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today's news

Happy Wednesday…it is time for Today’s news for women over 50!

This is weekly lifestyle news curated into one place just for you…the amazing women over 50.

I look for lifestyle information that may be of interest to a majority of you.

Always let me know what you think and if you would like to see something else.

My goal is to produce content that is helpful and of interest to you.

So, let’s get our morning beverage, a cozy spot, and read today’s news!


Today's News

Business Insider: The rise and fall of Allbirds: How Silicon Valley’s favorite sneaker lost its edge — and how its plan to save itself includes removing a key part of your shoe

Prevention: At 77, Dolly Parton Debuts Daring New Look in Lace Mini-Dress to Drop Career News

People: Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh’s Coronation Outfit Was ‘Iconic in a Quiet Way,’ Says Designer 

Forbes: The Unique Power of Family Owned Luxury Brands

CNBC: As shoppers look for savings, Nordstrom hopes Rack stores can fuel its revival

Most Lovely Things: 5 Ways to Wear White Jeans Like a French Woman

Kate Middleton Style: Kate Middleton looked etherial in Elie Saab at today’s coronation garden party

InStyle: Diane Keaton Just Wore the ‘It’ Shoe of Summer 2023 in the Most Unseasonal Way




today's news

Fortune Magazine: 4 habits to help you stay mentally sharp in retirement

Eating Well:  Does Drinking Water help lose weight?

Today Show: 102-year-old doctor who still works shares her simple tips for a happy long life

Optimist Daily: Drink like a centenarian: The top 5 beverages for longevity



today's news

Fox News: Kate Middleton plays the piano in surprise appearance at Eurovision Song Contest: ‘Enjoy the show’

CNBC: Ivy League expert: Brainstorming doesn’t work—here’s a better way to find new ideas


today's news

Buzzfeed: People Are Revealing The Often-Disputed Interior Design “Trends” They Actually Love, And They’re Surprising

Yahoo: Antiques Alert! Look For These 5 Vintage Items The Next Time You Go Thrift Store Shopping

Southern Living:  Summer Container Gardens 

Homes & Gardens:  No remodel required: this LA home interior refresh gets it just right

Veranda:  This sea island home was inspired by a brass handbag, seashells and a vintage book about ‘Jaws’


today's news

Plant Powered:  30 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes with Cauliflower and 16 Summer Veggie Casseroles

The Daily Meal: Powdered Honey Is The Versatile Ingredient Missing From Your Pantry

Sally’s Baking Recipes:  Blueberry Pie Bars

Southern Living: 5 Surprising Ways To Use Instant Pudding Mix

Simply Recipes: French Vanilla vs. Vanilla: A Professional Pastry Chef Explains the Difference

30 Seconds: 6-Ingredient Crispy Baked Broccoli & Cheese Balls Recipe Is a Fan Favorite

Insanely Good Recipes: Lemon Spaghetti (Easy Recipe)

That is it, ladies, for today’s news for women over 50!  Thank you for reading, being here, and letting us know if there is anything on your mind!!  See you tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news





  1. Many particularly interesting links – thank you. I especially enjoyed hearing about Kate Middleton playing piano and went down that rabbit hole to find links where I could listen to her playing.

  2. Lots of good reads today. I will be trying the lemon spaghetti. It only makes three servings so that is great. Thanks for curating the articles each week.

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