Style Tips: how would you style a cobalt blue skirt?

style tips

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Saturday, all!  On Saturdays, the readers become the fashion stylists and give us their best style tips on two blogs.

I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, and bring you two different styles to give us your best style tips for.

These posts are growing in popularity and we all learn from your comments.

So, please participate….I cannot wait to read what you have to say.

I will not be commenting back today since it is wedding day…but of course, you can respond to each other.

So, let’s get started with my display.  I am seeing Style Tips: How Would You Style a Cobalt Blue Skirt?

Remember:  You can be a fashion stylist for someone else…you do not have to say whether your tips are for you or another.

Style Tips: How Would You Style a Cobalt Blue Skirt?

style tips

This display at JJILL caught my attention because I have seen this color in many places this spring.

The JJILL SOLTICE MIDI SKIRT is in a color called Cyan.

This color has many names…however, the bright blue hue is on trend this year.  I found the description Cobalt Blue to be the best.

It is styled here with the TIDAL SEAMED SWEATER in Cyan.

I thought you might like to see the cobalt skirts offered on other sites…sometime that helps when creating style tips.

So, here you go……

Do I have you thinking?  Please share your style tips for the cobalt skirt display!


style tips

Several of you decided to add this look to your wardrobe once the pieces went on sale.

At Dillards, find the Eileen Fisher Crushed Silk Scoop Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress on sale, and even more ordered the Sheer Silk Georgette Boat Neck Short Sleeve Side Drape Cropped Poncho.

I hope to show you how I styled this for the rehearsal dinner next week.

This audience also ordered the jacket I will wear this summer on a cruise…the Ming Wang Crepe 3/4 sleeve jacket.

My style tip is that this jacket goes great with the Ming Wang Stretch Denim Slim Leg Pull-On Ankle Jeans…that is how I will wear it.


Style Tips

On a recent trip by Dillard’s, I saw so many lovely beaded bags….I thought this LANDRY BUTTERFLY MINAUDIERE CLUTCH…was so much fun!

This might even be a fun style tip to go with today’s cobalt blue skirt challenge!  What do you think?

Please tell us your style tips for how to style a cobalt blue skirt…then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and give Jennifer’s audience some style tip advice.

I am going to enjoy reading these ideas in a quite moment tomorrow!  Bring your best style tips!

And now…..

style tips



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  1. First off, Pam. Happiest of days today- your sons wedding day! Blessings to all!
    On your display. I love it just as it is. Some may say “ too much Cobalt blue” but I think it works! Gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the color – would wear the pieces separately.
    I would style the skirt with a white v neck t-shirt tucked in. I would happily wear the cobalt sweater with white or black straight leg jeans.

  3. I love this. I would style it with orange statement earrings and a bangle. A pendant would work instead too. Depending on how much of a statement the earrings made, if I had a fun multi-colored or orange bag, I’d use that too. A small orange crossbody would be great, to break up the blue across the chest a bit. Nude-to-you wedges and good to go! Enjoy your day … we will be waiting to hear about it!

  4. Very best wishes for a wonderful day of much joy for your family. On Ms Mannequin, I’m with Paulette on keeping it all cobalt. But I’d definitely get some silver finishes in there – with jewellery (especially a necklace), shoes or shoe trims,, and a clutch.

  5. I’d do the mannequin as pictured. All one color makes a longer, leaner line.
    I’d change the look by getting a same color tank and add a third piece…but it would have to be short.. a waist length jean jacket or sweater … still going for the column of color, but a more casual feel.
    Congratulations to your whole family, Pam. Have a wonderful wedding weekend!

  6. Love, Love this outfit! I agree with both Paulette L. and MP3. As is, the necklace adds just a “pop” of color. This could be dressed up or down.
    I also like the idea of separates, skirt with white V-neck shirt – also could be dressy or casual.
    Thank you, Pam. Blessings to you and your family on this special day!

  7. Hey Pam! Congratulations on your son’s and new DILs wedding! I’m sure she’ll make a sweet addition to your family. Happiness to you all!

    On the styling front: I’d put a shorter boxy, pj style printed short-sleeved top with a half tuck and wide belt. Layered short gold necklaces, sandals (or boots). Maybe a crocheted shoulder handbag.

  8. Have a beautiful wedding day, Pam! I like it styled just the way it is. White summery jewelry would be striking. Also, the lime green top with it is pretty. How about a hot pink silk blouse to set it off? And in winter, a black turtleneck and boots. This skirt is so versatile.

  9. I love these type of pleated skirts. I’d wear it with a different top that’s not quite as boxy and closed at the neck. Perhaps a blouse. Have a great day!!!

  10. Oh I am loving this color and feel both pieces work well together as a monochrome outfit due to the skirt offering some texture that IMHO gives the outfit dimension. As to styling it as is; I would most likely choose silvery jewelry. Whereas if introducing a 2nd color to the equation, I would choose a complimentary color (per the color wheel) but in a different shade/intensity. i.e.: Drape the sweater over my shoulders and add either a silk blend sleeveless tank, camisole or cap sleeved top instead. Or, if wanting a saturated color like the cobalt, choose it for the handbag or footwear. Before closing; wishing a perfect day for you, your family and new in-laws.

  11. Wishing you a joyous day Pam!!!
    I love the outfit as is and agree that silver jewelry would be lovely with it. It would also work for ladies who love gold. The other styling I like is to wear with a white shirt — casual or very dressy. I’m not fond of the undershirt look from the slide show, though. I also love the idea of wearing with a green top. If it’s your shade, that green Anthro blouse changes the whole look and makes a very classy outfit. Add higher heels and gold earrings and statement necklace, too, perhaps. Of of the guests at my son’s wedding wore a cocktail dress this cobalt color and long bright pink lei-type paper earrings — just stunning, so I’d consider outside the box jewelry.

  12. Absolutely as styled change up with silver jewelry and accessories for a dressier look. Enjoy the wedding festivities, Pam!

  13. Congratulations to your family and blessings to the happy couple! Pam, you spent many hours preparing and sharing your wedding preparations, and I pray you were truly able to enjoy the day. I have tried on that skirt at J.Jill and really like it! I would wear it as shown with the sweater or I would pair it with a white top. I love the look with the lime green top, too. I’d keep everything else about my outfit simple, as I’m petite and can’t carry off more than that: neutral shoes and minimal jewelry.

  14. What a weekend for you, Pam! It’s been fun seeing your approach to all the festivities, and I hope it was a glorious celebration. As to this week’s outfit … it’s educational for me to hear others’ ideas about a look that’s so far from my comfort zone, both for the strong color (definitely not mine) and for the lines that call for slimmer hips and legs than mine. As one who never paid much attention to clothing styles, I’m finding so much to learn — even in my mid-70s. Thanks, all of you who enjoy thinking about “clothing art,” for sharing your ideas.

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