with the green pants in the photo. Makes the yellow look muddy. This top could be a good choice for women who do not like the tunic length styles. The top and the sleeves are sort of puffy and meant to go with the modern style wider leg style of pants. I’ve seen this look in catalogs and shopping channels.

  10. Great idea to use top as a jacket! Then put a colored tank under it. White to go with white jeans. Or a pale blue denim, even navy pants.

  11. First off, IMHO due to its boxy cut and puffy sleeve I feel it deems a) to be tucked in and b) be worn with slim fitting pants or a skirt plus c) balanced out with chunky foot wear whether they be a shoe (loafer) or a sandal type (slide). As to its color that is reading ‘peach’ to me, I could see it working with tones in either the blue, green or neutral color families with accessories chosen accordingly. That being said; though I do like eyelet I feel since this pattern appears more like a lace to me and combining it with its color, I know it would add years to ‘my age’ more than it would on someone younger. Wishing Julie ultimate success in her new career.

  12. I’m so glad we changed the focus of would you wear it to how to style. This is much more supportive.
    I’m not an eyelet person but know it’s popular with many ladies. If I were to wear this, I’d dial down the boxiness by half tucking the front into a pair of straight jeans, add some espadrilles and big hoop earrings.

  13. I would style it as a topper over a red tank with jeans or a denim skirt. I would add a red shoe & a straw tote.

  14. I really like the Broderie Anglaise. I would mostly style it as a lightweight jacket, leaving it unbuttoned with neutral t or tank and column of color or similar color straight skirt. Then I would add a really colorful scarf wrapped at the waist and understated jewelry. This is not the right color for me, but it would be a great addition for warmer weather for many.

  15. I, for one, preferred the old format. I guess I’m lazy, or not much of a stylist. I always just go directly to the website for styling ideas. Nordstrom did an awesome job styling the top. I like the “Going Out” version best. I’m interested in whether other women would stop, try and buy an article and at what price point. I never took offense at the comments. We’re critiquing a mannequin, not a real lady, here. Just my opinion.

  16. Ooh I love that this blouse is a warmer cream – it’s difficult to find eyelet that isn’t a stark cool white! I’d style it half tucked into my chocolate brown knife pleated straight skirt (or untucked over a column dress) with my patent chocolate leather brogues & gold jewellery, for that elevated school teacher look (which is in right now). It’s just such a shame that this top is made from dry clean only polyester fabric, otherwise I’d consider it!

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