Style Tips: how to style a crochet poncho

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Happy Saturday, all!  This is the day when YOU become the fashion stylist and offer style tips on two blogs with me and my friend, Jennifer.

Today, I ask for style tips: how to style a crochet poncho.

We select fashion displays we have discovered while out and about, and seek your style tips advice on how to style the looks differently.

This offers our large audiences ideas for summer fashions and different ways to style a garment once it is in your wardrobe.

Of course, you may tell us how you would wear it, or pretend you are advising a friend on how to wear it, or even tell us how you would style the display differently for merchandising.

So, let’s get this party started!


style tips

Today’s feature garment for style tips: how to style a crochet poncho was discovered at Chico’s.

Chico’s currently carries the Crochet Poncho in black and white…looks as thought this natural one has sold out.  

When offering style tips, you may suggest the color you wish to style.

style tips

From boutiques to our favorite retailers, this crochet/open stitch technique is very popular right now and is offered at all price points.

The technique does present some challenges for mature women with your style tips, which may be even bigger challenges with a crochet poncho.

So, you might look these other garments over when considering what those challenges might be.

Then head back to the original garment and tell us how to style a crochet poncho….we always read the best ideas here.


style tips

This JJILL Linen Blend Sweater Knit Shrug continued to sell well all this past week.  Many of you have plans to cover your arms this summer.

Also, this week, many of you took advantage of the Eileen Fisher garments on sale at Dillard’s.

style tips

Here are the best selling pieces from the Eileen Fisher post this week…below in the slide show and consider your own style tips before purchasing…it does help:

Now, it is up to you, fashion stylists, to join in with your Style Tips: how to style a crochet poncho.  After that head over to A Well Styled Life to style Jennifer’s selection. 

Thanks for being here and joining in…make sure throughout the day that you always…..


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style tips


  1. Starting with the “natural” crochet poncho – which would be the star of the outfit – I’d be wearing it over a similarly coloured natural tank and slim pant, tan leather espadrilles, tan clutch, long gold necklace with pendant (possibly turquoise), simple gold earrings and a red lip.

  2. Although I’m not a fan of crochet clothing I do note their current popularity. I think if wear “my shorter crochet shrug” over slim cut pants of a similar natural shade ( or white) with gold jewelry. A cork-soled metallic sandal might look rather nice and be comfortable too.

  3. I would style the black poncho with a navy tank and straight navy jeans, cute black sandals and a black clutch. Small earrings and no other jewelery — necklaces and bracelets would get caught in the crochet.

  4. Excellent comment…love that you styled the black one and your thoughts about the accessories with crochet.

  5. I think the comment about skipping a lot of accessories b/c they’ll compete or get caught in the sweater are good. I like the stark white one, and would probably wear it with a white tank and denim blue pants. For dressier sweaters I think they’re a natural over a column of color.

    I saw several granny square items this week, even a dress; I got a trip down memory lane seeing those. I had more than one friend whose basement rec room sported a granny square afghan, usually in 1970s brownish tones, and more likely than not Granny had made it!
    All sorts of things went on in those basement rec rooms, I always stayed away from the afghan b/c I doubted it was clean.

  6. I’ve been noticing these crocheted tops and really like them. The issue for me is I don’t want to encourage extra heat. The Chico’s one looks nice and light, though. I think I’d channel my inner hippie and style it with a contrast T or tank underneath with ripped jeans, Miz Mooz sandals and copper dangly earrings.

  7. I think ponchos need to be styled with slim leg pants otherwise the look can trend toward sloppy really fast. Monochromatic colour underneath adds a level of sophistication, but I would use a higher contrast colour since it’s spring. Maybe turquoise, hot pink, bright yellow.

  8. I love Kath’s styling idea. Very chic. 💕 Crochet always makes me think of my grandmother’s handiwork, and particularly a very “mod” white crochet vest she made me as a girl, circa 1972, to go with my white patent go-go boots. 😄 So, although finding that style boots again might prove difficult, that idea would be my inspiration: natural suede shortie boots, slim blue jeans with just a slight boot flare, a white tank, and the white poncho, with a leather or suede bracelet/cuff, and large gold hoop earrings. 1970’s straight hair, blown out super sleek for the day. 😉

  9. I’d style this poncho over a column of tan, a couple shades deeper than the natural (rather than white as on the mannequin), slim pants and a tank top. I’d avoid any jewelry other than simple gold earrings. Too much danger of snagging the top. Gold strappy sandals. That’s it. No need for any accessories to compete with the top. I can only imagine what my cats would do if they got their claws into this.

  10. I think crochet can be challenging for older women. This particular pattern reminds me of doilies so I wouldn’t even attempt to wear it myself. A gal with a boho heart might like it over a loose, floaty white summer dress with strappy sandals.

  11. Oh, yes, MP3. I almost didn’t comment because this item is so out of my wheelhouse. But your navy/black combo would make this more sleek and give it more versatility than just wearing it with summer-colored tanks and pants. I also feel navy/black is very sophisticated, something that I think benefits any style like this. I would put it with navy pants instead of jeans, which might be too heavy. Might I add a big silver cocktail ring, maybe with a black stone, worn on the index finger?

  12. Remember, your style tips can be for other women than yourself. Always comment with ideas, even if you would not wear it!

  13. I own a very similar crochet top in white from Chico’s that I purchased about 10 years ago. I bought it off the sale rack and contemplated a black one as well but figured I didn’t need 2 of the same; can’t say how many times I’ve regretted not buying both the white and black. I have worn the white with white or black pants. My jewelry is usually my gold omega necklace and a cuff bracelet. These won’t get caught in the weave; flat, gold strap sandals look great with it. I usually bring my top when we travel since it packs well and looks good with my ancient Traveller’s pants from Chico’s.

  14. I am also not a fan of crochet clothes, and I think MP3 makes an excellent point about accessories getting caught in it. I can envision someone wearing crochet to an outside summer evening event (e.g., a concert where you’re seated). To style: first, find someone 5′ 9″ or taller – LOL – as this is really long. I’d style over a column of color in the same neutral shades. The best accessory is a cloth (woven) bag — probably a clutch as a cross-body wouldn’t work and a shoulder bag might need to go under the poncho. Colorful dangly earrings might be nice, with espadrilles in the neutral shade.

  15. I own a similar open weave topper but in dark brown, which I like pairing it with a lighter top underneath for contrast. So I would probably do the same thing here but the other way around – maybe a column of chocolate under the poncho, such as a 3/4 sleeved top & slim trousers? Otherwise a chocolate tube skirt could also work – with gold sandals & earrings that don’t compete with but rather complement the crochet work.

  16. Although I think the natural poncho is beautiful and would look great on some ladies, that color is not flattering and washes me out. I love how elegant this could be with the suggested wearing a matching tank and slim pants with statement gold earrings and gold sandals. The crocheted poncho would add a feminine touch to that basic combination with no ruffles in sight.

  17. For starters; because I feel this is a piece that should be worn with a sleeveless bodice and since its detail/texture would upstage the wearing of any type of necklace I would choose ‘not’ to wear one, however as to other jewelry I feel it warrants that on the chunky side. In other words not dainty which would balance out its border weave. As to pairing it with bottoms due to its longer length and to curtail it looking old fashion (crocheted); feel that a slim cut design (not to be confused with skinny) would do it justice rather than a wide leg pant or trouser. Also to give it a further styling edge; it might be even possible to draw one side of its lower hem though a belt loop to create an asymmetrical design. Colours of both pieces could be monochromatic or at least in the same family and neither be patterned. Last but not least; I feel it would also look amazing with a solid colour, sleek maxi length dress (without ruffles and all the rest). Other accessories would be dictated by the underlaying garments chosen. -Brenda-

  18. For a tall slim woman, a navy column of color underneath with natural colored shoes or sandals would look stylish. I love the Eileen Fisher outfit you are wearing on the stairs!

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