Sunday mornings at home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday, friends and welcome to my lifestyle posts called Sunday Mornings at Home.

No, I am not on vacation! One of our readers, Connie, sent this glorious photo from her vacation in Mazatlan and I think it is a wonderful way to begin a Sunday Morning.

Thanks for sharing Connie.  Though we have never met face to face, I do feel like we are friends and often on the same page!

After you are finished dreaming of the beach sky, then let’s get started with my hodge podge of topics for Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday Mornings at home

Since I returned to the gym four months ago, I have been saying over and over…I need new shoes.

My old athletic shoes were worn out and my feet and knees testified daily to the problem.

I tried to order shoes online and ended up returning several pair…they just were not good for hammer toes….which have worsened since I purchased the last pair of shoes before the pandemic.

So, I decided I needed experts and found them at The New Balance Store. If you click the link, you can locate the New Balance Store nearest to where you live.

Sunday mornings at home

First I met with one of the associates, who asked several questions about what I was experiencing and about the level of my workouts.

Then they put me on the machine, to take a 3D scan of my feet.  There are actually more challenges than just the toes.

Then he knew what to recommend…one of the recommendations was a CASUAL ARCH SUPPORT INSOLE. I was concerned about it at first, but never think about it and do not feel it in the shoe.

However, he only recommended the insole for one foot and said it was common to diagnose feet differently.

Sunday mornings at home

After trying another pair, I put on this 847v4 for walking and knew it was the winner.

He said it is known for those of us who have hammer toes because it has a deep toe box.

This shoe has changed my workout life…no knee pain, better balance, more comfort and no toe pain.  I am so glad I decided to go this direction.

Sunday mornings at home

He also introduced me to these COOL MAX SOCKS and I liked them so much, I purchased two packs.

The feel is lighter and cooler and they are just as durable as my old socks.  The gym gets hot and it helps to have cooler feet.

And when my feet are happy…I am happy.  I am so glad to tell you that I found my athletic shoes and I recommend NEW BALANCE.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I have always considered my nails a one of the accessories I wear every day.

My nail technician, Ana, and I have been experimenting with the color I want to wear the weekend of the wedding…that will go with all three Mother-of-the-Groom outfits.

I think this is it…OPI QUEST FOR QUARTZ.  We also have strong contenders with a lovely creamy white, and a gold.

The bottle makes this color look glittery…but on, it is very understated.

You will be the first to know what I go with that week.

Sunday mornings at home

Funny story…have you seen these colorful sterling silver bracelets when you travel.

Mr. B always brings me a bracelet after a trip.

But, he did not realize until I showed him on Easter Sunday, that they all looked the same.

The thicker one is from Israel; the middle one from Alaska; and the last one from Cabo.

I assured him that I liked that they all went together and I could wear them at the same time.  Each one has a different challenging clasp.

Sunday mornings at home

Tux and I try to go out 5-10 minutes a day around lunchtime, so I can add a little color to the skin…but not overdo.

Neither of us can take it much longer…but he loves to sit out there with me and will run when he hears me open the balcony door.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I want to apologize to anyone who lost comments or experienced tech frustrations on the blog this week…I had a week full of phone challenges.

It began with Mr. B shattering his phone when he fell hard on a rock while running…alas, the hardships of an off-trail runner.

He very sweetly decided he would upgrade my phone and he would take my old phone.

In the past, going over to A T & T has been painful and long.  

However, I began to pray over the experience and it was our best one there.  The tech was great.

Until I got home and realized that I needed to log back into each app in order to use it.  I am not the best at keeping passwords, and mine are not easy to remember.

So frustration mounted day to day…and I still am not using all of them like I was.  It took me awhile to get the blog app working like I wanted it to.

Then, on Thursday, I clicked to update the new phone.  

It froze…solid…and after two hours on the phone with Apple, they sent me to the Apple Store….another painful experience in the past.

But, I felt like God was teaching me lessons through it all and I clearly heard from HIM while driving there …count blessings.

From the minute I arrived at the mall, I began to count my blessings…from a comfy chair to sit in outside of the store…to a new camera on the phone…to kind people to greet me…to a seminar in progress at the store with photo tips…and on and on.

It worked.

I left the store happy, and though my day had been completely changed from its original plan, I still felt light and joyful.

Often our stress is all about focus and just changing our perspectives.



By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. I am a New Balance fan; I had a fitting at the San Marcos outlet store many years ago. I want a light weighted, flexible sole, medium arch. They are a winner for me too!

  2. I am so glad I went over there…it has made such a big difference. Thanks for sharing Nyla!

  3. Good morning. I love the Sunday format. Feels like we are visiting over a cup of coffee. Thank you for telling us about your experience with New Balance. I followed the link and discovered they have a store in the outlet mall here so I will check them out. Your bracelets go to together so well. How sweet of your husband to bring back gifts for you. Sorry for your phone frustration but glad all was resolved. Thank you for reminding me to count my blessings. My husband is partially disabled and sometimes life feels overwhelming. God has blessed me with good health and many other things. Its good to be reminded to count them and give thanks.

  4. Good morning 🌞 I just love the color that you picked for your nails! Thanks for giving the name/number I love pinks myself but this one tends toward a neutral imo and I can see getting a lot of mileage out of it.

  5. Love your bracelets! Yes, I see them when I travel as well. I wear your version of the NB shoes too. I have a narrower heel and a foot that is wide near the toe box, and this gives lots of room. Mine are too big in the winter, though (it gets so cold here your foot shrinks!) and then I wear a pair of Brooks, also a great shoe. Not getting frustrated with technology is something I need to learn … I get immediately impatient with the slightest glitch. Unlike others who love to play with it and discover new features, I don’t love technology for itself, but only for what it can do efficiently. And when it fails, how is spending all that time helping my efficiency? … grrr. I will have to tell myself to be grateful next time!

  6. Love NB and have worn them for years for casual wear and aerobics. They are lightweight and so comfy. I had a similar experience with my IPad that refused to come on. Had to take it to the Apple Store, which I was dreading. I don’t know why the dread, (except for the thought of buying a new IPad-recent storm related damage repairs have been over the top here, and I do not want to spend money on electronics now) I had an on time appointment, a perfectly nice young man who complimented my screensaver and fixed my issue in three minutes, and it was free. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and went to Banana Republic!

  7. I have worn New Balance for years and love them! My hubby and I walk near 20 miles a week and my feet are always happy.
    Love the variety of colors they make, my fav is a beautiful burgundy.

  8. I recently visited a “running” store to get my feet assessed before buying new shoes for walking. I had an experience similar to yours; they scanned my feet and evaluated my gait. I purchased a pair of Brooks shoes that are wider in the toe box but more narrow on my heel. I was told that New Balance shoes are made similarly and that either would work for me. Of course, I decided which pair to buy based on color! 😉

    Happy Sunday!

  9. Quest for Quartz gets my vote! Beautiful! I’ll check out the New Balance store nearby. Thanks, Pamela!

  10. Love the bracelets! I love wearing bracelets, and those go together perfectly. Thanks for sharing. I have an urge to go through my bracelets now.

  11. Here’s my take on tech problems, changes and other such issues. If I were 25 again, I would breeze through those times and never think a thing about it. Now, at a much older age, even small problems take me far too long to process and usually require me to learn a new skill or procedure. Fortunately, I have plenty of time.

    I haven’t worn New Balance in a few years. It’s time for new shoes for me, too. Thanks for the info.

    Happy Sunday!

  12. New Balance all the way for me. I’ve literally got 10 or more pairs. I must wear sneakers 90% of the time and I wear a wide. I have two pair of dressier flats for church and stuff. I just bought my first pair of sandals in over 12 years! They are Cobb Hill which is an affiliate, I think. Your feet are going to thank you.
    I also love those bracelets. I love stacking, so I think they look great

  13. Oh I hear you on so many levels and situations you bring up today. I had a bit if trouble posting one day this past week but always think that it’s an issue with my phone. Its rather new and I’m still learning/ adapting to it.
    I too need replacement walking and workout shoes/sneakers so I plan to see if id be a good candidate for your style. Love them!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  14. Not having seen the other two polish choices, I still feel confident in saying this is the one. Love it!

  15. How nice to be greeted by the lovely Mazatlan pic this morning! That works especially well for me paired with your message about counting our blessings. Since returning from vacation, my plate has been loaded, first with a short hospital stay for my husband, and then dealing with some sticky financial issues for my folks. I’m grateful for the vacations, my funny and talented students, and this beautiful home and neighborhood filled with wonderful friends. Also very grateful for your terrific blog each day. 💗

  16. I love having coffee with your Kathie. I understand how difficult things may be sometimes with your husband…but God is still there.

  17. The wedding has opened my eyes to liking more neutral colors on my nails, Lindsey and this one is now a top contender. I plan to wear it often.

  18. I have never felt my feet shrink! So interesting, Linda. And yes…counting blessings got me through even A T & T and Apple!

  19. I think past experiences had me dreading these appointments, but both of them went far better than I expected. It was funny though…I now rely on my phone to know what time it is and while I waited at the mall, I kept having to ask strangers what time it was…it made me more open to getting an Apple watch!

  20. LOL! Now that I know they work for me I am considering one or two more colors…for now I am just happy to have the problem solved. Colors are important!

  21. It is always fun to re-visit your jewelry…you just never know what you might find!

  22. You are so welcome! I think my frustration and tech anxiety comes with the fact that it does have an affect on the blog when it happens and needs an immediate response.

  23. I have worn Cobb Hill before…they are with the Rockport line of comfort shoes and are very nice.

  24. It wasn’t you, Paulette! It was me…I went from one challenge to the next with the new phone…but it does have a great new camera…a big blessing!

  25. Thanks Connie…and I am so grateful you shared your beautiful picture. I love sunrises and sunsets.

  26. Apple stores can be a challenge, but I have found that making an appointment smooths the way. Every technician/sales person we have met has taken their time to answer our questions or solve our problem and to do so with pleasant smiles. I am so appreciative of their abilities to understand and teach us!

  27. “Often our stress is all about focus and just changing our perspectives.” Oh Pam you always manage to convey an important message in a concise way. Growing up and into adulthood my friends would ref to me as a “Pollyanna”. If it was meant to be a dig I did not care. Looking for the best in my world has always worked for me. You are an inclusive thinker, or as the old cliche goes; soup to nuts!

  28. I am more appreciative now. I do think it made a difference to do the preliminary work online with Apple and then they made the appointment for me when they realized my problem needed more than they could over online. It did help that the store had all of those notes and they were already familiar with what had been previously discussed.

  29. So sweet Suzi…I have also been called a Pollyanna and I wear it with pride…I love playing the Glad Game.

  30. Some great tips about the NB shoes. I’m going to check them out. I do have some inserts in a pair of shoes and when I remember to use them my feet feel much better.
    One question though. Am I missing something. Is there an app for your blog? I usually read your emails or what you post online.
    Just curious if there is a fast way to get to your blog?

  31. Such a glorious sunset reminding me of the old weather proverb; ‘Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning’. Re the subject of sneakers, took note as in the market for some. Regarding your new cell phone can definitely relate as have had the occasion that my teenage grandchildren have come to my rescue whereas for my computer(s) I have a lovely neighbour who knows his stuff and has the patience of a saint. Last but not least; as to the nail polish and bracelets IMHO perfect choices . Wishing you a beautiful Sunday with continued blessings. -Brenda-

  32. Thanks for the tips on New Balance shoes. I hope to begin walking & plan to check out what my local YMCA has to offer & need good shoes. I love that nail color. It will be so versatile. Spending a few minutes in nature each day is good for us physically & mentally. Your comment on counting your blessings reminded me of a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie I just watched. It was called “The Blessing Bracelet”. Very good message.

  33. No…there is not an app, Paula. I wish I had the money to create one! When I talk about an app, I am talking about all of the different ways I work to keep the blog current. I am able to respond to you quickly through my email app…but it wasn’t working through the app for me. Sorry to be confusing

  34. Love New Balance. I’ve worn them for years. (I’m also wearing Saucony walking sneakers at the moment.) The NB CEO lived at the “wealthy end” of my very long street – LOL. He sent his kids to public school. The company HQ faces the Mass Pike, and nearby they built a facility that the Bruins use for practice and another that the Celtics use for practice.

  35. As usual, I’m late to the Sunday morning chat, but still wanted to thank you for this weekly compilation, which I always enjoy so much. I have very similar foot issues (hammer toe, bunions. and Morton’s neuromas) and had surgery in 2020, which made them worse instead of better. I wish now I had made the choice to just live with it, as you’ve done. I needed some new walking shoes earlier this year, and discovered the Ryka brand through a deep dive on the DSW website. They don’t carry them in my local store, but I ordered them and had them shipped to the store for free. If you want to further expand your athletic footwear wardrobe you might check them out. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn (athletic or otherwise) and they are offered in some great autumn colors. For anyone with similar issues, I bought the Sky Walk Trek (sandal style) in Adobe Red which is salmon, the Sky Walk Trail walking shoes in the tan/salmon combo and the Devotion Plus 2 walking shoes in Dark Green, which is really a deep teal.
    Your nail polish color looks perfect for the wedding weekend – a very classy, elegant choice. It won’t jump out in photos, and should coordinate with all your outfits. I’m so sorry to hear about Mr. B’s fall, and I’m so thankful he wasn’t injured. Hoping your soreness from your recent fall is continuing to improve, as well. Thanks for sharing your phone store story with us. Such a good reminder to be thankful in all circumstances and that “all things work for good,” if we look for it. Very timely words for me, as I continue to help my mother adapt to the long-term care facility where I moved her last week. Wishing you many unexpected blessings in this busy week!

  36. We’ve had good luck for husband at the New Balance store. They’re sales assistants are very good.
    He has a wide foot and needed a particular shoe that was out of stock. They took his name and notified us when the shoe came back in stock and he hustled over there and got it.
    I’m all for shopping a sale, but for shoes I prefer to pay full price and get a pair that I will wear out.
    I’ve given too many pairs of shoes away beause they had one issue or another.

  37. I paid full price for these and they are worth every penny to me. Thanks for sharing Rose.

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