Cool off in JCP styles with Leigh & Me

JCP styles

Happy Fashion Friday!  Today, please join in to Cool Off in JCP styles with Leigh & Me.

I wrote this year that I believe JC Penney’s is the best quality low cost brand available.

I have seen others decline in quality…yes, you have to take time to shop at JCP stores but it Is worth it.

Some items do qualify as “cheap clothes”, but they sell many that have very similar quality and fit as high end brands. 

You see me in my white JCP denim jeans (like yesterday) often and since I was able to pick those up for $19, the cost per wear has been pennies.

Ha! Pennies at Penney’s.   For any purchases you make online, use the CODE JUNEBUG9 for more savings.

So, please join Leigh Ann and me as we get out of the excessive heat to cool off in JCP styles.


JCP styles

Let’s begin our quest to shop JCP styles with a note about our weather.

We have been in an excessive heat alert for several days now with high humidity and temps over one hundred.

Wednesday, San Antonio experienced the highest heat index ever at 117 degrees.

When Leigh Ann and I decided to stop by JCP, we were looking for clothing styles that are cool and stylish in this summer heat.

No one wants to look like wilted basil! 

We will tell you if something does not meet our quality standards, but if we do not say that then we stand behind these looks.

You can look great on a budget with JCP styles.

Here are the JCP styles we found:


JCP styles

When we arrived at JCP at North Star Mall, Leigh Ann went to the petite department first and found nothing she wanted to show you there.

However, she found several JCP styles in small Misses sizes that she really liked and would recommend.

Many of these give you a petite option on the website.

Both of us liked this LIZ CLAIBORNE SLEEVELESS MIDI DRESS.  Leigh Ann selected the Bold Blue color in a size 6. 

The fabric of this dress is so cool and soft to the touch.  We could see it by a pool, at a lake, or relaxing at home after a long day out in summer.  

It feels so lovely, cool and comfy.  On the website it is styled with sneakers and looks fun like that as well.

JCP styles

She also tried on the Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Shift Dress in Indigo.

Size small.

A very cool, comfy dress to toss on and run some errands.

JCP styles

JCP styles

Leigh Ann really liked this little skirt, so she styled it two different ways for you to see.


The size is 6 and she saw it as a star in the current JCP styles.

The design details and seams make this a very flattering skirt…and showing the legs is a big cool off factor in this heat!

Her top selection (note she really likes this top for all the different ways it could be worn) is the Liz Claiborne Linen Women’s Boat Neck Short Sleeve Blouse…in x-small, and the color Flax.

It is a perfect match to the flax color in the skirt.

Since, she also desired for you to see the waistline, she tried it with the St. John’s Bay Women’s Scoop Neck Tank in Cabaret Red, size Medium.

This tank is available in 20 colors!

JCP styles


She also liked this little dress for cool, comfort and style.

She is wearing a size small in the Olive Grove color, and this is the Liz Claiborne Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress.

JCP styles

JCP Styles

I talked her into trying on these pants because I thought they were so much fun.

AND, they look amazing on Leigh Ann.

These are the Worthington Regular Fit Ankle Trousers, and at $27 would be a great purchase for a special event.

Make it an indoor event, because these are not really cooling pants.  She is wearing a size 6.

We are not going to link to this particular black top, because Leigh Ann said it was very poorly made.

However, you can see how it looks with a black top. 


JCP Styles

I did not find many JCP styles for me that I would call cool garments, but there were a few I wanted to show you.

This is the Liz Claiborne Sleeveless Midi Dress in Navy, Size 16…and it is a COOL garment for summer.

JCP Styles

For some reason, this speaks beach to me in the JCP styles.

The fabrics just feel like the beach…do not know why.

This is the Liz Claiborne Womens V-Neck Short Sleeve Blouse in Navy Stripe.  I have an X-Large on and could have sized down if the size had been on the rack.

I like this top with the Liz Claiborne Linen Womens Mid-Rise Drawstring Wide Leg Pants in white.

A very cool, comfy outfit.

JCP styles

I thought this was fun and cool.

This is the Liz Claiborne Womens Split Crewneck Sleeveless Blouse in White Floral.

While it is cute with these pants, I would prefer it a size smaller with denim like depicted on the website…really cute.

But, since we were going for cool outfits, I paired it with the Liz Claiborne Linen Womens Mid rise, wide leg drawstring pants in white multi stripes.

JCP styles

I am showing you these cute striped crops with the blouse that was hanging with them.

BUT, this blouse is aging, not flattering and a very heavy material…so not cool.

But, the pants are really fun…these are the Liz Claiborne Mid Rise Capris in Turquoise Stripe.

OK…that is it for our cool shopping spree…and remember to use the code JUNEBUG9 for savings on any item you may want to order.

I also have my eye on the Liz Claiborne Cargo Cropped Pants in the color Rust Oxide…perfect for an autumn lady and on sale for $22.39!

Let us know if you have questions and I so hope you enjoyed shopping with Leigh & Me…see you tomorrow for Style Tips!



By Pamela Lutrell

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JCP styles


  1. You’ve shown us several cute, cool-looking items in a variety of colors. However, so many of the petite sizes and colors are not available though the misses sizes are. I wonder if manufacturers make fewer petite sizes since there must be more larger or taller women than us petites. Again, if we petites are going to buy misses sizes, it’s certainly best to try on the clothing. But thank you for today’s post. Years ago I bought many Liz Claiborne dresses which were very well constructed back in the day so I’m glad to see them still still around.

  2. Thanks for the try on. I haven’t shopped at JCP in a very long time. I didn’t even know they purchased the Liz Claiborne name. Nice to see they are offering some better quality items at a very affordable price. Leigh Ann looks so cute in the paisley skirt and its so challenging to find a knee length skirt in my autumn palette so I ordered it as the website informs me its not available at my local JCP. Many cute options but I must comment that the long tent dresses may be comfortable to but me they look (at least in the photos) like maternity dresses. This style seems to be just about everywhere lately.

  3. This is a timely post. With the exception of the red shirt, everything else look visually cool to me. Love the two of you in the long dress. I’m going to think about it. Seeing it on Leigh Ann, I’d see if I could cut off 3-6 inches b/c I am shorter than she is. We are all wishing you cooler weather!

  4. I, too , used to buy many Liz clothing pieces when I was teaching. Thank you for the style show! It is always fun to see you and Leigh showing us outfits to consider. Today I will put on a dress! You inspired me. (Plus it is supposed to go up to 75* today!) wish I could send you Maine cool breezes. Stay safe from the severe heat.

  5. I’m just always amazed at the inside of your JCP! I actually went in ours about a week ago, looking for an inexpensive belt (which I found), so wandered over to dresses. It’s a mess Pam, but I went digging through and actually found a Petite dress that was gorgeous, everything on sale, so I braved the dirty dressing room and it fit perfectly. I had to buy it. It’s a brand I never heard of, but well made. I like the navy blue dress you’re wearing. Dresses are so nice to wear in the warmer months! Your Penney’s is so nice, judging from the pictures!

  6. Pam, great post. You both look amazing in these clothes, especially the dresses. And I LOVE that paisley skirt. I have found that JCP can be great for clothes if you try them on and choose carefully. Stay cool!

  7. My favorite dress to wear when it gets hot in Chicago, which my family calls Texas heat, is from my favorite HEB. Mom was from Texas so many visits in July and August.

  8. Celia, the reason Leigh Ann is here is to show you how Misses styles at JCP look on a petite. And for the most part, we have still seen quality in the Liz Claiborne line.

  9. Those long dresses are really just for the end of a hot summer day to cool off and relax…not so much for going out in style.

  10. Thanks for the wishing…it would be a miracle if we see cooler temps consistently before October. We did have one day this week that was very nice.

  11. 75! To us that is a serious cold front! Enjoy your day, Deborah…always happy to inspire your looks.

  12. This Penney’s is really nice and one of the reasons we go to the location at North Star Mall. The dressing room area is awesome. Glad you persevered to find a cute petite dress.

  13. JCP is kind of a treasure hunt, but when you find the right garment with the prices they offer, it is so worth the time to hunt.

  14. So funny, Karma…I had lunch with a friend yesterday and she wore the cutest dress that I was surprised to learn it was from HEB. I need to spend more time at the grocery!

  15. Our weather in the SoCal desert is similar to yours however, this year we have only gone over 100 a few times. Still that sun is hot and if you are out in it you really feel it. I have been wearing a very cute linen like dress I bought in JCP in May for about $15; I think it was a St. John’s Bay brand. I took my 2 granddaughters shopping for dresses last month specifically for a piano recital and a moving up ceremony. The 7-14 department in JCP was fantastic; we walked out with 4 dresses for each girl for under $175; that’s 8 dresses!! Since I retired I shop JCP more because they really are budget friendly and the sales help is wonderful. Love your selections!

  16. What a great idea to take granddaughters shopping at JCP, Linda! I think I am going to do that!

  17. As always, you and Leigh Ann both look amazing! So many great summer looks to choose from. I wanted to buy the navy striped Liz Claiborne top in the red/navy/tan color combo for the 4th of July weekend, but reviews are harsh, saying it shrinks a size or two even if washed according to instructions. I mention that only because I thought you might want to go back and get the larger size. My mother retired from JCP and I used to shop there a lot. Thanks for the reminder that it is still worth checking out, even if my local store is a hot mess.

  18. Leigh Ann looks current and fabulous in those black-and-white print pants! Great suggestion, Pamela.

  19. I thought they looked great! She did not take them home, but they would be perfect for a summer party or travel.

  20. I have that top and I wash cold and hang to dry. It didn’t shrink and is very cool to wear. I two in different colors. I bought the pants online as do everything. Too far from stores here in rural Colorado. I bought 3 tops and two pants all in the linen blend for $105! I bought the Misses in Large as I normally wear 12P. But these fit as I am very familiar with Liz Claiborne clothing. I bought a whole summer wardrobe in the March sales! The Sara fits me great in pants, jeans, capris and shorts. Sadly all the colors in 12P were out of stock already.

  21. Thanks for sharing this, Sydney…I am certain it helps others to hear from someone who likes the brand!

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