How I wear summer neutrals

summer neutrals

Happy Tuesday, friends.  I thought today I would show you how I wear summer neutrals.

I concur that I wear colors more than anything, but this year, I am completely enjoying summer neutrals.

I have found myself in these types of styles often.

However,  for someone like me who is a vibrant autumn palette, the challenge is to not succumb to the all popular black and white.  It is not my best.

So, let me share how I prefer to wear summer neutrals.


summer neutrals

Summer neutrals for me lately have been built around tans and creamy off-whites rather than white-white.

I do wear a lot of navy blue rather than black, but recently have been into styling the tan colors more.

summer neutrals

I first shared this silk poncho with you months ago with black denim, and it photographs better outside than inside.

But, the print is lovely and it is a cool piece for warm summer months.  It is from my favorite local boutique, so I am sorry I cannot link to it.

In the top picture, I am wearing it with those jeans from yesterday…I wear them often now.  Ming Wang Stretch Denim Slim Leg Pull-On Ankle Jeans.

Women who wear autumn palette colors, look for a light tan pant or bottom like this for a summer neutral.  It is a perfect fit in your warm palette wardrobe.

The sandals in the top picture are the ones I found at a local consignment shop for the rehearsal dinner outfit.

Here are other options for pants that are “not white” and at lower price points:

And a slideshow for neutral toppers:


summer neutrals

San Antonio is well into 100 degree weather again, but a couple of weeks ago, I was able to wear this summer neutral outfit to church for a meeting.

I like mixing pieces that are similar, yet slightly different in color, like this Banana Republic blazer and top.  Both pieces were in past sales on the outlet site.

When I put them on with JJILL Boyfriend Jeans, I felt like my sneakers were perfect…we also have a large church so I knew walking comfort was needed.

My New Balance sneakers are exactly what my funky feet need for the gym and walking through life.   You can read more about shopping for these sneakers in THIS POST.

I like these jeans and wear the lighter wash often during the summer to go with my summer neutrals…sometimes I wear them cuff up and then sometimes cuff down.

Here are a few blazers (and a couple extra styles) in summer neutrals:


summer neutrals

The honeymooners sent this cool picture from their trip, so I felt like it was a perfect fit for today’s topic of summer neutrals.

There are some brands I watch more than others for the types of summer neutrals I like.  Here are my current favorites that I look at often:


Eileen Fisher… Check out the new zero fuss, zero weight denim…I want to give it a try when I can.

Banana Republic

Lands End

Thank you for joining me today to see how I wear summer neutrals.  There are times that I love a softer touch than my vibrant colors…though I do love them too.

What are you favorite ways to wear summer neutrals?  Please share…I am sure those in cooler palettes would love ideas as well….thanks for being here…you guys are amazing….


By Pamela Lutrell

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summer neutrals




  1. Beautiful neutrals! I’m personally really enjoying my off-white jeans like you are. They look especially good with the tans, as you point out, and for some reason it feels like I can wear them all year, while my white jeans tend to only feel right in spring and summer. Maybe it’s our gray, gloomy winters, but the off-white have just been more versatile. The blazer really dressed up the outfit in your photo…I have a meeting at church today and you’ve inspired me to add a blazer because it’s a little cooler!

  2. I too love the off white, or neutral color pants in jeans, chinos, or crepe. I wear them a lot. I cannot wear anything beige or cream next to my face as it sallows my complexion and yellows my salt and pepper hair. But I find these colors of pants are fine since they are not next to my face. And white white, or black (among a lot of other colors) looks very polished with cream or off white pants and nude shoes or sneakers if called for. Best of both worlds. I firmly believe you can wear any color you like on your lower half if your top is complimentary to it and to your coloring.

  3. It adds a touch of strength and professionalism that I like,Karen. Hope your meeting goes well.

  4. That is probably true, Susan. I know I still wear black pants, but make sure my best colors are near my face. Thanks!

  5. I think there are days that definitely call for light neutrals, although in my case, it’s white. I wore a white blazer and bouse with light tan shorts the other day and liked the low contrast. I really love brown, which is not in my palette, so the idea of trying a brown pant with white top(s) makes sense. I’m more of a navy neutral than a white one, though, so this is a new look for me. Pam, you look lovely as always. I’d love to see your beautiful curls again, though. You can’t imagine how those of us with thinner straight hair envy you.

  6. My curls will return…I plan to do both off and on. I am off today to do some pics and have the curls…it is so easy, but I really like both styles.

  7. Oh Pam I love the blazer and light wash jean’s outfit. Once again you have sent me diving into my closet to replicate a look! Help me work something out. When I see a pant on you, like the Ming Wang, the fit looks like it floats down your legs. This is my preferred fit if not wide leg but when I go to the website they look like a slim/skinny fit. My legs are “athletic” not slim. How would you describe your legs?

  8. Pam, love the neutrals, speaks to my wardrobe. The blazer, top, and light jeans would be my go to outfit for anytime other than temps over 90 degrees. The silk poncho’s , though not my style , are stunning…..

  9. I’m a fellow “autumn” who looks best in medium contrast outfits. For years, white denim jeans, capris and shorts with navy striped tops were summer wardrobe staples for me, in spite of knowing that wasn’t very flattering. I stubbornly clung to the idea “ it’s summer and this is what I wear!“ Thanks to your post on the off-white jeans you bought earlier this year, I found some at JJill and also bought some tan and khaki colored cotton pants at Old Navy that have completely transformed my summer look. I haven’t reached for white denim once, in spite of having a few favorite pieces ironed and waiting. I’m wearing a lot of olive green, nutmeg, salmon and golden tan pieces with them and feeling great about these outfits. Even though these feel like fall colors to me, I’ve never liked brights so they feel more “me” than what I used to wear in the summer. Thanks for this great post filled with more ideas on how to wear my new favs! I just got a beige linen striped dress at Dillards to wear for jury duty and I think it will be worn a lot for meetings and church this summer. I love your summer blazer look and it’s one I wear a lot due to the over air-conditioned summer spaces in Texas. My favorite is cream colored linen with narrow navy and teal stripes, so I can wear it with quite a few summer solid colors. Thanks for giving us new ideas on summer dressing!

  10. I enjoyed today’s blog and discussion. As a deep autumn I rely on my off white Talbots slim jeans and Jjill’s off white rolled jeans to lighten my summer look. I don’t wear white, black, or navy, so I stay true to my palette by adding colors like deep browns, olives, teals, and this years’s favorite: lime. If I do go with tans or lighter colors, I always add my ‘deep’ with jewelry, shoes, etc. I still have a blazer ready in a linen deep bronze/brown to smarten my outfit when needed. Like TexasAggieMom I don’t gravitate to brights anymore so I don’t make many purchases this time of year. So many great ideas here today! I missed yesterday and look forward to reading it. I did order Dianne’s book from the library!

  11. Your jacket and light wash jeans is just my style although I’d be wearing one of my many colors of Tom’s instead of sneakers — I feel so comfortable in many variations of those pieces & change colors depending on my mood! Spanx are my new go to flare jeans because of their varied lengths that work well for a tall person like me! I skip the jacket in the height of summer temps but always wear a colored shirt with sleeve rolled. I guess I’m really preppy but love funky jewelry 😊

  12. For neutrals, I love a tan and white or gold and white striped shirt with white pants.

  13. I’m wearing my neutrals nearly everyday- tan with white; beige with white, navy and white and my natural tone light crops and jeans with deeper rusts or navy again. I do like your shirt silk kimono (ruana?). When I wear sleeveless tops I enjoy adding one of my ruanas, tho I don’t see anyone around here with one. Curiously –I wonder why not.

  14. I know different parts of the country like different garments…perhaps that is it. Women in Texas do wear ruanas and kimonos…so I see them often.

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