Eileen Fisher wide leg pants for all occasions

Eileen Fisher wide leg pants

Happy Tuesday, everyone…May is marching on…today I would like to share with you Eileen Fisher wide leg pants for all occasions.

I fell in love with the Eileen Fisher wide leg pants recently when I tried them on at Dillard’s.

The wedding and losing weight has given me an opportunity to add some Eileen Fisher to my wardrobe to replace some of the pieces I sold in consignment which were all black.

Let me share with you this story of the Eileen Fisher wide leg pants.


Eileen Fisher wide leg pants

On one of my many trips to Dillard’s since January, an associate encouraged me to try on these Eileen Fisher wide leg pants in bone.

She explained how one women purchased them with the Silk Georgette Crepe Notch Collar One Button Front Trench Coat    to wear to a wedding as the grandmother of the groom.

I understand why…these pieces are really lovely.  Though my preferred choice is a slimmer leg line, I fell hard for these beautiful Eileen Fisher wide leg pants.

Between, all of the occasions I have this year, I knew I would lower the cost per wear and enjoy the pants.

I do believe I would have been more comfortable in a dress for the shower, but hindsight tells me that this is still a lovely outfit for any occasion.

Eileen Fisher wide leg pants

Yes, I could have styled the pant with a more “springlike” color, but the Eileen Fisher espresso color fits into my autumn palette wardrobe better.

I will be wearing the pieces in many different ways for many different occasions.

The foundation is the Eileen Fisher Espresso Stretch Silk Jersey Tank, underneath the Espresso Sheer Silk Georgette Poncho.

These also go well with another Eileen Fisher wide leg pant, and this gorgeous slit leg crepe pant in espresso. That second one is on my radar!

I paired it with Southern Living jewelry at Dillard’s…just click the link…go to Dillard’s and search Southern Living necklaces…they are currently my favorite jewelry and better priced than many places.

As I did yesterday, here is a slideshow of Eileen Fisher pieces currently on sale…includes a couple of Eileen Fisher wide leg pants (one a petite) and some plus size pieces…..

As I said, I do have many plans for my Eileen Fisher wide leg pants…and will enjoy them often this summer.   The bone color is beautiful.


Eileen Fisher wide leg pants

This is my sidekick this week…and no you will not see shopping posts with my amazing grandson.

He is spending a few days with us… and Mr. B and I are looking forward to it.

This kid is so much fun…he loves costumes of all types and loves his baseball team.

At 4 years old, he is already quite the athlete.

This week and next week are busy ones as we get closer to the big wedding, but I hope to be here for my time with you….I will be enjoying this guy, so join me as we….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Eileen Fisher wide leg pants


  1. I love the elegance of this outfit and you looked very classy for the bridal shower. You can wear wide pants vey well. Are you counting the days for the big day?

  2. Good morning Pam, thank you so much for sharing a picture of what you wore to the shower.
    It is absolutely a wonderful outfit. The necklace is a great “pop of color.” I’m sorry you had such angst about your outfit at the shower. If I saw you on the street or at a party, classy would be my adjective to describe you. On another note, I think of you often (probably more than I should) between “cost per wear” and “shop from your closet” I am continually reevaluating my wardrobe, so thank you as it has helped me more than I can express. Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Betty! It really helps me to know more about the needs of the readers. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Good morning, Pam. I am truly enjoying your posts on these higher priced clothing lines. You looked very smart at the shower and I loved the third color and design of the necklace. I love the one button trench idea (although I couldn’t see a button). I wish I could try it on. Then again, I have nothing in my future that I could see my wearing it. (Keeping in mind cost per wear.) I do have the expresso slim pants and may order the tank to wear as a column of color under another third piece. That ‘trench’ would look so smart with it. I could get the look in a more casual sweater and wear often. You looked happy at the shower. I loved your hair! It has personality no matter how you wear it. Have fun with your grandson. I just spent a week with my grandchildren. Love his t shirt!

  5. He is awesome! After I relaxed a little at the shower, I was very happy!

  6. Also, agreeing with Betty Bell on wardrobe evaluation. Please keep coming back to this as a focus!

  7. Oh, your grandson is the cutest! I hope you and Mr. B enjoy your time with him–that’s a fun age! P.S. I know you put your shower outfit in the “miss” column, but you look soooo lovely in it!

  8. I love the outfit you wore to the shower. You look so elegant in this. They style and the colors suit you so well. Eileen Fisher is a lovely line of clothing especially for taller women. Yes, cost per wear is something I need to focus on more. Please mention this when you have something that you wear often. Your sidekick is adorable! Enjoy your week with him.

  9. Love the sleek architectural lines of your look! Polished, current and relaxed. I appreciate your sharing blogs amid days with beloved grandson and wedding prep. Special time in life.

  10. I think that the outfit you wore to the shower was very elegant and appropriate, and you looked lovely. So glad that you shared it with us. We are all far too hard on ourselves! Enjoy your darling grandson!

  11. When I opened your blog this afternoon ( I’m very late to see you today!), and saw your picture on your stairs, I thought “ I so love this outfit and that beautiful necklace!. Pam looks wonderful!”. I know that you felt uncomfortable to be the only one in pants at the shower, but you look so beautiful in this outfit. I’ve been looking for EF garments on sale but have yet to purchase anything. Apparently, there are some petites but the petite in the slideshow was an XSmall . I need to make a trip to Dillard’s!

  12. You look very beautiful and authentically you! That is what we should offer and celebrate!

  13. I’m attending a shower this coming weekend and have been debating pants vs. dresses. I think you may have swayed me to Team Pants! Such a good look for you, and perfect colors. I’m another Autumn who doesn’t wear “spring” colors or bright colors, so sometimes I struggle with “girly” events like showers, even though I really like dresses. Hope you and your favorite little guy have a great time this week! I had my two-year-old grandson until 8:30 tonight and I’m worn out, but we had so much fun. He made me “dinosaur salad” out of grass and plastic dinos in a plastic Easter pail, and of course it was delicious. They grow up so fast and I know he’s my last one so I’m trying to soak up as many moments with him as I can. He is such a joyful child and he brings to much joy to my life.

  14. You look great in the entire outfit. I love Eileen Fisher! I don’t have those pants from Eileen Fisher but I do have a pair in black that are identical down to the from seam from JJill and I love them!

  15. Pam,you look awesome in the Eileen Fisher wide pants! I don’t like the look of very many wide pants, but these pants look wonderful on you. Your grandson is adorable! What a fun age!

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