How I wear Eileen Fisher colors for summer

Eileen Fisher colors

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today I want to show you how I wear Eileen Fisher colors for summer.

I have built a wardrobe full of my autumn palette colors, and there are two new Eileen Fisher colors that I adore.

Of course, it is brutally hot in Texas, but I can still find ways to wear my autumn colors occasionally, and of course, they will transition easily into fall.

Please allow me to introduce to you two of my new favorite Eileen Fisher colors.


Eileen Fisher colors

Eileen Fisher colors exist for every woman who wears every color palette.  I am always excited when I see my colors appear.

My two new favorite Eileen Fisher colors are espresso (brown) and seaweed (green).

This little jacket is so lightweight and I know I will wear it in many different ways all year long.

This is the ORGANIC COTTON PUCKER SHIRT JACKET in seaweed and it is my only garment in this color right now.

I paired it today with the STRETCH SILK JERSEY SCOOP TANK in espresso.

These garments might look heavy, but they are so lightweight.

Eileen Fisher colors

I wanted you to see these two fun pockets on the jacket…it really looks most flattering when buttoned in the front.

I also prefer it with the sleeves cuffed higher, but hurt my arm last weekend with grandchildren-play. 

I went ahead and purchased the jacket at full price, because lately when I wait, my sizes are gone quickly.

I wanted the denim pant in seaweed, but it was gone lightening fast.  

I am considering the lantern pant in seaweed that is purchased with the jacket.

I hope as fall nears that we will see more offerings in these two Eileen Fisher colors.

One of the ways I wear Eileen Fisher colors in the summer is to pair them with white pants or jeans.

I like a white pant with a darker top.


Eileen Fisher colors

The first accessory you see with my Eileen Fisher colors are my new prescription sunglasses…get use to them, I will be wearing them often.

I have needed these for a long time.

Also, years ago, I told my nail tech that I wanted a color called Dusty Rose…it was my favorite color for a long time.

Finally, years later, she has located a color for me that I would call Dusty Rose and I love it.

My raffia/lemon necklace today was discovered months ago on a Chico’s clearance rack.

I believe the necklace and the espadrilles (old purchase) just give the outfit a touch of creativity and summer speak.

These are ways an autumn girl can say summer and stay within the color palette.

Now, here are more styles with Eileen Fisher colors for summer:

And here are some Eileen Fisher colors currently on sale:

Do you have any favorite Eileen Fisher colors right now?  How do you like to style yours?  Please share any thoughts you have on her sustainable fashions and new color selections.

Then go into this warm summer day and by all means……………………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Eileen Fisher colors


  1. What a great slide show. I hope that you can stay cool until your weather is less brutal!
    Love both the new colors on you. For me, personally I like the minty green, especially with white, and some of the yellows and the linen color neutrals, Stay hydrated!

  2. Will try this again as the first response disappeared when I tried to correct a misspelling. I saw a color called Pacifica which reminded me of a color you were looking for called Kingfisher, I think. I especially like the pinks and fuchsias…rose berry and raspberry. I’ve realized when looking in my closet where my tops are arranged by colors that blue tends to be my most often bought color. However, I’d like to add more pinks, purples, fuchsia. I really need to take a day and drive down to a Dillards to look at EF items. I have no idea of the correct size.

  3. Eileen Fisher clothing is very predictable and basic if not exactly classic, a good base I suppose. I don’t know why though they make their models look so glum. They might as well use mannequins. You make the clothing much more inviting.

  4. Interesting to see EF today! I have thought about the lantern pants but usually skew towards the slimmer styles. I have a coffee colored pair and a marine pair of her ankle pants that I bought for travel, but they are so versatile that I have been wearing them more often. They dress up and down easily. It is cool here. Yesterday I wore the marine with a lime top, lime chore jacket, and lime slip ons to go to a meeting. Last week I wore them with an ivory tee, auburn linen jacket, and ivory sneakers to go on an outing. The brown pants are also versatile with limes, ivories, salmon, and blush. The seaweed looks interesting. I would like to try the jacket on. Nordstroms July sale is around the corner. There may be an item or two there to try. I find the tops boxy. Thank you for reminding me to nose around the EF line. You look great in that outfit!

  5. This is a great look on you. I think it does read summer, thanks to the white jeans and your styling. For my own experiments in autumn colors for summer, I love chocolate brown tops and white jeans with chunky gold jewelry, and green with navy. I have only one EF piece, a merino tunic sweater, and I wear it a lot in the winter. I would like more, but am holding off, especially with investment pieces, because of my health/weight loss journey.

  6. This is really a nice look… colors go well together! I really like the blue tank dress in the slide show… even though our winters are much longer than summer, I think I’d wear that a lot… even with a jacket in the fall. The green is a great color and a welcome departure from years of olive. I like olive too, but welcome the variations!

  7. I think your jacket would look great with the PICANTE pant and tank…I’m a “winter” but I think both those colors would work for me too! Thanks for the link!
    Mm wrote “ I don’t know how you deal with that Texas heat. Hang in there!” Well, my answer is that we stay inside with the A/C on!
    Looks like we’ll be dealing with the 100s for the rest of June! Stay cool!

  8. This morning was glorious, Dixie after the storm blew the humidity down. And there was a breeze…it is already heating back stay cool as well.

  9. This green is just a bit brighter than olive…it is very pretty…thanks Karen.

  10. Keep an eye on the sales, Linda…I often purchased EF on sale either on their site or on Dillards.

  11. I saw funny restaurant sign…it said HEAT ALERT! Stay inside, hydrate, beginning at 11Am through November 16! Though funny, there is much reality in that sign.

  12. This is one brand that it really helps to try the clothes on to see your best size before an order…also then you can check the sale racks!

  13. Like I said…born and raised here…it comes with the territory. This is nothing new…some summers are brutal, some less so. Some end in September …some go through November. In my now almost 70 years of being a Texan, this is just the way it is.

  14. Knowing you are an autumn, Deborah…I think you would like the seaweed.

  15. I, too, am an Autumn and love what you put together. What is the name of the nail polish – OPI?

  16. Pamela, today’s outfit is one of the most flattering I have seen you wear. Great job.

  17. I wish I could give you the color name. It is a brand I never heard of and she was going to research to see if she could buy it again. I saw it sitting on one of her many racks of color and thought THAT’S IT! If she discovers that it is still available and readers have access to it, I will let you know. I love this color.

  18. While I am not a big fan of Eileen Fisher for myself, I do like the jacket you are wearing. I would likely do it in white as I can see it being practical for using in all those air conditions spaces I visit in the summer. The colors you have chosen look great on you.

  19. Love so much today- your hair, your new sunglasses, your jacket and that great nail polish color! You look ready to take on the world!
    Extreme heat may not bother you at all but please be careful!

  20. Your sun glasses are very flattering on you as is today’s outfit. That said, your clothing budget must be much bigger than mine. In all reality, who can afford to pay $500 for one outfit. Especially living on a retirement income.

  21. We always are careful, Paulette and drink lots of water. I might not be as optimistic if it were not for air conditioning!

  22. HA, HA, agreed!! It’s as if looking cheerful is not “cool” anymore. What I hate is when the models are in contorted positions and you cannot even see what the clothing looks like! ( ie Loft).

  23. Hi Jan,
    I did save and budget for some quality pieces that I knew would go season to season. And I sold most of my old wardrobe which was in styles and colors that no long suit me. That money went to new clothes. I always shop sales…this outfit was not $500.

  24. Pam…you look just beautiful head to toe! Love your outfit, new sunglasses and nail polish. So pretty.

  25. Pam, I would love to see what you wear going out in 116 degrees. I know you’re used to the heat but you can’t be wearing layers at least I’m presuming so. We will have 80 + degrees and humidity arriving next week and all I wear are white bottoms and linen shirts. Not very creative but the heat really bothers me! I do have a few pashminas I take to restaurants but otherwise it’s a rather boring routine. Looking for something more creative.

  26. Hi Pamela, I don’t comment often, but I wanted to let you know I love your blog. You inspire me with health tips, recipes, clothes and makeup ideas. I appreciate all the work you do to keep this blog running. It sure is nice to jump on here and see what you’re up to! I’ve never really thought about Texas, (I live in Florida) but it looks nice! Thank you for everything.

  27. Linda, you might try finding a few EF pieces on eBay in your “in between” size until you reach your goal. I’ve found some amazing, like-new pieces there for a fraction of the retail prices.

  28. What a perfect neutral nail color for summer, Pam! Can you share the brand with us so I can ask my nail tech if she has it? I loved the EF gauze dress in rust and will be stalking it for a price drop. There was also a great teal cargidan in the sale pieces that I have my eye on. My post-retirement budget can’t absorb much EF at full retail pricing, but thanks for including the sale pieces!

  29. Sadly, I cannot. It was not one of her usual brands, but I liked it so much, she was going to speak with her beauty supply retailer and see if she could get more information…I just saw it sitting there on her shelf and got really excited. Will let everyone know if I find out more infor.

  30. I love the lantern pant, and I like anything that EF has. It is well made and effortless! The jacket looks like the new parachute material. If the fabric is what is am thinking, I bought some ankle pants for Hawaii in it. They weighed nothing! Just loved them!

  31. I like this style on you but would love it even MORE if the trousers were ecru instead of a cool white. Would vibe with your overall autumn palette better – just a thought!

  32. Of course it would be…but I have worn my tan jeans so much lately on the blog, I decided to mix it up a bit and military green and white have always looked good.
    Thanks Zaeobi

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