Ming Wang Classic Styles for Older Women

Ming Wang Classic Styles

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you has a glorious day yesterday, and are ready for me to show you Ming Wang classic styles for older women…and might I add wiser women!

Since I began mass shopping in January as the Mother-of-the-Groom, I realized that the pieces I desired most in my wardrobe are quality, high end fashion pieces that will last me always.

As an older…and wiser…woman, I discovered that a successful wardrobe at this stage of life is a quality wardrobe that wears many hats…so to speak.

I wore Ming Wang styles when I was in the professional world, and thought I would say goodbye in this new phase of life.

But, au contraire, I have discovered that Ming Wang classic styles are for older women and allow me to explain why.

In the last few days, I began to research what others say about what older women should wear.

One said…”big, bold pattern” while another said “neutral classic styles.”  

That brings me back to why I feel so strongly we should dress to communicate who we are with consistent style adjectives.

We are all different…and there is no formula that fits all.

However, for those older women who are classics…consider Ming Wang.


Ming Wang Classic Styles

One of my style adjectives is the word polished which has me lately selecting more and more classic pieces.

Ming Wang has done a great job of expanding the brand so that there are more offerings in the casual-chic-classic category.

Recently, at a Ming Wang event at Dillard’s, I pointed out several styles which would work for weddings, parties, special events, cruises….for a start.

I enjoy most these Stretch Denim Slim Leg Pull-On Ankle Jeans…and I am wearing them most everywhere…the fit and comfort is perfect for me.

Recently, I wore this outfit to church, and I do not feel like an older woman at all when I wear these Ming Wang Classic Styles. 

I also love this blouse to take any casual look up a notch.  This is the Crepe de Chine Drape Tie V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse.

Remember, this brand is for the older woman looking to add quality special pieces to her wardrobe.  

In a moment, I will show you some great Ming Wang classic styles that are on sale!

Ming Wang classic styles

I know I am being silly here, but I wanted to point out this great jacket that I will be wearing to a cooler climate this summer.

It is such a great jacket, I am overlooking that I do not wear black!

This is the Ming Wang Deco Crepe 3/4 Sleeve Zip Front Jacket.

Now, let’s look at some Ming Wang classic styles on sale at Dillard’s: (Notes: I did include some plus size styles; these sale selections sometimes go quickly; the short jackets look amazing with denim)

Ming Wang classic styles

I like this quote fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi, shared on his Instagram recently.

In the second half of life, I believe we should gift ourselves with a splurge or two….only when possible.

The Ming Wang Classic Styles are perfect for older women in that they build confidence and keep us looking fresh and younger.

These classic pieces can be mixed and worn in a variety of ways…they are workhorses for your wardrobe.


Ming Wang Classic Styles

I supplemented my Ming Wang Classic Styles today in order to speak my style adjectives…red shoes always say creative, joyful, and approachable.

These are my Easy Spirit Bailey Ballet Flats…so comfy and fun…in a classic ballet flat style.

I topped my outfit with the lightweight navy jacket I purchased early this year at JJILL…it’s a great jacket and several of you agreed and ordered it.  It does appear to be gone now.

It is perfect for warmer weather, and goes with my polished adjective.

I really love this time of life and love being an older woman.  I am glad to have several excellent brands to wear that put my smile on my face.

If you have any questions about Ming Want Classic Styles for Older women then please ask…it is fun to share my discoveries with you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided a few items for this post, and the words are my own.

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Ming Wang Classic Styles


  1. I am not telling you this to be mean because you have a great hair cut for a curly-girl and you put a lot of money into keeping it colored. This is just a friend telling a friend something. When you see a naturally curly long cut, it is many different lengths, it was not cut to be worn straight. In my opinion you need to cut your hair for the wedding pictures unless you are wearing it up or going back to your joyous, natural curls. You have been straightening it lately and the bottom where it falls in different lengths bunches up and distracts from the neckline of what ever you are wearing, sometimes it looks like a fur collar. Blowing it out with a heavy, wide ridge of hair at the ends is not to your advantage. And a scarf of a shorter necklace gets hidden. In the picture with the hat and sunglasses your hair is curled up around your neck. Please don’t take this as an insult or a put down, you can totally ignore it but don’t let it detract from whatever dress you are gong to wear.

  2. Hi Arlene…please consider that I blog every day and have hair that is thick and grows quickly. I get it trimmed once a month…so the blog audience sees it at many different lengths. This week is haircut week for the wedding. As far as curly vs. blowout, my family wins on that one and they prefer the smooth, blowout…so that is how I will go for the wedding. Just understand…you will not see it perfectly cut and fixed every day…it grows way too fast for that.

  3. Interesting post today! I am ready for something crazy this fall! Great quote. I had never heard of this brand until previously introduced by you. Love it as a natural classic. We have only one major retail department store left in Maine and it is lacking organization and diversion. Do you think Ming Wang usually does traditional autumn colors in coats and/or jackets? Navy and black are not for me. Your outfits look great.

  4. Ming Wang really seems to work well for your style–really great designs. The jeans look so good on you. I’ve had one pair of pull on jeans and they didn’t do me any favors, I’m I tad envious that they work so well on you. I’m going to take a closer look at the ballet flats. I need a shoe update, but my feet get fussier by the day.

  5. I think they are beginning to mix up their colors more…we will see what autumn brings. In the past it is mostly black and brown…and their browns are lovely. I will be posting here when I know what they have planned for autumn.

  6. I am wearing these jeans often because I love the fit so much. It is a great pant. And the shoes…they are the most comfortable ballet flat I have ever worn…so happy to have them in red and gold.
    Thanks Kim

  7. Thanks Linda…I think over the past 12 years, the most discussed topic has been my hair…I am laughing!

  8. I also prefer to spend on quality classics that I will wear for years. I had a black pencil skirt that I wore for at least 20 years and it looked beautiful up until I had to let it go. I actually wore it out! The cost per wear drops over the years! I’m going to be traveling for the rest of this month and am packing for these trips using just a very few quality basics and some weather-appropriate tops. On the rare occasions I nod to a trend, those are things I won’t invest very much in. You’re right – quality pays!

  9. It really does, Karen. Thank you for sharing your experiences with investment pieces.

  10. Absolutely relate to the Mizrahi quote! My challenge is impulse VS lasting splurge.
    Have to say I LOVE you in that hat. If you have modeled hats before guess it didn’t register. I’m a broken record, living in So Cal for 9 years, I miss Dillards. 😫

  11. I would miss Dillard’s terribly if I were to move away from it…the best department store now. One woman told me in a comment that I am not a hat person and not to wear them! I do think they are fun, but I have not worn them very often on the blog. Thanks Suzi!

  12. You look terrific in all these outfits, and I especially like the lovely blouse with the casual draped-tie front. I gasped when checking the price of it, but spending more on quality items does often make sense. I hope you have a fantastic week. Getting so close to the wedding now!!!

  13. This year has taught me a lot, Connie…there is so much poor quality in fast fashion and I really believe with many of the pieces I have bit the bullet and purchased that I will wear them forever. My shopping spree is coming to a close for awhile, but I am very happy with what I have added to my wardrobe.

  14. I would agree, like any other part of our wardrobe, finding the hat that flatters is a trial and error process. You definitely can wear hats! WOW, I thought my hair grew fast. Once a month cut 😳. Thank you for what you do for us, taking the time to produce a thoughtful blog.

  15. And thank you for being her, reading and participating with comments!!

  16. I, too, will turn 70 this summer. I prefer to think of myself as a classic rather than an older woman.

  17. You know, Kathy…I think we all feel that way. In order for me to reach more women like us, I occasionally need to try terms like this so the posts will be shared. I appreciate your understanding while I work to build this wonderful community of women.

  18. I also have to get my hair cut once a month, so I understand. I usually let my hair wave naturally (it’s wavy, not curly), but occasionally I blow it straight. I also have layers … it would be a mass with a Christmas tree silhouette if I didn’t. I agree with your decision to go with the family request. As much as we preach “please yourself,” weddings are for the bride and groom, and the family. As for the quality in your wardrobe, ten thousand yeses. Not every expensive piece is quality, and not every cheap piece is junk, but let’s be honest: thicker natural fabrics, better stitched and thoughtfully placed buttonholes, matched patterns, some waist shaping, set in shoulders, pleated yokes, well finished seams and better buttons are going to cost money. Quality is a huge part of my Aware adjective. When working, I had to have more and tried to stretch my budget, mostly by buying on deep sale, often settling for a color or some other feature I liked but didn’t love. Now I’ve changed that behavior. I want better and less stuff. I like that you are showing a variety of price points.

  19. Thanks Linda…I can see you get it with my hair…I like wearing it both ways now. The more expensive pieces just feel better on my skin…lately I am really into how the fabric feels. There are some more reasonably priced items that feel great, but they are few and far between. I just love the feeling of quality.

  20. Hi, Pam – I want to jump in and add to what Linda LM says about quality. If you look at what you pay at some of our favorite retailers for patterns and plaids and stripes that are mismatched — a lot! – and less finished pieces, it is not a huge leap to move up a level to purchase really well-tailored clothing. Also, organic fabrics are best for the environment, but they cost more. My one caveat: our shapes change and we ‘shrink,’ so we need to think carefully about investment pieces and how long they will really fit. I think the answer is still to purchase less and really wear the quality clothes we buy.

  21. Because classic is one of my adjectives, I appreciate that you show classic looks. The outfit you are featuring today truly is classic. Those pieces will never go out of style. I, too, have reached a point where I would rather spend my money on things that will last instead of something that I will be replacing in six months. I will leave fast fashion to my granddaughters.

  22. Thanks Becky…it is so good to hear what works best for the readers.

  23. Thanks Maeve. I am going to have a talk with a local tailor soon and see if I can re-work some of the clothing that is too big now.

  24. I totally agree with your way of thinking Pam re buying quality clothing that will last, is well made and the fabric feels good when wearing it. I’m not a fan of cheap fabric and knitwear as I am an occasional dressmaker and I am a knitter. I am glad you have gone on this journey as you have encouraged me to really think before making a purchase. Thank you. I also think you will find a tailor a great way to keep and wear clothes that don’t fit you any more.

  25. Buying quality sounds good, but “wear for years” does not. I very rarely love an item of clothing so much that I want to wear it for years, unless it is a pair of pants or a skirt that are supporting pieces. I don’t think it is necessary to pay Ming Wang prices to get quality. Those are designer prices. I can get matched plaids without paying that much. I am with Isaac, however, on splurging for insane things. Those can bring up fun memories years later, even if the item did not get worn much.

  26. Every month?? Wow, you’re lucky your hair still grows so fast – mine has been slowing down & thinning for years, lol! Mine is also naturally curly but I think your flipped ends look sweet – reminds me of Rachel’s iconic haircut in Friends.

  27. I love the ming wang clothing and I am so glad that dillards is carrying the ming wang brand. Ming wang clothing let’s you stand out from the crowd. This clothing is so beautiful and if you want to sell it it does keep it value the key is to take care of yourself and your clothing. I feel that I am worth it.

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