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Happy Saturday, ladies!  It is one of the favorite days of the week for many readers…when Jennifer and I ask you to be the fashion stylists with your best style tips.

Women love to read your ideas and are spending time with all of them each week…you have built the fan club of the Style Tip posts.

We find fashion displays which make us wonder…how would someone else style the looks.

Then we bring them to you here and on Jennifer’s blog.

So, let’s get ready to start here today with your best style tips for styling a look with these cropped trousers….or call them ankle pants.

Can’t wait to read your ideas…..


style tips

I found this display in JC Penney’s when Leigh Ann and I stopped by there earlier in the week.


The top in the display is the WORTHINGTON WOMENS CREW NECK TANK in orange glow. 

style tips

In fact, the department is featuring orange glow right now.  Like this dress…the WORTHINGTON SHORT SLEEVE LEAF WRAP DRESS. 

So what do you think, fashionistas, of the orange glow color with the tobacco pants?  Consider the design of the pants and the colors when formulating your style tips.

Remember, this exercise is for you to give advise to others as well as yourself.  If the display is not your cup of tea, then how would you tell a friend to style the look?

Also, if you end up shopping on JCP, remember the code JUNEBUG9 for further savings.

Would love to know your best style tips for these pants!


Style tips

This JJILL LIGHTWEIGHT MIXED-PRINT QUILTED JACKET was a huge selling piece last week….and it is super cute.

Also, at JJILL readers ordered the COTTON-GAUZE STRAIGHT LEG CROPS in Roasted Tomato, and there were several smaller orders.

style tips

But, the biggest seller of all was the Style Tip display dress from last week!

Your style tips resonated with a lot of shoppers for the WEAREVER SIDE TIE DRESS…good job, fashion stylists.


style tips

From Chico’s, there were items for several different items but the biggest order was the TROPICAL PRINT MESH PULLOVER SWEATER.

I love that you are finding so many things you love and I so appreciate you shopping with my links…keeps me here for all of us.

So, look over the display and tell us how you would style the pants if you were giving style tips advise…we want to see your best style tips.

Then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display, and rain or shine, make sure that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips


  1. Orange and tobacco? No thanks.
    The crops would work with white, black, navy or the same shade of tobacco. A tucked in tank top would work but I would look for one with more fabric to hide bra straps. Top shown is narrow.

  2. Hmmm. I like the pant very much, but not the top. I would style this pant with a linen shirt, tied at the waist, in white or very light blue. I would also add a small crossbody bag and either platform sandals, such as Kork-Ease, or even flats. A watch and some colorful bracelets would finish the look.

  3. Idea 1: white or tan sneakers, a small charm-type necklace, denim jacket.
    Idea 2: wedge sandals, chunky necklace(preferably from a local artist), tote-style purse

  4. Unless you have an upside-down triangular body or very narrow hips I’d suggest you leave these pleated pants on the rack.

  5. The look of the orange and tobacco is fabulous and would be gorgeous on a fall type palette. The narrowness of the sleeveless tank would require a certain bra style but the whole look would work for a hot day with minimal accessories. Wedge sandals and fun earrings and maybe a lucite or tortise big cuff.

  6. I love the orange and tobacco! If I couldn’t find an orange tank or top more flattering for a 70 year old body, I would consider that one and use an ivory linen shirt or one of my shawl tie wraps from Kettlewell to finish it off. My multi brown colored Roman sandals, thick brown bangle, and brown wooden earrings would finish the look. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I love the outfit as is. The colors are beautiful. I would add some chunky gold sandals, a think gold colored chain and a cuff bracelet. Maybe a bright colored purse.

  8. Crop pants with pleats and a wider silhouette call for a narrower top of a shorter length to balance the proportions. This pair of pants looks like professional work attire for summer. Although this tank qualifies in the proportion department, it doesn’t quite work with this pair of pants. Personally, I don’t care for the color combo, and the cut of the tank in front compromises modesty. Behind the mannequin, I see some better options: Bright orange or a print top for those with warm coloring. “Cool” gals could go with a black top. Living in Texas, we are looking for summer wardrobe options that do NOT require a jacket, and my recommendation would be to choose a top that provides adequate coverage so that a topper is not necessary. Add a belt, some polished heels, a structured bag, a watch, and some interesting beaded necklaces/earrings to complete the look.

  9. I don’t wear orange.. it seems to clash with my skin color. Same thing for most yellows! I love both colors, just not on me! I love the tobacco colored cropped pants. Might have to grab a pair of those. I would probably wear them with a dark green top… or maybe white? We’ll see! As always, thank you for the great style advice. I’m about to try and tackle making a capsule wardrobe. Wish me luck! Stay cool… happy weekend!

  10. I too would style these pants with a lovely white airy fabric (fine linen) top, probably not sleeveless.
    A pretty white/gold necklace and column of bracelets and sandals to complement would be ideal.

  11. I too would style these pants with a lovely white airy fabric (fine linen) top, probably not sleeveless.
    A pretty white/gold necklace and column of bracelets and sandals to complement would be ideal.

  12. These aren’t colors I gravitate to but look the alternative for summer. Wedge sandals would be cute with a white linen shirt over the tank. Happy Saturday!

  13. Thanks for starting us off today! Everyone is sharing interesting comments and thoughts about these trousers! THANKS for participating!

  14. I love the look of these ankle pants, and think these would be a nice addition to any summer wardrobe. Not a fan of the tank as it bares too much, regardless of age. A better choice, in my opinion, would be a creamy white top, perhaps in a raw silk, a shell fitted fairly close to the body. Add a simple sandal in a similar tobacco color, small crossbody in same leather or a print for more of a statement. Simple gold hoops, and done!

  15. Pam – I love your and Leigh’s thoughts on shoes to wear with crop pants. I’m 5’2” and sometimes feel crop pants make me look “squatty” and aren’t as flattering as ankle length pants. The pants are cool and so “in” right now and I’d love some thoughts about them for shorter people!! As always I enjoy your blog and am always encouraged to be joyful!!

  16. I love these colors but can’t wear them. I’d look for a top that provided a bit more coverage than that one, maybe a v neck t. And some chunky jewelry, straw purse. Wedge heels, as crops look better with some kind of heel , I think. I have similar pants in black linen and have been thinking about how to style them. So far I have worn them with a white 3/4 length sleeve shirt, tied in front (a success) and with a white sleeveless v neck top with a short bolero over (ok but too much bunching of the pants in back, they have a back elastic waist). I really don’t want sleeveless, so have thought about a stripe top I can tuck in. Belts look ok with them. Would like them to be more versatile, and it’s too hot to wear a third piece!

  17. Hi Sabrina, I cannot remember seeing Leigh Ann in a pair of cropped pants. The past two summers she has worn shorts, dresses, and skirts….and it seems she has worn a linen pair of full length pants. But, not crops. I am taller so I wear more cropped pants and have for a long time. It depends on the occasion, but I have worn them with sandals, flip flops, sneakers, and ballet flats. If I was shorter, I might re-visit that, but sneakers come to mind as always a great option these days. Sorry I could not be more helpful.

  18. The top does not work with these pants. The top looks like something one would wear to aerobics while the pants look like office attire. And the colors do not complement each other either. Pleated pants are nice for a slim hipped woman with a flat tummy. They will not flatter me at all. Since they have a professional vibe I’d recommend a fitted blouse or shell in a color that flatters and a leather belt in a color similar to the pants and low heel sling-back pumps. Simple gold-toned jewelry For A/C or cooler climates I’d recommend a cropped jacket in ivory.

  19. Question instead of a comment- can I wear flats/ballet shoes with cropped wide leg pants since I no longer do heels? Thanks ladies!

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